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March 2 Zodiac Sign

Does your birthday fall on March 2? This horoscope profile is for you. It takes you on a guided journey through your entire personality. It will enable you to make crucial life decisions with ease.

Read on to appreciate fully your versatile personality.

Your zodiac sign is Pisces. Your astrological symbol is Fish. This symbol caters to all those born between February 19 and March 20. The symbol empowers you to be devoted to your objectives.

The planet Neptune controls your life. Through its influence, you are able to focus on your ambitions more meaningfully. It shapes your character, giving you a focused perspective on life.

Your cardinal governing element is Water. This element enables you to challenge yourself on several fronts in life. As such, you are likely to achieve a good number of your goals. Water closely associates with Earth, Fire, and Air to enrich the experiences in your life.

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Your Astrological Chart Cusp

March 2 zodiac people are on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp. We refer to this as the Cusp of Sensitivity.

Through the influence of this cusp, you acquire a number of special qualities. This is because two planets govern your life. These are Uranus, which rules over Aquarius, and Neptune, which controls Pisces.

The influence of these two celestial bodies enables you to be persistent even in the most adverse of conditions. You press on even in situations that would deter the average person.

The cusp has empowered you to have a reasonable control over the flow of your finances. You will meet most of your financial goals. Other people will desire to follow your example.

Your astrological charts show that you are prone to accidents that affect your feet. We strongly advise that you take measures to safeguard against this.

Love and Compatibility for March 2 Zodiac

March 2 zodiac people are quite adventurous when it comes to matters of the heart. You love the challenge of pursuing and winning the hearts of new lovers. However, you do not like commitments. You like to avoid attachments as much as possible.

This means that you do not keep anyone partner for long. You get bored easily, and you express the need to move on. With this kind of a lifestyle, you will have many partners in your lifetime.

People find you to be attractive and charming. You act as a magnet for many potential partners. As such, you will fall in love from a young age. However, your love is fleeting. You fall in and out of love with an uncommon regularity.

This kind of lifestyle has its downside. You run the risk of either breaking the heart of a partner or being heartbroken yourself. Take the measures necessary to avert such an eventuality.

You feel most comfortable with lovers who mirror your qualities. Your ideal partner is charming, attractive, passionate, and romantic. You can get these traits among the natives of Taurus, Scorpio, and Cancer.

You have a lot in common with people born under these zodiacs. As such, you can form stable, fulfilling relationships with them.

A word of caution, though! The planetary alignments indicate that you are least compatible with people born under the Aquarius zodiac. According to the charts, you do not share any qualities of significance with them.

This means that a relationship with an Aquarius is not in the best of your interest. We strongly advise against being entangled with them.

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What are the Traits of a Person Born on March 2?

March 2 zodiac people have many strong qualities to show for their existence. True to the spirit of Pisces, you are perceptive, charitable, and creative. Also, you appreciate beauty. This is one reason why people find you to be so artistic.

You dislike people who exhibit selfish motives. Instead, you prefer to consult with those who are innovative. In addition, you like those who possess the gift for humanitarian activities.

You often turn to your creativity and artsy enterprises to contribute to the cause of humanity. Your visionary, clear-cut path in life is to help other people overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Although you hold deep utopian ideals, you are wise enough to know how to create a balance in your life. As such, you are able to accept the diversity of people. You come across as someone who is truly appreciative of human nature.

Nonetheless, you have a few cracks in your personality. You need to work on these areas with urgency, lest they stifle your progress.

For example, you concentrate too much on the gloomy aspects of any undertaking. This means that you are stuck long before you commence your projects. Now, how will you ever succeed if you do not infuse positivity into your life? Remember, pessimism is just but a state of mind!

Also, you sometimes come across as puerile. You demand too much from others. Just know that you will move further if you learn to give more than you receive. Such is the law of nature!

All in all, learn to pat yourself on the back for every achievement. Do not be too hard on yourself. Things are not as bad as they seem. Forgo your fears, and focus more on your goals.

Famous People who Share the March 2 Birthday

You share the March 2 birthday with a number of prominent people from around the globe. These include:

  • Marie Roze, born 1846 – French Soprano
  • Robert Means Thompson, born 1849 – American commander, businessman, and lawyer
  • George Layton, born 1943 – English actor, director, and screenwriter
  • Ange-Freddy Plumain, born 1995 – French footballer
  • Becky G., born 1997 – American rapper

Common Characteristics of People Born on March 2

March 2 zodiac people are in the 2nd decan of Pisces. This decan belongs to those born between March 1 and March 10.

The Moon supervises this decan. Just like this celestial body, you reflect qualities like enthusiasm, creativity, determination, and emotional stability. These are the stronger qualities of Pisces.

Your remarkable idealism makes people like you. Granted, there’s something alluring about a person who can see things before they come into being. This is more so when this person talks about things that are almost impossible to achieve with so much zeal!

This shows that you have a high level of imagination and creativity. Your idealism enthralls people. It gives them something to believe in. They get hope even when it seems impossible. They have you to thank for this.

People born on March 2 can be summed up in 4 words: considerate, gentle, wise, and peaceable. Live up to these characteristics. After all, you are a true Pisces!

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Your Career Horoscope

You are full of idealism. You can do well in jobs that require your high level of imagination and creativity.

However, there is a catch! On their own, your ideas are not good enough. You have to communicate them to the right audience. Without this key aspect of the process, your efforts will be naught.

This means that you have to hone your communication skills to reach the right audience. When you do this successfully, you can be sure that your career will soar.

You can excel in the fields of filmmaking, the arts, philosophy, history, and architecture.

Final Thought…

Tomato represents the magic color of people born on March 2. Tomato is the color of passion. Just like your personality, this color is all about imagination and creativity. It fits you like a glove!

Your lucky numbers are 1, 2, 4, 26, 45, 55 & 68.

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