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Dragons play a central role in Chinese culture and spiritual life. In the Chinese horoscope, they are considered the shining stars.

Men and women born under this sign have much going for them. They are lucky, and they get their way in most aspects of their lives.

Both the Dragon man and the Dragon girl are charismatic, intelligent, and ambitious. They are generous with each other when it comes to matters of romance.

When they come together in love, they combine their mental resources to achieve their goals and dreams.

They are perfectionists. Fortunately, they are intelligent, and will usually live as per the standards they set for themselves.

They create a positive impact on everything they touch.

Their coming together creates an environment of pure magic. They create wonderful fireworks in the bedroom.

They are great lovers. They go about this relationship enthusiastically and with great passion.

The Dragon natives want to be in charge. When given the chance, they make great leaders. They will clash and support each other as the need arises.

Sometimes, the support they give each other comes in the form of challenges. They constantly push themselves to achieve the highest levels possible.

This couple will often compete for attention and glory.

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How Do Dragon Man and Dragon Woman Bond?

When Dragon signs are combined, they pool the energies necessary for prosperity, good luck, and progress.

Two Dragon natives have a double portion of intelligence and good luck. They fill their lives with the fires of achievement.

All the same, they need to establish proper communication to achieve this. This enables them to freely share their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

It allows them to freely talk about their fears and anxieties.

Only then will they understand their strengths and shortcomings concerning their future goals. Two Dragon signs in the sheng xiao are positively motivated.

They are well motivated to accommodate each other’s dreams, plans, and aspirations. For this reason, the Dragon and the Dragoness are a perfect match for one another.

Also, these natives are mutually attracted to each other. They are naturally intelligent, sexy, and charismatic.

They relate to each other with ease. They can powerfully connect at an emotional, physical, or mental level.

The love relationship between the male Dragon and the female Dragon is passionate. Their sexual life is mutually fulfilling.

They are unlikely to have a boring moment between the sheets.

Dragons seek the thrill of adventure. They like going out to explore new possibilities and new experiences.

A Dragon and a Dragoness are likely to have the same interests. Thus, they will enjoy the same adventures.

They need a very good reason to stay at home.

Generally, they will have a good time together. Before this happens, however, they have to have a clear understanding of each person’s leadership role.

Highlights of Dragon Man – Dragon Woman Family Compatibility

The Dragon and the Dragoness have a lot in common. For example, they both are stubborn, strong, and perseverant.

Also, they are intelligent, tough, and energetic. They are good decision-makers. These qualities are necessary for individuals that are serious about establishing a strong family.

All the same, the Dragon and the Dragoness must agree on the role each is to play in the family. Otherwise, they may waste much time squabbling over who is to do what.

Their responsibilities should be well cut-out from the word go.

Failure to have clear expectations can turn the two into deadly foes. And, this is saying a lot considering how powerful each of them is.

The good thing is that they usually feel benevolent and generous towards each other. This means that they are willing to listen to each other for the sake of their family.

Both the Dragon and the Dragoness are energetic and intelligent. They are willing to use these resources to usher their family to the next level.

They can be good parents. The birth of children will give them more reasons to make their home comfortable.

With children around, they are willing to spend more time at home. They are also determined to work harder to create more wealth for the family.

Once this couple has decided to pursue a certain course, they follow it to its logical conclusion. For this reason, their family and loved ones will never suffer from a lack of support.

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Can Dragon Man and Dragon Woman Work Together?

The Dragon and the Dragoness can work well together. If they find themselves in the same environment, they are willing to create the right balance to achieve their targets.

This couple is generous with their support and guidance. Neither will allow the other to take the wrong course.

Each of them is safe is the knowledge that they have the uninterrupted support of the other.

The Dragoness is creative. She carries out her responsibilities and duties uniquely. On the other hand, the Dragon is a great problem-solver.

When they combine forces, they have all the resources at their disposal to achieve the desired results. However, they can achieve this only if they appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Their success depends on how respectful they are towards each other.

Their approach to problem-solving is different. The Dragoness is motivated by the need to create a difference in her community.

On the other hand, the Dragon is motivated by the need to acquire material wealth.

He needs to create a good rapport with her as they work. Otherwise, she may see him as being too flighty.

The male Dragon and the Dragoness need to open up their channels of communication. They should freely share their strategies and plans.

In this way, each will have the motivation to play their role effectively.

Challenges in Dragon Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

In spite of all the advantages in this relationship, the Dragon natives will encounter some challenges as they move through life.

Chief among these challenges is leadership tussles.

According to Chinese mythology, the Dragon occupies a special place of power and glory. It is the most powerful of all animals.

Though it is an imaginary creature, the influence and power of this legendary beast are felt in the real world.

It fights for dominance and position in all spheres of life.

This is clearly seen in the behavior of the Dragon man and the Dragon woman. They want to be noticed, and to be at the center of every happening.

They may find themselves fighting for control between themselves. Each wants to exert their mark that they are the greatest.

In the process, they could waste a lot of time and resources.

Also, Dragons are known for their stubbornness. Each believes that their principles and values are the best. As such, they expect their partners to conform to their guidance and directions.

This may cause resentment – unless both or one of them is willing to back down.

The Way Forward for Dragon Man and Dragon Woman

The Dragon and the Dragoness share many interests. They go about life enthusiastically. This is their main lifeline when they encounter challenges.

They know that they can overcome whatever comes their way by joining hands.

This couple is equally passionate about seeking adventure. They will travel far and wide in search for good food, fine wine, and to sample foreign culture.

This match is full of mutual inspiration. The two will encourage each other through life.

Another thing that brings them together is their love for family. They have a deep attachment to their children and loved ones.

Although ordinarily, they are not fond of spending their days at home, they will love home life if they have a large family to preside over.

When the time is right, they enjoy throwing huge parties for their family and loved ones. They will invite all their friends and neighbors to attend such parties.


The Dragon is a powerful creature borne of folklore and myth. It is a central figure in Chinese culture. It plays an important role in the Chinese horoscope.

The Dragon is respected in both the East and the West.

People born under this sign are associated with strength, power, and fiery courage. So, when two Dragons come together, you can expect nothing but success in their endeavors.

But, as with all couples, the Dragon natives must be ready to make certain sacrifices. This relationship will grow if both partners discover the importance of making sacrifices for each other.

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