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What is the Zodiac Sign for May 5 Zodiac?

The zodiac sign for May 5 is Taurus. This astrological symbol is most often represented by the image of a bull.

The sign of Taurus rules the period of the year from April 20-May 21. This time at the beginning of Spring is very reflective of new beginnings and hope for the future.

As a constellation, Taurus is one of the larger groupings of heavenly bodies. It occupies an area of 797 square degrees.

The Taurus sign is one of strength and leadership. Those born beneath the sign tend to have forceful personalities that can easily influence others.


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May 5 Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Those born on May 5 are generally strong-willed and dominant. They mesh well with others who are also confident and secure.

Virgo and Capricorn individuals are good matches for a Taurus born on May 5. The calm nature of these signs acts as a balance to the high-strung nature of most Taureans.

Taurus is an Earth sign, and this is also why the signs of Virgo and Capricorn blend well with it. Other signs of water, air, and fire are often too meek to deal with the stubborn nature of Taurus.

Those born on May 5 are often most happy when surrounded by their own kind. They can have difficulty making new connections, especially with people who are not strong-willed.

May 5 Birthday Personality

Those born on May 5 are generally fixed in their view of the world. You can sometimes come off as unyielding to others.

Stubbornness and resistance to change is a hallmark of your birthday personality. Once you have your mindset on something, few things are able to move you in another direction.

You generally prefer the company of people that are strong. Those who display weakness are not appealing to you.

When others are able to penetrate your rough exterior, the result is unwavering loyalty. You will go to extremes to protect and provide for those you care about.

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People Born on May 5

People born on May 5 are in the middle period of the Taurus sign. The characteristics of a Taurus personality are present, but they are tempered with reason and common sense.

It is not your nature to be contentious. People who share your birthday cling to their values because they have complete faith in them, and they feel no need to engage in debate.

Others should not take the kindness of someone born on May 6 for weakness. You can be slow to anger, but when that anger is aroused it is considerable.

Disorder is one of your pet peeves. You do not function at an optimal level when there is a lack of order in your home or workplace.

The rules matter to you, and you expect others to also respect them. This can make you a bit of a disciplinarian to others that are subject to your authority.

Characteristics of the People Born on May 5

A strong sense of pride and self-satisfaction is the main characteristic of people born on May 5. These people take themselves very seriously.

The negative side of this characteristic is that these individuals often find it hard to engage in a social way. They sometimes have difficulty relaxing and enjoying life.

Those born on this day have learned to be accepting of others to a point. They will not tolerate much foolishness, however, and can generally spot someone who is not authentic.

Family is an important aspect of life for people born on May 5. They also prefer to assume the role of a family leader, and often factor themselves into important family decisions.

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Career Horoscope for May 5 Zodiac

You have the nature to become a true leader of others. This drives you to pursue career opportunities that involve the management and supervision of others.

Like a wartime general, you command the utmost respect from your employees. You are not afraid to lead by example and show others how to get the job done.

A leadership position is almost certainly in your future. You will not be happy in a subservient role.

It is important for you to work well with others as you wait for a promotion to be offered. You can easily offend your superiors with your dominant personality.

Those born on this day often go on to open their own businesses. They have the right attitude for business success, and are willing to work hard.

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