December 28 Zodiac

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December 28 Zodiac Sign

If you born on 28th December, you display self-confidence most of the times. This stems from the fact that you are quite comfortable with your own personality. People trust you mainly because of this.

Also, you are quite knowledgeable. You place a high premium on education. As such, you are willing to spend considerable resources to advance your studies as much as you can.

Now, not all this happens by chance. It results from well-coordinated efforts of the cosmic powers. Let me explain…

You were born under the Capricorn zodiac sign, which is the 10th sign in the zodiac spectrum. Your astrological symbol is the Goat. It occurs between December 22nd and January 19th, when the Sun is in Capricorn.

The planet Saturn plays an important role in your life. We associate this celestial body with the Roman god of Agriculture. As such, you display the more outstanding qualities of this celestial being.

Your principal governing element is Earth. This element collaborates closely with Water, Air, and Fire to give you more quality experiences in life.

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Love and Compatibility for December 28 Zodiac Zodiac

Those born on December 28 are very reliable when it comes to matters of the heart. You are driven by the need to enhance stability in your relationship.

Of course, you understand the importance of stability to sustain true love. As such, you are ready to use your resources to keep your partner interested in what you have to offer.

You approach each relationship with respect and an open heart. Similarly, you like it when everyone offers you the same degree of respect as you do.

You have a soft spot for honest, caring, and intelligent partners. Your personalities tend to resonate well. As such, you can achieve much when you synergize with these natives.

The more active Capricorn tends to believe in love at first sight. You don’t require eons to get committed to a partner. All you need is a little nudging; a little convincing that your partner has what you need in the relationship.

Now, this approach to relationship is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it provides you the much thrill that you need in a relationship. It provides you with the adrenaline that keeps the relationship alive and vibrant.

On the other hand, it could lead to a disaster in your life. For example, you may make the wrong choice of a partner. This could expose you to heartbreaks and other such disappointments.

It is better that you develop your romantic relationships from your more stable relationships. Avoid being rash in such matters.

The stars show that you’ll marry when you meet your ideal partner. Under the right conditions, you’ll come across as an intensely dedicated partner. Your children, too, will prosper under your careful watch.

You’re the right partner for a person born under the Virgo, Cancer, and Taurus zodiac signs. You have the same vision of life as these individuals.

As such, your relationship with them will be long-lasting and fruitful.

A word of caution!

The planetary alignment shows that you are least compatible with a Sagittarius. You don’t operate from the same emotional platform as these natives. As such, your relationship would not stand the test of time.

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What are the Traits of a Person Born on December 28 Zodiac?

December 28 zodiac people are driven by the need to create a comfortable life for their loved ones. In this aspect, you are quite pragmatic. You tend to rely on tried and tested methods of creating stability in the domestic front.

You enjoy working in soothing calm environments. Here, we are referring to the home front. However, you occasionally travel to experience what Mother Nature has to offer.

Being a bit conservative, you do best when working on tasks that require routine. Doing the same thing over and over again gives you an aspect of professionalism and excellence.

It makes you be more self-aware.

People know they can rely on you to bail them out when they are in a rut. This is because you tend to accomplish your tasks with unwavering focus. In fact, you achieve most of your goals way ahead of schedule for most of the times.

Your high level of diligence allows you to maintain a suitable equilibrium in your life. As such, you don’t have a problem marrying your professional life with your domestic life.

All the same, you have a couple of areas that you need to work on. These weaknesses will ruin your credibility if you don’t handle them decisively.

For example, you need to learn the importance of having fun. Stop wasting your energy worrying unnecessarily. It won’t do you any good.

Also, you tend to be too supervising. Your dictatorial tendencies are bound to rub people the wrong way. In this manner, you’ll lose your more trusted confidantes.

All in all, Mother Nature has a solid plan for your success. However, you have to play your bit. Learn to be more patient with people. Accept their strengths and limitations.

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Famous People who Share the December 28 Zodiac Birthday

A number of famous people were born on December 28. Here are some of them:

  • Emperor Rokujo, born 1164 – Japanese emperor
  • Margaret I, born 1522 – Queen of Parma
  • Patrick Rafter, born 1972 – Australian-Bermudian tennis player and model
  • Madison De La Garza, born 2001 –American actress
  • Kelsey Smith-Briggs, born 2002 – American child abuse victim

Common Characteristics of People Born on December 28 Zodiac

December 28 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Capricorn. You are in the same group as those born between 22 December and 1 January.

Saturn, the planet of the Roman god of Agriculture, rules over this decan. This means that you display the characteristics of this Roman deity. For example, you are reliable, warm-hearted, and industrious. These are the better qualities of Capricorn.

You have a deep love for your family. You are willing to do all within your power to create an environment conducive for their growth and progress.

All the same, you need to lower your expectations of others. Not everyone can do what you are capable of. Take care that you don’t set yourself up for disappointments.

Your birthday is synonymous with self-confidence, freedom, generosity, willpower, and productivity. Use these qualities to make your world better.

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Your Career Horoscope

You have a highly active analytical brain. You have a keen sense for details. You carry out the tasks on your table with diligence, no matter their nature. You are best suited for a career in administration, accountancy, or design.

Final Thought…

Your magic color is Blue. This color stands for peace, honesty, royalty, and conformity. Just like this color, you like dealing with the familiar. You are great at regular tasks.

Your lucky numbers are 3, 11, 19, 28, 30, 47 & 55.

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