Horse Man – Rat Woman Compatibility

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The Chinese zodiac astrology indicates that both the Horse man and the Rat woman need to work hard to make their dream love-life a reality.

From the onset, this couple will encounter many challenges. They will have to work together to avoid the numerous pitfalls on the way.

The road to success is not an easy one. It’s full of hardships. The more challenges you overcome, the sweeter is the victory.

Perhaps, no one realizes this more than the Horse man and the Rat woman in love. There are no guarantees in this relationship.

This is not to say, however, that this relationship is doomed to fail. On the contrary, it lays emphasis on the need for both partners to put effort into making this love life a reality.

By nature, Horses are wanderers. They need some convincing before they agree to settle down. They need a strong person to convince them that it’s possible to find love and happiness in a quiet environment.

This onus falls on the Rat woman.

If she’s up to the task and she does a stellar job of it, they will form an unshakeable alliance.

On the other hand, the Horse man should get in touch with the needs of the Rat girl. She wants to go out there and make friends.

She enjoys fun-filled outings. It will add much value if the Horse man can support her in this. He should give her the freedom she needs to be herself.

This couple needs to appreciate their strengths and shortcomings. There’s no other way of creating a stable bond between them.

Once they fully understand and appreciate each other, they will achieve and surpass their set targets.

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How Do Horse Man and Rat Woman Bond?

Some things work in favor of this union. For example, the two signs are opposites. As such, they have a mutual attraction for each other.

In the Chinese zodiac, this means that they are complementary.

People with different traits can either be very close or diametrically opposed. It all depends on how the involved parties conduct themselves.

In the case of the Horse man and the Rat woman, they will experience some initial resistance. This is their cue to work harder.

Also, they need to understand each other’s needs and perceptions. The Rat girl will realize that the Horse likes being independent.

He wants to roam the world, showcasing his accomplishments.

She, on the other hand, wants the freedom to choose her friends. She wants to determine the type of entertainment to engage in. If he can support her in this, this couple is good to go.

Their love is likely to be intense during the first days. They find themselves with a strong emotional and sexual attraction for one another.

They enjoy the challenges that come with being together. There is much that this couple can achieve when they are in agreement.

Highlights of Horse Man – Rat Woman Family Compatibility

Before they come together in marriage, this couple needs to agree on their roles and responsibilities. The Rat woman is likely to take up the role of the mother and nurturer.

The Horse man, on the other hand, is likely to be the chief breadwinner. He needs physical and mental independence to achieve this.

The Rat woman is happy to steer the growth of the family. Also, she wants to expose her children to the outer world and what it has to offer.

Compared to the Horse man, this woman is a good saver. She uses her resources with a keen eye on her future needs.

He, on the other hand, tends to be wavering and flirtatious.

They need to create a middle ground, where they can agree on how to move forward. The Horse man must learn to be more sympathetic and less egocentric.

Both love their freedom. They are free-spirited humans who are quite permissive. This being the case, they should be willing to give each other space to thrive.

They need to be more assured around each other. If they already have children, it’s important that they teach them –through action – how to be confident.

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Can Horse Man and Rat Woman Work Together?

The Horse man is a great worker. He keeps pushing himself until he achieves his goals and dreams. He can make a very good partner for the Rat woman, as she is equally ambitious.

She won’t hesitate to suggest new ideas or a new course of action. This is important to the Horse man, as he is more action oriented.

This couple can achieve a lot in business if they are willing to overlook what draws them apart. Their combined strength will create an impact that no one at the workplace can ignore.

The Rat woman will paint the big picture for him. In turn, the Horse man will work on the details. He is solely driven by the need to achieve his goals and see the profits soar.

The Rat girl is equally motivated. She enjoys the results of her hard work. She likes it better if she gets to grow with the business.

With the right effort, this pair will create the image of the perfect power couple.

Challenges in Horse Man and Rat Woman Compatibility

The Horse man and the Rat girl look at relationships differently. This is likely to be the main source of conflict between them.

Granted, they both are naturally outgoing. However, the Horse man is more gregarious. He has a higher degree of independence than the Rat girl.

This means that he feels stifled by too much affection from her. He needs his space to do certain things his own way.

On the other hand, the Rat girl likes accumulating as many friends as she can get. She measures the quality of life based on how many friends or how much money she has on her side.

She, too, desires some level of personal freedom. The Horse needs to be okay with this. Otherwise, it may mar the start of an otherwise worthwhile love relationship.

The Way Forward for Horse Man and Rat Woman

Both the Horse man and the Rat woman are social. This is a point they should capitalize on to grow even stronger.

They should socialize with the kinds of people that add value to their relationship. Some people have been there, done it and achieved their goals.

These are the kinds of people they can look up to.

Also, they should not be afraid of trying new things. By nature, these natives are inquisitive.

They can achieve much by exploring their environments to learn what else they can do to strengthen their relationship.

Men born under the Horse zodiac sign thrive in change. He needs new experiences to feel alive. This is one reason he likes wandering around.

Once the Rat girl recognizes this, it’s good that she gives him the space he needs to grow as a person. Actually, she can help him along by providing him with ideas and suggestions.

Their mutual compatibility is further strengthened by the Rat’s flexibility. She is adaptable if it serves her purpose.

The Horse man will discover that Rats are easily convinced. He just needs to be honest and genuine as he deals with her.


A relationship between the Horse man and the Rat woman will succeed if both parties work for it. According to the Chinese horoscope, there are plenty of signs that this union is blessed.

However, nothing good comes easy. This type of love compatibility calls for diligence, dedication, and commitment.

Both the Horse man and the Rat girl must reciprocate their devotion to each other. They will encounter challenges as they try to make it.

Hardships are meant to help them think outside the box. The more ingenious they become at problem-solving, the more likely they are to succeed.

However, as with all other relationships, nothing should be forced. The love between the Horse man and the Rat woman is meant to be given and received freely.

If things become impossible they can always change and try elsewhere.

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