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Angels are divine and pure beings who want to help you in every area of your life. They are celestial beings who work as messengers and attendants of God.

Since they are not limited by factors such as time and space, there is nothing that is beyond the capacity of your angels.

There are countless numbers of angels who are willing and able to help us achieve our aims and live peaceful and happy lives.

There are nine choirs of angelic beings in the celestial realms, which include angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim and seraphim.

Of all of these angelic hosts, the guardian angels and archangels are the most involved with helping the people on Earth.

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What Are Archangels?

Archangels are a higher order of celestial beings who oversee the work of the guardian angels.

They are large and powerful beings whose voices are very loud, yet they are completely loving and compassionate.

As non-physical, celestial beings, archangels have no physical genders, though they have traditionally been given physical attributes over time based on the functions they serve.

While Archangel Michael, who represents the protective power of the Lord, is generally represented as a powerfully masculine figure, archangel Haniel, the angel of joy, is usually represented as a feminine figure.

Archangel Haniel can instantly change our mood from one of hopeless despair to great joy.

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Who is Archangel Haniel?

Archangel Haniel is the angel of joy, who usually appears in female form in the material world.

Her name means the ‘Joy of God,’ or the ‘Grace of God.’ She is also known as the archangel of divine communication.

Archangel Haniel acts as a direct conduit between our lower human energy and the higher energy states of the celestial realms.

Haniel is associated with the moon and the planet Venus.

In the Kabbalah, Haniel is one of the 10 Sephiroth Archangels. In the system of the chakras, Haniel is associated with the throat chakra.

One of her functions is to help heal women during their monthly cycles. Her high energy vibration can also help open your intuition and assist you with achieving clairvoyance.

While often depicted as feminine, Archangel Haniel is still a strong protector of our souls.

Archangel Haniel is often depicted as wearing a turquoise robe, with large and impressive silver wings.

As a protector of souls, she will provide us with the virtue and spiritual determination to fulfill our higher purpose.

By raising our energy to match hers, we can shed our delusions and reach spiritual enlightenment.

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Archangel Haniel and the Turquoise Ray

Whenever we see a turquoise light, it is said to be a sign that Archangel Haniel is near. Being a perfect blend of blue and green, Haniel’s turquoise ray is symbolic of balance.

Seeing this light in visions, dreams, and during meditation is a sign from Archangel Haniel to deepen your spiritual knowledge.

Haniel’s turquoise ray can be beneficial in many ways. When it appears you will feel instantly joyful.

The turquoise ray is also said to offer strength to those who feel weak, and spiritual guidance for those who are lost.

Through visions, synchronicities, and deep personal revelations, Archangel Haniel will provide you with the guidance you need to fulfill your unique purpose on Earth.

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How can Archangel Haniel Have a Positive Impact on Your Life?

When we connect with Archangel Haniel, we experience joy, and deep spiritual fulfillment. Connecting with Archangel Haniel will also clear our throat chakra, enabling clear and effective communication in every aspect of our lives.

Archangel Haniel can help you in just about any situation, but is best invoked in situations in which you want to be articulate and graceful. Whenever you have a job interview, an important meeting, or you are giving a presentation, you can depend on the help of Archangel Haniel.

Making a connection with Archangel Haniel will inspire you to:

  • Meet new friends.
  • Enliven your romantic life.
  • Increase your creativity.
  • Improve your communication skills.
  • Bring new life to your healing practices.

When we connect with Archangel Haniel, it raises our vibrational energy to new heights, opening up our intuition and all kinds of creative potentialities.

If you are interested in living an open, love-filled life, make a spiritual connection with Archangel Haniel.

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Connecting With Archangel Haniel

When we connect with archangels, it is important to remember that they should only be invoked for serious matters that we cannot handle on our own.

When you are seeking to make a connection with an archangel you will want to create a sacred space in your home where you can quiet your mind and open your heart.

In this sacred space, create an angel altar filled with holy sacred images that evoke feelings of peace.

When invoking Archangel Haniel be sure to include items that are turquoise in color.

Perhaps the best way to connect with Archangel Haniel is by saying a brief invocation or prayer before meditating, like this one:

Archangel Haniel, please help me express myself in ways that are inspirational to others. Please guide me to be the light in all life’s situations.

Or you can repeat a brief mantra for meditation and focusing the mind, such as:

Archangel Haniel, thank you for helping me gracefully accept myself and appreciate others in my life.

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Archangel Haniel and the Phases of the Moon

As Archangel Haniel is intimately connected with the moon, it is a good idea to coordinate our requests with the cycles of the moon as they are occurring. Here is a way that we can harness the cycles of the moon and the assistance of Archangel Haniel for our personal spiritual growth:

  • The new moon is the perfect time to invoke Haniel for help with manifesting our intentions in the world.
  • The waxing moon, just before the moon goes full, is the perfect time to ask for help with healing. At this time, invoke archangel
  • Haniel and use healing oils and crystals to their greatest advantage.
  • The full moon is a time of release. Use this time to let go of anything that is holding you back or that you are finished with.
  • The waning moon is the perfect time to reflect on the cycles of the moon and how your personal feelings relate to the moon’s cycles.

As the archangel of divine communication and clear perception, Haniel has the divine authority to assist us in reaching our fullest potential and fulfilling our soul’s purpose.

By helping us connect with God, Haniel invokes our inner capacities to trust, love and honor for the creator, providing us with limitless energy and inspiration.

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