The Meaning of Number 666

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The Meaning of Number 666

The term Universe literally means ‘one song’ and everything in the Universe has a specific vibrational energy that can be associated with a specific numerical value.

The principle of a vibrational or ‘energetic’ Universe is found in all of the esoteric sciences and, in recent decades, seems to have been vindicated to a certain extent in the work of the objective sciences.

Scientists working in the field of Quantum Mechanics, for instance, have proven without a doubt that everything that we experience in physical form is made up of energetically charged particles that go back and forth from a wave to a particle state.

Quite literally, everything in the physical Universe is made up of energy and vibrations.

Some of the most powerful known energy forms in the Universe are thought-based and appear in numerical form.


In Numerology we interpret the meanings of various numerical phenomena based on the vibrational principles gleaned from our experience in the material world.

Thus, the meanings of numbers are not purely associational, but rather derived from thousands of years of human experience.

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The Number 666

The number 666 has gotten a bad reputation over the centuries because of its mention in the Biblical Book of Revelations as being the ‘Number of the Beast.’

No explanation is ever given in the Bible for why this number is being associated with the Devil, the Apocalypse and the Anti-Christ, but a brief analysis may provide us with some clues.

By the end we will use the principles of Numerology to deduce an idea of the meaning of this misunderstood number that is not so biased.

The Meaning of 6

Pythagoras observed that the number 6 is the first of what is known as the ‘perfect’ numbers.

Perfect numbers are actually equal to the sum of all numbers by which they are divisible. In this case, 6 is divisible by 1, 2 and 3 which, when added together give you 6.

This is why the number six is said to represent harmony, serenity and peace.

Therefore, the vibration of the Number 6 is generally centered on the home, hearth and what had traditionally been the domain of women.

In fact, the first figures ever worshiped in human history were small statues of the Goddess that were kept near the hearth and within the home.

Joseph Campbell, in his famous PBS series The Power of Myth, said that the Biblical tradition really took great pains to wipe out the religion of the Goddess and replace it with a patriarchal deity, or Biblical God that we are familiar with today.

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number 6

Could it be that the Biblical tradition’s distaste for the ancient religion of the Goddess shaded the number 6, and by extension the number 666, as being the number of the abomination?

In the Tarot, the card known as the Devil appears at the 15th station of the Major Arcana. Again, in Numerology we would reduce this 15 to 1 + 5 = 6.

The traditional explanation offered for this association is that the 1 in the fifteen refers to Ego while the 5 can be thought to represent the sensuality and lust often associated with exerting your freedom of choice.

It may be in this way that the Christian Devil came to be associated with the number 6, and the comfort and harmony of home life came to represent a world ruled by sensuality.

The Spiritual Meaning of 666

Few numbers are as misunderstood as 666. The association of this number with the embodiment of evil in the world is a far cry from what Numerology has to say about it.

In Numerology, when we want to find the hidden meaning of a multi-digit number we reduce it to the vibrational essence of a single digit by adding all of the individual digits up until we have only a single digit:

6 + 6 + 6 = 18, and 1 + 8 = 9

So the vibrational or energetic essence of 666 is 9 which is associated with tolerance, philanthropy, compassion and idealism, all values that we would generally associate with the home and the hearth, where we all feel most loved and cared for.

When you see 666 appear in your experience again and again, do not see is as an ill-omen or the harbinger of bad news.

The vibrational essence of 666 is compassion, tolerance, idealism and philanthropy.

Therefore, seeing 666 appearing frequently in your experience could be a reminder from your innermost self, the angels or source energy that you would really benefit from being a bit more compassionate or tolerant in whatever situation you are in.

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angel number 606

Understanding Messages From Spirit

It is impossible to conceive of an innermost self that would not be privy to the Biblical meaning of the number 666.

Therefore, it must have some bearing on how the appearance of 666 functions in our experience.

It could be that spirit is reminding you to be tolerant and compassionate.

In this way, we could interpret the appearance of 666 in our experience as a reminder from our angels or from source.

Our real, innermost self is loving, kind, tolerant and peaceful. When you see 666 appearing in your experience as a dollar amount, an address, a phone number or a quantity, check your own recent behavior.

Ask yourself if you are acting in alignment with your true self, and listen closely to what your inner most being has to tell you.

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