Dragon Man – Rat Woman Compatibility

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The Rat woman is strongly attracted to the Dragon man’s magnetic personality. In fact, it is their irresistible, almost-divine charm that makes Dragon people stand out.

They seem to ooze magnetic appeal without much of an effort.

Men born under the Chinese zodiac Dragon sign are risk-takers. They achieve a lot as a result, though they are also prone to making huge losses.

They need someone to help them create the right balance. This someone comes in the form of the Rat woman.

She is very observant and cautious. She can smell danger from a mile off. She will be able to give him ample warning when she senses situations that seem out of place.

The love relationship between these two is a positive one. These natives will be able to encourage each other.

They are genuinely interested in each other’s personal and professional growth.

At the same time, they are unlikely to experience many trust issues. Their kind of firm confidence in each other is required for building a strong love partnership.

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How Do Dragon Man and Rat Woman Bond?

If there was ever a mind-blowing love connection, then this is it! The relationship between the Dragon man and the Rat woman has very high chances of success.

This association can be just a fling or a more stable bond. Regardless, it will create a powerful impression on both partners.

As business partners, these natives are highly compatible.

The Dragon man is the perfect example of an alpha personality. He is powerful, supremely confident, and ambitious.

He draws admiration and respect wherever he goes. With this man, the Rat girl is certain that she’ll never get bored in her life.

Their union is interesting and exciting.

Both the Dragon man and the Rat woman enjoy being in the spotlight. The more admiration they receive, the harder they push themselves.

The Dragon uses his intelligence and charm to attract this girl. On her part, the Rat entices him with creative verbal games.

Almost all aspects of their lives are compatible. Everything they do has some sexual connotation to it. The more they stick close together, the higher sexual tension grows between them.

He craves the attention of his lover in the relationship. The Rat girl should be alert to this. She should be content to work behind the scenes so that he can give his best to the relationship.

As per the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon man and the Rat woman have everything in their power to create a near-perfect relationship.

Highlights of Dragon Man – Rat Woman Family Compatibility

The Rat woman and the Dragon man have very high chances of success together. They can strike a good rapport with each other from the word go.

They have just the right mix of qualities to start and sustain a family.

The Rat girl enjoys the charm he exudes. He always seems to have an array of exciting activities to keep her engaged.

Also, she’s awed by his leadership skills. In her eyes, he seems to hold godly powers.

He, on the other hand, is greatly impressed by her alluring beauty. Also, she’s generous. This means that she can make a good partner and mother.

She will be kind to this man and his children.

The family can look up to the Dragon man when it comes to finances. He is full of ideas on where they can make their money.

What’s more, he is brave enough to venture out to fend for his loved ones. He’s good at keeping track of the money.

The relationship between the Dragon man and the Rat girl is likely to be symbiotic. They both will be helpful to each other.

This is the main reason this connection is solid.

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Can Rabbit Dragon and Rat Woman Work Together?

These are some of the best team players you can find out there. When they see the need to work on the same team, the results are bound to be very good.

Both these natives understand the importance of working hard to create profit. They detest taking shortcuts.

True success cannot come from evil schemes. This couple believes that one can’t make much headway by relying on vice.

For this reason, the business between them is likely to be above board. They won’t have run-ins with the law.

Their books are always in order.

If this couple is married, they’ll find it in order to start a family business. Such a business will thrive. He will take care of logistics, supply, and finance.

She will deal with the clients. She can do very well in the marketing department.

By nature, the Dragon man comes across as demanding and egotistic. As such, he needs someone that understands him.

He’ll easily find this in the Rat woman. She’s the right person to convince the Dragon to be less dominating.

Once she has earned his respect, she’ll find it easy persuading him to move in a certain direction.

It’s no wonder that these two form such a powerful union as business partners.

Challenges in Dragon Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The Dragon man and the Rat woman have two different personalities. To a large extent, this is a good thing for it enables them to complement each other.

But, it can also cause some damages to this relationship. Whatever conflict these two will experience is likely to stem from their differences.

The Dragon man is arguably the most dynamic male in the zodiac spectrum. He is demanding and he wants things done his way.

It requires a girl that’s willing to make huge compromises to accommodate him. This is not always easy for the Rat girl.

She has goals of her own. She wants to accomplish certain things on her terms. She may find it hard having to follow this man wherever he leads.

This is not to say, however, that it cannot be done. It just calls for some serious sacrifices from both of them.

The Rat girl is outgoing and gregarious. She enjoys going out to meet new people and have fun. She makes lots of friends in the process. She’s often the center of attention.

This may rub the Dragon man the wrong way as he wants to hog all the attention. He won’t like it when she’s more popular than he.

To make the matters worse, the Rat woman may be unaware of his predicament. She will go about her business oblivious of the storm boiling under his calm demeanor.

The Way Forward for Dragon Man and Rat Woman

This couple has a lot of things working in their favor. Chief among these are their strong feelings for each other.

They are mutually attracted to one another. This is supported by some important shared personality traits.

For example, they are extroverted. They are socially active and thrive best in vibrant social settings. As a result, they attract a large circle of like-minded people.

This keeps them happily occupied because of the variety of activities they engage in.

To build a stronger bond, they should create an environment conducive to self-expression within the relationship. Each has a unique way of expressing themselves.

They should be ready and willing to listen to each other. It’s through dialogue that they get to diffuse any tensions between them.

With the right effort, both parties will create a very fulfilling love connection.


The Dragon man works for money and career advancement. The Rat woman works for fame and reputation.

When these two come together, they have the right motivation to create a powerful connection. They have the inspiration to pursue their individual and common goals and dreams.

Also, they enjoy the trappings of harmonious existence. They are driven by the need to create a relaxed, luxurious life at home.

In Chinese love astrology, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. If perfect relationships existed, the Dragon man – Rat woman relationship would definitely be one of them.

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