Dragon Man – Ox Woman Compatibility

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This love connection calls for lots of compromise and understanding from both parties. Otherwise, the compatibility between the Dragon man and the Ox woman is an uphill task.

According to the Chinese astrology, the two have good chances if they are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the relationship.

One – or both of them – may have to sacrifice their personal goals for the sake of the common good. They need to put some effort into aligning their goals.

The Ox girl is hard working. She has a sense of honor and does not engage herself in questionable deals.

Her lifestyle is above board. The Dragon man admires her for this.

He is courageous and ambitious. He wants to have things his way. He has a divine charm about him. The Ox woman loves him for his determination.

Both of these natives are dependable. They are industrious and are determined to achieve their worldly goals in this lifetime.

The Ox girl tends to be stubborn, especially when she’s in love. She will have to be more flexible if she hopes to be with the Dragon man.

On his part, he should work at being more grounded. The Ox woman is a realist, and she would love her man to appreciate this in his words and actions.

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How Do Dragon Man and Ox Woman Bond?

With the right effort, the Dragon and Ox signs in the sheng xiao will turn out just fine. The two just need to align their life-long goals.

They must be driven by the need to achieve the same dreams. This way, it will be easy for both to pool their resources.

From the onset, this couple should understand each other’s individual goals. Also, they need to be in touch with their strengths and shortcomings.

This gives them the platform to create solid plans to elevate their lives.

Both these natives crave some form of attention. The Ox girl wants to be admired. He, on the other hand, wants to be at the center of attention.

That’s why he tends to flirt a lot.

He should take care; however, that he doesn’t destabilize the relationship. The Ox girl wants to feel secure in this relationship.

Any behavior from him that suggests otherwise can make her withdraw.

Also, this pair should agree on their responsibilities from early on. If this is not clear, there will be lots of power struggles between them.

The Dragon man is energetic. He enjoys taking part in high-octane activities. The Ox woman is more laid back.

She enjoys leading a more conservative, reserved life. It’s likely that the Dragon man will lead the way when it comes to the bedroom.

His high energies can ignite the flames they need to enjoy passionate lovemaking.

Highlights of Dragon Man – Ox Woman Family Compatibility

The Dragon man and the Ox woman will have to work hard to establish a stable family. Although the Ox girl gets bored easily, she is dependable.

The Dragon man craves power and excitement. The Ox girl will have to put up with these aspects of his personality, as they will come into play in the family set up.

She, on the other hand, is reserved and conservative. As such, the Dragon man should not push her into playing a role she’s not comfortable with.

If she gets the right support, this girl will do her best to nurture her loved ones. She’s good at whatever she sets out to do.

His eye is likely to wander. This is one thing that he has to be very careful about. If it’s left unchecked, it can put this relationship into jeopardy.

The Ox girl has a very good memory. She never forgets a favor extended her way. Also, she keeps a good record of wrongs.

For the sake of the relationship, the Dragon man would not want to find himself in her bad books. She never forgets, neither will she forgive his slight.

The Dragon man is charming. He uses this to ease any tension that may find its way into the family.

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Can Dragon Man and Ox Woman Work Together?

Both the Dragon man and the Ox woman are stubborn individuals. They need to take lots of care that their work relationship does not become difficult.

The Ox woman is a good communicator. This means that it will be easy for the Dragon man to understand her plans and goals.

On the other hand, the Dragon man is an industrious worker. He moves about his assignments energetically.

He has a reputation for integrity. He avoids shortcuts on the journey to success.

This couple has all the resources they need to achieve their goals. They just need to ensure that they work harmoniously.

He wants things done his way. Oftentimes, he doesn’t consult. This can upset his Ox partner. She doesn’t like it when anyone tells her what to do.

Both these natives look at challenges positively. They understand that challenges are avenues for growth.

As such, they are determined to handle the hardships they encounter in their jobs. They get to use all their talents and gifts in the process.

By dealing with hardships, this couple comes to know that they are richly blessed.

Challenges in Dragon Man and Ox Woman Compatibility

The biggest cause of problems for these two is the ego. By nature, people born under the Dragon zodiac sign are assertive.

Naturally, they want to assume the leading role in everything. Considering that the Ox is stubborn, this may be the start of struggles between them.

The Dragon native wants to make all the important decisions. In the process, he may disregard her feelings and opinions.

She won’t condone being run over by this man over and over. If he persists, her temper will definitely flare up.

She is a jealous woman. She wants this man to herself. The Dragon man may have eyes for other girls out there.

This is a recipe for trouble.

She wants to feel secure in this relationship. If he can’t provide this, she may decide to look elsewhere.

The Way Forward for Dragon Man and Ox Woman

The Dragon man and the Ox woman have much going for them. For example, he is charismatic and vivacious.

She is powerfully attracted to this side of his personality.

Ox has a powerful sense of beauty. He finds her beauty alluring and irresistible. Also, she has a unique strength of personality that endears her to him.

Both natives love luxuries. They gift each other such things as diamonds, furs, and fancy dinners. This is one way they shower each other with attention.

They can use the common every day things to grow together. The more they do these little things for each other, the more they bond together.


The pairing between the Dragon man and the Ox woman has good chances of success. It all depends on how determined the two are to stay together.

When they have feelings for each other, they must be careful not to lose sight of their goals.

The Dragon man thirsts after her admiration. Although she finds it hard to pamper him, she can go out of her way to make him feel cared for.

In turn, he will create the security and stability she desires in the relationship.

The good thing about this couple is that they have much respect for each other. Even when things are not going well for them, they never lose respect for one another.

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