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The Leo man is an active attention seeker. He wants you to notice him when he does something, especially if he considers it important.

It’s obvious then that he’s most attracted to women who pay him close attention. They have to be attractive, as well.

When he enters a room, he expects people to notice him. Actually, people DO notice him most of the time.

He has a magnetic appeal that most women find irresistible. It follows that he is the envy of other men.

He is attracted to women of substance. If this man pays attention – no matter how little – to you, know that there’s something special about you.

He likes a girl that’s calm and well-composed. He particularly dislikes loud talkers and garish women. Keep off flashy dresses if you hope to have a good time with him.

Remember; this man craves attention. Don’t do anything that may make him think that you are competing with him in seeking attention.

The Leo man wants to be at the very center of attention.

When he starts chasing you, he won’t stop until he has achieved his goal. He has little regard for half measures.

When he sets his mind on a conquest, he must achieve victory. To be content with your company, he must light a bonfire of love in the relationship.

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How to Create Sexual Interest in Leo Man

By now, you have a clear idea of what makes the Leo man tick. He needs tons of attention. If you want to arouse his sexual interest, this is an area you’d want to concentrate on.

The very first thing you must learn is to flatter him. This is a skill; you must be sincere and genuine as you go about it.

Otherwise, he’ll see right through your dishonesty, and he’ll want nothing to do with you.

Let him know that to you, he’s the most wonderful man in the whole world. Do this directly; he has little regard for subtleties.

Flatter him obviously and blatantly. Just make sure that you are genuine – or at least, you sound genuine.

Keep on giving him compliments and praises. Let him know that you are awed by his looks and accomplishments.

It won’t be long before he starts thinking of how else he can impress you.

Be a good follower. The Leo man likes to be in charge. He is an alpha male, and he wants to be treated as such.

You’ll score some mileage with this man if you can allow him to play this traditional role. Let him play the role of the dominant partner, and be a faithful follower.

Regardless of how well you have done for yourself, don’t call the shots here. Let him do. Allow him to ask you out. Let him make all the arrangements – including choosing the venue.

When he feels that he’s in charge of the relationship, he puts all his effort into it. You’ll be happy that you met this man.

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What are the Sexual Traits of Leo Man?

Sex is an integral part of his existence. It’s a basic need – alongside water and food. That’s why he’s most comfortable around women.

He requires them to satiate his sexual needs.

He is not bound by rules and conventions. Rather, he uses his strong sexual personality to create magic with the woman of his dreams.

He is also sensitive. He does not take kindly to anyone that tries to pull his leg. If you promise him something be sure to deliver it.

He will take issue with you if you are not committed to the relationship. You see; he believes that you are his and that he won’t have to share you with any other man.

This means that you should give him 100% of your attention. In turn, he will be there for you, ready to love you unreservedly.

If you are not comfortable with this kind of arrangement, you had better move on.

The Leo man is strongly attracted to mystery. In spite of his confidence, he can be duped by a girl that exudes a sense of mystery.

He’s unable to restrain himself under her charms. All you need is to make him believe that he has to make some effort on your behalf.

If he takes the bait, he’s yours to command. You are likely to succeed in your quest to get him to your bed.

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Best Ways to Seduce the Leo Man

The Leo man is interested in many aspects of the world. He is into culture, the arts, and even technology.

He’s happy discussing these subjects with his companion. If you can join him in this, he will soon associate you with the pleasure he derives from such discourses.

He wants people to look upon him with admiration. He craves love and affection. Nice complimentary words, appreciation, and admiration fuel him.

If he can get these from you, you can be sure that he will hold you in high regard. Put him at the center of your attention and he will put you at the center of his heart.

Put him in the spotlight and he will do his best to satisfy all your sexual fantasies. He will employ all his masculinity to give you the best time of your life.

You may need to teach him the importance of foreplay. He tends to hurry through this aspect of sex. He can do with some coaching from you in this area.

But, don’t force him. Remember; the likes being in charge. Don’t do anything that would make him feel that he is not the one calling the shots.

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Secrets of Leo Man in Bed

The Leo male likes being outdoors, more so when the sun is shining brightly. He seeks the company of a girl that can engage him in outdoor activities.

He loves the sun; it’s his cosmic mistress.

It’s no wonder the men born under the Leo zodiac sign excel in outdoor sports. And, even when he’s faced with imminent defeat, he never gives up.

He has a way of turning potential defeat into a resounding victory.

He makes his grand entrance just when everyone thinks he’s about to fail. He applies these very same tactics when he’s fighting for his girl.

He will pry her out of the grip of his competition. It doesn’t matter how much the odds are stacked against him.

He uses his superior seduction talents to win the heart of any girl that takes his fancy.

The Leo man is an extrovert. Although he isn’t a braggart, he laughs heartily when things are going his way.

This is one of the indicators that you have made a mark in his life. It’s your cue to play your trump card. The moves you make should ensure that he remains by your side for as long as you want him.

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The Leo man loves the company of women. To him, sex is an indispensable part of life. He’s not new to drama.

His relationship is likely to have some drama. He participates fully in this, and he’s keen to make every experience unforgettable.

His libido is right up there on the roof. This is the first thing you’ll notice as you get to know him better.

You’ll love every moment he’s with you. He demands lots of attention from his girl, but he’s also willing to give the same.

Remember; the Leo man is very sensitive. Don’t try to fool him. This is something that he’s unlikely to forgive and forget.

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