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The Gemini man is restless. He is always moving up and down in search of true love. This has seen him jump from one girl to another and from one activity to another.

You need to understand where this man is coming from if you hope to have a lasting romantic connection with him.

You should understand why he’s constantly attempting to cram a week’s activities into one day. He strives to achieve all his goals at once.

This creates many contradictions in his life. He may exude contradictory feelings towards the girl he loves.

The Gemini man dislikes schedules and timetables. This means that he’s not the kind of person to stick to mealtimes.

He needs to enjoy his freedom.

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How to Create Sexual Interest in Gemini Man

It’s fairly easy to arouse the Gemini’s interest if you know which buttons to push. He likes talking. You can help him to fulfill this need by being his chat partner.

By emotionally connecting to him in this manner, he will have no doubt that he has found just the right partner.

He’ll not want to lose you. He’ll be there for you, giving you a shoulder to lean on. He will listen to you every need.

This is the right time to let him know of your sexual interest in him.

Also, he is receptive to any support you give him. By nature, Gemini men respond very well to encouragement from their partners.

It assures him that he means something in your life. It indicates that you are willing to help him achieve his dreams.

In turn, there’s nothing this man can’t do for you.

However, don’t push him into making commitments when he’s not ready. Don’t force him to talk about establishing a family and having children.

If you insist on going down this road, you are seen to be too possessive. Take your time, for everything will fall into place at the most opportune time.

Also, be open-minded. Be tolerant of his eccentric tendencies. He is quite malleable, and may at times do things that you least expect.

The good thing is that if he has allowed you into his space, he means you no harm. He won’t do things that are likely to hurt your feelings.

Gemini men are creative and innovative. He’s perpetually looking for something new to do. He hates having to deal with routines and inflexible schedules.

This means that you have to learn to be flexible. The more spontaneous you are, the more you will appreciate his way of life.

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What are the Sexual Traits of Gemini Man?

The Gemini man is passionate. He won’t strain himself when it comes to sex. He plays this role with ease, and he can satisfy both himself and his lover.

He knows his way around the female anatomy. This means that he could please any girl if he so wants. He knows what actions to take to achieve the right reactions.

He is more excited by the idea of lovemaking than actually doing it. He is guided by his conscious perception of sex.

The Gemini man does sex as a participant as well as an observer. While at the act of sex, he’s curious to unravel how it’s done and how the girl responds.

He studies the actions and the responses they elicit. As such, he prefers sex when the lights are on. It can even be better if mirrors are placed all over, at strategic places.

He wants to see all the angels of lovemaking. This further motivates him to give his lover even more pleasure.

Don’t push this man when you get him in the bedroom. Allow him to take his time. He warms up slowly but surely.

You can encourage him along by including fellatio and cunnilingus as part of foreplay. This will give him the confidence to stretch the prelude even further.

You’ll soon realize that he’s responding to your overtures. He will stroke your thighs and play with your hair.

He will caress your neck as he kisses you passionately. He will fully immerse himself in the game. Before long, he will usher you into an amazing world of sexual fantasy.

Best Ways to Seduce the Gemini Man

To seduce the Gemini man, you need tons of patience. You need to approach this man calmly and with a lot of understanding.

He will respond better to your overtures if you open up. This is the time to communicate your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

The reason for this is simple. The more he gets to know you, the more he shares himself with you. You get more action, more loving, and more care.

The Gemini man talks about anything and everything. He involves himself in arguments, debates, and plain conversations.

This is how he expresses his feelings, thoughts, and opinions. If you desire to get emotionally and physically close to him, join him and carry on some discussions with him.

Engage him in a manner that makes him comfortable around you.

Be adaptive and spontaneous. In case he wants to hold a long discussion about nature with you, don’t see it as a burden.

Rather, take it as an opportunity to bond with him.

It’s through such encounters that he will get talking to you about spending more time with you.

By constantly being with him, you are giving him the chance to start thinking of someone else than just himself.

The Gemini man is knowledgeable when it comes to lovemaking. He will give you pleasure in some areas of your body that most men tend to overlook.

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Secrets of Gemini Man in Bed

If you intend to have this man for yourself, you should learn the truth about his secret sex life. He loves women, and he often gets his way with them.

He is a sweet talker. Most women are powerless when assailed by the sweet words of the Gemini man.

He is not restricted when it comes to sex. He will do it anywhere that takes his fancy – as long as his girl is agreeable.

He is curious to know how she responds to his lovemaking. As such, he may concentrate too much on this at the expense of giving the very best to his lover.

Also, you need to understand the other aspects of his life. This shouldn’t be hard considering that he is a good talker.

He’s more than willing to talk to you on any subject.

However, go about this carefully. Bear in mind that words are his most powerful weapons. Talking is his arsenal.

The Gemini man has trouble concentrating on any one subject when he’s in love. He keeps jumping from this topic to that one.

When he behaves in this confused manner around you, take it easy. It is a clear indicator that this guy is into you. Go ahead and listen to him.

Your presence will eventually calm him down. Soon, you’ll get back into discussing things that really matter.


The Gemini man is an active lover. He doesn’t get tired of making love to his chosen girl. He is a dual sign.

This means that he can effectively play the role of an observer and lover. He can create amazing moments in bed for himself and his girl.

He is excited by seeing his woman enjoying the immense pleasure he brings her. He is even more excited by the idea of lovemaking.

A man born under the Gemini zodiac sign is verbally talented. He requires that his girl be a good conversationalist.

She must be ready to listen to him, for this man does love to talk! The good thing is that he is a listener as well.

If you are good at juggling several topics at once, this is likely to be the man for you. You will seamlessly float together in your conversations.

If you want to know what a Gemini man really wants, it’s worth reading the comprehensive Gemini Man Secrets guide.

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