May 28 Zodiac

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May 28 Zodiac Sign

People born on May 28 are very organized in terms of how they run their affairs. You are an altruistic person, empathetic and determined in the pursuit of your objectives.

You are a good planner. As such, you know exactly what needs to be done, and how to accomplish it. You would be a great achiever were it not for the fact that you allow others to distract you from your chosen course.

Being a people person, you surround yourself with people of all categories. This enables you to have a better grip of the world that you live in.

Here is your complete horoscope profile. It lets you in on your robust personality. Read it for enlightenment!

You are under the Gemini zodiac sign. Your astrological symbol is the Twins. This symbol caters to people born between May 21 and June 20. It is responsible for your willfulness, strength, independence, and stamina.

The planet Mercury plays an important role in your life. This celestial body empowers you with diligence, open-mindedness, and youthfulness.

Your cardinal governing element is Air. This element associates closely with Earth, Water, and Fire to add value to your life. As such, you are creative as well as intelligent.


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Your Astrological Chart Cusp

May 28 zodiac people are on the Taurus-Gemini Cusp. This is the Cusp of Energy. The planets Venus and Mercury play a very important role in this cusp. As such, your life receives its direction from these two celestial bodies.

From the planet Venus, you receive the power to enhance your formal and informal relationships. Venus bequeaths you such qualities as passion, understanding, romance, and enthusiasm.

On the other hand, the planet Mercury is responsible for your ambition, self-drive, resilience, and intelligence. You need these qualities to advance in your education and professional life.

The Cusp of Energy has palpable influence over your financial direction. Although some people may think that you are a heavy spender, you actually know how to nurture your resources.

This means that you will accumulate considerable wealth in the course of your life.

Your astrological chart indicates that your health is okay. However, be wary of possible infections in your lungs, hands, arms, and shoulders.

As a rule, Taurus people are prone to injuries in these parts of their bodies.

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Love and Compatibility for May 28 Zodiac

May 28 zodiac people are very adventurous as lovers. You know how to use your charm and attractiveness to win your way into the heart of partners that you desire.

You have a very easy way with words. Your eloquence, combined with your passion, makes you get the best lovers in any group. It has enhanced your attractiveness. Indeed, you have many admirers because of this.

Unlike most other people, you are not afraid of being single. In fact, you welcome this as an opportunity. Being single does not restrict you in any way.

It enables you to advance the other aspects of your life. For example, you are likely to advance your career and education when you are single.

This is not to mean that you are averse to commitment. The stars indicate that you will settle down when you are ready. When this happens, you will come across as a caring, loving spouse. You will invest your time and resources to advance the goals of your family.

You have a soft spot for partners who are creative, enthusiastic, and eccentric. This is because they share your character traits. As such, you understand them as much as they appreciate your eccentricities.

Your ideal partner is one born under the Sagittarius, Libra, and Aquarius. You are highly compatible with people born under these zodiac signs. Thus, you can have a very fulfilling, mutually beneficial relationship with them.

This is more so if they were born on the 3rd, 4th, 7th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 22nd, 26th, 28th & 29th.

A word of caution! The planetary alignment warns against your potential romantic involvement with a Taurus. Consider yourself warned!

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What are the Traits of a Person Born on May 28?

May 28 zodiac people are very talented in a number of ways. This arises from the fact that you are avid knowledge seekers. You spend the better part of your life foraging for knowledge to enhance your skills.

This makes you have a passion for diverse interests. Indeed, you end up being an expert on a number of subjects. Clearly, you are one of the most knowledgeable people in any room!

You like keeping the company of friends and family members. This arises for two reasons. One, you are afraid of loneliness. Two, you like using people as the sounding board for your numerous ideas.

People appreciate the fact that you are diplomatic. Your use of tact makes you the ideal candidate for mediation. Actually, you are a common feature in conflict situations.

However, you have a few flaws that you need to work on. These weaknesses will hamper your progress in many areas of your life.

For example, you give promises that you often fail to keep. Do not give your word if you do not intend to follow it through.

Also, you easily believe what you hear. Not everybody you meet has your best interests at heart. Many will pry on your gullibility to their advantage. It is high time you became more discerning!

All in all, the world expects a lot from you. The good news is that you have the resources to deliver. The bad news? You are out of touch with your emotions. You need to create an emotional balance to achieve your goals.


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Famous People who Share the May 28 Birthday

You share the May 28 birthday with a number of famous people from around the world. Here are five of them:

  • Xin Qiji, born 1140 – Chinese politician, general, and poet
  • John the Fearless, born 1371 – Duke of Burgundy
  • Hans-Jorg Butt, born 1974 – German footballer
  •  Luis Gabriel Moreno, born 1998 – Filipino archer
  • Cameron Boyce, born 1999 – American actor and dancer

Common Characteristics of People Born on May 28

May 28 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Gemini. This decan belongs to those born between May 21 and May 31.

The planet Mercury plays a central role in this decan. This celestial planet empowers you to exhibit the more outstanding characteristics of Gemini. For example, you are friendly, enthusiastic, communicative, and creative.

You have a great sense of humor and wit. Also, you are quite adventurous. When you combine this with your open-mindedness, you become one unstoppable individual.

However, you need to watch out for your inconsistency. This has the potential to wreck your reputation. It will make even your most loyal friends start having trust issues.

All the same, your birthday is synonymous with self-confidence, idealism, independence, and generosity. Put these qualities to good use!

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Your Career Horoscope

You are suited for a management position. This is because you know how to provide guidance. At the same time, you know when to rebuke and admonish.

You do not shy away from demoting or firing an individual when circumstances call for it. This is something that many other people are not capable of.

Final Thought…

Black is the magic color of people born on May 28. This is the color of reassurance. It is a solid, dependable color. It fits your personality like a glove!

Your lucky numbers are 11, 17, 23, 28, 39, 44 & 49.

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