How to Attract a Taurus Man

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Are you interested in How to Attract a Taurus Man? Then this guide is for you!

To attract the Taurus mind, you must first acquaint yourself with how his mind interacts with his emotions to make him fall in love.

The Taurus man does not just go for any woman that presents herself. His special woman is the one who reflects his loyalty, patience, steadfastness, and dependability.

You need to understand that this man is focused. He has a keen sense of purpose that fuels his stability and practical nature.

To seduce a Taurus man, show respect for his material comforts. This man works hard to ensure that he never lacks anything.

He’d easily be attracted to a woman that complements and promotes his life choices.

Here’s a look at a few things you can do to attract and sustain the attention of the Taurus man.

Ways to Attract and Sustain the Attention of a Taurus Man

#1 – Be True to Your Values

You don’t have to change your beliefs and principles to capture the heart of a Taurus man. This man is so perceptive that he will immediately notice if you are presenting a false narrative.

Men born in the Taurus zodiac go for genuine ladies. As such, be as authentic as possible as you get to know him.

Do all the favorite things you enjoy doing on your own, and allow him to see you in your true element. He will love nothing more than this.

#2 – Be Confident Around Him

If you have any baggage from your past, sort them out before approaching this man. This is because he wants to see you being fully in charge of your life.

He will not like it if you are easily scared because of past failures and mistakes.

It is a huge turn-on for him if he can see that you have managed to confront your past demons and put them in their rightful place.

#3 – Start Off by Being Friends

The best way to win a Taurus man’s heart is to start off by being his best friend. Share the simple pleasures of your daily living with him.

He may not be very much interested in a flamboyant display of your accomplishments; he just wants to know the inner you.

Invite him home for a hot, home-cooked meal. Tag him along to your favorite hang-out joints and let him meet some of your acquaintances.

This will convince him that you are a straightforward, unpretentious person. Once he realizes that you lead an uncomplicated life, you’ve got him hooked.

#4 – Be Honest About Your Expectations

The Taurus man will do anything to make you feel like a queen once he’s hooked on you. However, he won’t like it when you keep changing terms and conditions as the relationship progresses.

This means that from the very beginning, lay your expectations bare, and get to understand his. This man will like it when you take this approach.

It tells him that you are thinking in the long term, which is actually his thing.

#5 – Be Honest with Your Feelings

Beating around the bush will not get you far with the Taurus man; he prefers a straight talker. He wants to know your real opinions and feelings about any matter.

Give it to him straight and simple, and make sure it comes from your heart.

In the same way, don’t fake anything to please him. If your activities in bed leave you unfulfilled, let him know about it and discuss possibilities.

#6 – Organize Your Life

A love relationship with a Taurus man cannot thrive in chaos; it only does so in an orderly, well-organized environment.

Remember, this man will be very much interested in your routines and schedules from the word go. He’ll want to know the kind of friends you keep and the social places you frequent.

If you are truly into this man, you may want to first de-clutter before making contact.

Incidentally, this will be for your own good as it will be for the relationship you desire to establish with your Taurus crush.

#7 – Show Him You Are Financially Independent

The Taurus man is averse to anything or anyone that can upset his life. This man has created a comfortable lifestyle for himself from his industriousness and aggressive nature.

He looks with suspicion at anyone that threatens this order.

Let him know you are financially independent. You don’t have to be a millionaire or super-rich; he just wants to see that you are hardworking enough to sort out your own bills.

Once he perceives you are no threat, you’ll be surprised to discover how generous and kind he can be. He knows you are the right person to partner with in creating even more wealth.

#8 – Take Your Time with Him

One thing about a Taurus man is that he moves slow and steady. He wants to be sure of every phase of the relationship before he moves on.

To win his heart, take him at his pace. Don’t make the mistake of rushing him as this may force him to withdraw.

The Taurus man acts this way because once he commits his heart; it is for the long haul. He does not believe in fleeting relationships and short-term engagements.

With this in mind, you’ll actually appreciate him for being slow and steady.

#9 – Shower Him with Your Feminine Allure

Taurus men have a penchant for the finer things in life. He will, therefore, easily fall for a female beauty.

Shower him with your femininity – from the way you talk and dress to your conduct and behavior. This is not to say, however, that you should flaunt your sexual side.

It means you should act and behave elegantly and gracefully like a true lady. Be courteous. Dress elegantly and sexily – but don’t overdo it.

This man will go weak at the knees when he sees you are bold enough to flaunt your femininity.

#10 – Find Out What He Likes

The Taurus man is quite uncomplicated, really. As such, don’t break your back doing all kinds of sophisticated things to get his attention.

Once you get to know him, try to find out what he likes. The best way to go about this is either to observe him closely, or ask him directly.

Being a down-to-earth person, he will find your question quite in order and will tell you exactly what you can do for him.

This applies to all things – including matters in the bedroom.

#11 – Don’t Play Too Hard or Too Easy to Get

Being an alpha male, the Taurus man needs to experience the thrill of the chase. This means that the moment he starts showing interest in you, don’t give in too easily.

This works well for him because he’s not in a hurry to commit. He wants to know that he fought for you and won you.

But, you should also not make this chase too protracted because he may think you are unavailable or you don’t find him attractive enough.

Get to know your man well to understand when to give in. Just about the time he starts hinting at long-term commitment with you, know that you’ve won him over.

#12 – Be Practical in Your Choices

Taurus men thrive in surroundings that enhance security and stability. That’s why you are likely to find them in the comfort of their home, enjoying good food in the company of a friend or two.

If you want to win the heart of a Taurus man, you need to understand this aspect of their life. This means you’ll avoid being too spontaneous around them.

This man likes his life just the way he is used to. He’ll appreciate your resourcefulness in making his home and surroundings more comfortable.

If you can make him a nice home-made meal; the better for you. Your competency in the kitchen will not go unnoticed.

The Taurus man is the true definition of the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach!

#13 – Be Sensual

The Taurus man responds very well to anything that excites his senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Try to flirt with him by appealing to these aspects of his senses.

Whisper sweet nothings in his ear when he least expects it. Cook him tantalizing, aromatic food. Wear a scent that is guaranteed to provoke his masculinity and touch him in the right places.

It won’t be long before he starts asking for more from you.

#14 – Don’t Be in a Hurry

This is a cardinal rule when trying to seduce the Taurus man. It would be a grave error to expect him to fall head over heels with you after only a few encounters.

Be patient. Give him the space he needs to steer the relationship in the desired direction. Since the Taurus man enjoys taking the lead, study him closely.

His behavior will tell you whether to guide him to the next phase or not. In all likelihood, he will take the initiative and guide you through the rest of your love journey.

Move with him at his pace as he does this.

Final Thoughts…

Are you considering seriously dating a Taurus man? Do you have a handsome Taurus man in your crosshairs?

We hope the above tips will help you in your quest to win that man’s heart and love. If you play your cards right, you are likely to succeed.

The key to winning in this game lies in being yourself, understanding your man, and taking the right measures to meet his needs.

Good luck!

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