Destiny Number 4

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Destiny Number 4

In Numerology, the destiny number or life path number is said to hold secrets about the future course that your life is likely to take.

Numerologists use many metaphors to illustrate the nature of the energetic forces at work shaping your personal destiny.

Whether we speak of destiny as a life path, or the course of a river, or as being like the century long development of an acorn into a towering oak tree, destiny has an aspect known as ‘future pull’ to it that can be otherwise difficult to grasp.

When we look back into the past we see the person that we were, and by looking ahead into the future we can catch a glimpse of the person we are becoming.

Learning more about your destiny or life path number can help you add meaning and purpose to your life.

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Calculating Your Destiny Number

Most Numerology experts calculate the destiny or life path number by adding up the specific digits in a person’s birth date. If you were born September 21, 1990, you would find your destiny number as follows:


You will notice that when we added the single digits in the date, we ended up with 31.

In Numerology, it is customary to further reduce multi-digit numbers by adding the digits together until you come to a root number or a master number.

Meaning of Destiny Number 4

Unlike the charismatic and relatively carefree people with a life path number of 3, those with a destiny number of 4 are hard working and practical. If 3 is the number of unbridled creativity, the number 4 is more about getting things done.

In this way, number 4 is also associated with completion and order in the society as well as in the Universe.

There are 4 seasons, every foundation or room has four corners and the compass divides space into the four directions.

For this reason, the number 4 is also associated with material interests which are often considered banal or mundane by spiritually-minded people.

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Career Path for Destiny Number 4

When a 4 energy influences your career path, you are likely to find yourself in a position of modest power in your organization.

The 4 energy is similar to the energy of life path 1, and it is likely that those who are in administrative positions generally held by fours find themselves working closely with high-level management who have the leadership qualities exemplified by ones.

Those with a life path of 4 are likely to excel as office workers and administrators who know how to get things done and don’t mind ruffling some feathers to do so.

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Romantic Life for People on the 4 Life Path

Because the life path of 4 is chiefly associated with work and practical concerns, it is likely that those who have this destiny number will concentrate more on their career than their romantic relationship.

When fours fall for someone it is usually an office affair, or their commitment to the workplace makes it impossible for them to fully commit to building a life with a romantic partner.

In terms of romantic compatibility, those with a destiny number of 4 may find themselves naturally attracted to people with a strong 1 energy.

The 1 energy is committed to professional success rather than spiritual or emotional development, which is also the primary interest of those on the four life path.

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Symbolic Significance of Destiny Number 4

Numerological figures are often found to be analogous to the archetypal patterns found in other esoteric sciences.

For instance, in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, destiny number 4 is associated with the fourth station, namely The Emperor.

The Emperor in this context is not the charismatic leader we saw at station 1 of the Tarot, the trailblazing Magician, but rather the government functionary whose power is derived from having an uncanny ability to get things done.

The Emperor is obsessed with power and material interests which usually leads to confusion, especially if your life path is at odds with your soul urge number or larger purpose on earth.

When people pursue material things, it is usually because they believe it will provide them with the satisfaction they are looking for. But the astrological sign that is associated with The Emperor is Aries, the sign of war. Often fours seem to be waging a war with reality.

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Karma, Calling and Destiny Number 4

If your life path number is 4 it could mean that you were lackadaisical is a former life and always took the easy way out of your problems. In that previous life, little consideration was given to your physical body, which left your health open to chance and contingency.

As a karmic result, your birth into form with a life path number of 4 meant that you would have to be scrupulous about your appearance, never taking the easy way out of problems and always diligent in all of your affairs.

Often, the spiritual lessons that people on the 4 life path are here to learn are associated with the value of hard work and the importance of diligence and determination.

In the I Ching, the hexagram associated with this destiny number is kua 4, which John Blofeld translated as “Uncultivated Youth.”

The image associated with this hexagram is of a dangerous abyss at the foot of a mountain. Confucius wrote in his commentary on this kua:

“At the foot of the mountain lies a dangerous abyss. To abide there is youthful folly indeed. The Superior Person, by diligent and determined conduct, cultivates and nourishes virtue.”

This commentary may be the best way to summarize and capture the energy of destiny number 4.

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