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Archangel Muriel

Archangel Muriel is the archangel of intuition and emotional harmony.

Her name means “perfume of God,” and she is known to connect with people through clairalience, which is a form of psychic communication through the sense of smell.

A gentle and compassionate archangel, Muriel comes to the aid of all who call upon her.

But she is known to form a special connection with those who are empathic or those who struggle with their emotions.

While archangels do not have physical genders, Archangel Muriel is generally depicted as a female angel who wears a flowered crown which she places carefully and lovingly afloat on the river of life.

When Muriel is near, you are likely to catch the subtle yet unmistakable aroma of flowers.

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Muriel Patron of Empathic People

Archangel Muriel is the patron of empaths and those who are highly intuitive. Those who form a special connection with Archangel Muriel are sure to develop strong powers of intuition.

Archangel Muriel is part of an order of angels known as The Dominions.

These Angelic hosts are part of the second angelic sphere and are also known as Lords and Lordships. The Dominions form a special connection between God and the physical world.

The Dominions act as a special channel or conduit between the highest sphere of angels and the material world. They channel God’s love to all living beings in the form of Divine Mercy.

Archangel Muriel provides us with a direct connection with God’s mercy, working through our intuitive faculties to awaken compassion and love in our hearts.

Archangel Muriel opens us up to higher levels of awareness, making it possible for us to develop an open and kind heart.

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When Something Smells ‘Fishy’

Many of us experience intuition through the olfactory sense, by experiencing a strange smell. When we say ‘something smells fishy,’ we are expressing our intuition through an olfactory metaphor.

This also works with pleasant aromas and floral scents, like when things come out ‘smelling like a rose’ for instance.

Fragrances, odors, and aromas are connected to subtle emotional states that are only detectable in an indirect way.

This is how we know that our intuition is awakening. Archangel Muriel is the master of awakening our intuition in this way.

If these ‘smell-related’ feelings happen to you periodically it does not make you strange. It means that you are receiving information from the angelic realm as a form of intuitive guidance.

When you experience strange odors, like the smell of smoke or the smell of flowers, it means that you are highly intuitive and receiving information from the spiritual realm.

Known as the ‘perfume of God,’ Archangel Muriel will often come to us as in the form of clairalience, appearing as a soothing or calming fragrance that is often floral in nature.

The name Muriel comes from the same Greek root as the word myrrh, a substance that is famous for its soothing fragrance.

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What Happens When we Call Upon Archangel Muriel

Archangel Muriel is the angel of peace and harmony who tends to the well being of all living beings on Earth. Not just humans, but also the animals and plants.

We should call upon Archangel Muriel when we need peace and harmony in our lives, or when we want to protect and nurture the plants and animals in our care.

By connecting to Archangel Muriel, you are sure to see several beneficial outcomes in your life, including:

  • Help nurturing harmonious relationships in your family
  • Help finding peace
  • Healing and nurturing to your pets
  • Improved health and abundance for your garden
  • Help loving people deeply and fully, with an open heart

When you make a connection with a powerfully spiritual being like Archangel Muriel don’t be surprised if you find yourself volunteering in ways that will help animals, children, and the needy. Archangel Muriel will prompt you to reach out to those who are in need and offer them help, even when your rational self tells you that you are not in a position to do so.

Connecting with Archangel Muriel

Calling upon Archangel Muriel means that you are ready to ascend to the next level of your spiritual development. When you connect with archangel Muriel understand that your intuition and passion for spiritual pursuits will increase.

When connecting with a powerful angelic being, like Muriel, it is a good idea not to ask for help with things that you can take care of on your own.

When you are ready to make a connection with Archangel Muriel, hold or a display a bouquet of your favorite flowers and face to the south.

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Repeat the name of Muriel inwardly or outwardly numerous times, in the way that comes most naturally to you. Repetition of her name will have a calming influence on your heart and mind. Once you feel this sense of calm and stillness, make your request, like this:

Dear Muriel, Angel Of Peace, wrap me in your love,
show me what unconditional Love looks and feels like.
Please teach me how to be an agent of Peace and Harmony.
Open my heart to be a kinder and gentler person.

Archangel Muriel, Angel Of Kindness,
allow me to discover God’s Unconditional Love.

— Amen

Archangel Muriel helps empathic and intuitive people learn to trust their gifts.

By trusting the intuitive guidance we receive from our angels, we can come to life with renewed passion and take the actions that allow us to reach our dreams and fulfill our authentic purpose.

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