Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

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What is the Meaning of the Eight of Wands Tarot Card?

In traditional tarot, the Eight of Wands is shown as eight wooden rods that seem to be flying through a bright and sunny sky.

While its description sounds silly on paper, it’s actually very symbolic of the card’s meaning.

The Eight of Wands is likely to appear in your reading when your life has moved into a period of making things happen.

If you’ve been putting a lot of effort into a project, or perhaps a romantic prospect, this card means that it will all come to a favorable conclusion sooner rather than later.

You can expect things to wrap up quickly, unlike the slow pace it has taken thus far.

It is especially powerful when the purpose of your spread is related to creative endeavors, as the Wand suit encompasses passion and creative energies.

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eight-of-wandsThe Upright Eight of Wands Meaning

The position of the Eight of Wands in your spread helps to determine what it’s trying to tell you.

In your past position, it says that there was a time in your life when things seemed to fall into place for you, almost effortlessly.

If you are currently feeling like the world is crumbling around you, this card is saying that you didn’t take advantage of the opportunities you were afforded then.

The best thing for you to do now is to accept that you can’t change the past, but learn from it.

The Eight of Wands in your present position is where it’s strongest. This means that things are going your way, or will be shortly.

You can expect a period of good fortune and luck, but make sure you are appreciating the good things life is bringing you and taking advantage of them.

In your future position, the Eight of Wands is promising that big things are coming your way.

Keep an open mind about new business ideas or creative projects that come your way because they have the potential to lead you to a future even better than the one you’ve been dreaming about.

Work and the Eight of Wands

When the Eight of Wands appears in your career oriented spread, it means that the effort and hours you’ve been putting into your job are going to pay off.

It’s possible that you’ve been wondering if the effort has been worth it, and the answer is yes! As long as you haven’t been slacking off, you can expect your work to be recognized and rewarded.

If you’ve been searching for work, keep at it. The Eight of Wands is a card that embodies the old proverb “good things come to those who wait.”

Don’t be discouraged if your search hasn’t yet yielded the results you desire because good news is coming.

Love and the Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands in relation to your love life warns that forcing the relationship you want onto another person is setting yourself up for failure.

If you’re already in a committed relationship, you may be feeling like things aren’t progressing in the way you’d hoped they would.

Be patient. Things are better than you believe them to be, and your partner isn’t going anywhere despite your questioning their level of commitment.

If you’re searching for a romantic partner, this means that you will find the right person, but not by force.

If there is already someone in your life that you consider a potential match, you’ll have to allow them to come to that realization themselves. Slow and steady wins the race.

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The Eight of Wands and Finances

In a financial spread, the Eight of Wands isn’t particularly strong, though it does advise you to watch your spending habits and save money when you can.

Investments are ill-advised at this time, but a creative project may be beneficial to you in the future.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of writing a novel, selling some paintings, or any similar project, now is a good time to get serious about it.

Meaning of the Eight of Wands in Health

Finding the Eight of Wands in your health spread is a good sign. It means that despite any worries or anxieties you have regarding your personal wellness will soon be dispelled.

The Eight of Wands promises good health. If you’ve been sick, you will get better. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself and following your doctor’s orders.

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The Eight of Wands in Reversed Position

When you’re feeling guilty about a past decision, it’s common for the Eight of Wands to reveal itself to you in the reverse. This isn’t meant to make you feel worse, but rather to remind you that you cannot change the past.

Find a way to manage your feelings about past choices and remember that the future is still yours to mold.

Promise to do better, and work on correcting what it is you’re feeling negatively about with your actions rather than your words.

Eight of Wands Combinations

The Chariot paired with the Eight of Wands is very exciting. This means that the goal you’ve been working towards will be achieved.

Whatever you’ve been dreaming about is absolutely attainable, so long as you’ve been working for it.

When the Wheel of Fortune appears in combination with the Eight of Wands, it signifies that your recent victory may be short lived.

In order to hold on to what you have, you’re going to have to fight for it or lose it forever.

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