Monkey Man – Monkey Woman Compatibility

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The relationship between two Monkeys creates an interesting mix. This is the coming together of two individuals with complex personalities.

Both natives are as resourceful as they are social. They create a lot of fun when they are out together in social space.

It’s easy for these natives to attract each other. Each can feel the vivacious energy of the other. As such, the male Monkey and his female counterpart fall in love quite effortlessly.

They understand each other’s motivations. At the same time, this couple appreciates their combined strengths and shortcomings.

Their love compatibility is further enhanced by the fact that they share many basic traits. For example, they both have a love for new people, places, and hobbies.

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How Do Monkey Man and Monkey Woman Bond?

Monkey signs in the sheng xiao are quite agreeable. They mirror each other’s personalities and outlook in life.

Both natives are free-spirited and fun-loving.

According to the Chinese astrology, the male Monkey immensely enjoys the company of the female Monkey.

Monkeys are naturally social. They are happiest when they can enjoy their freedom to move around and meet new people.

They will not demand fast commitment from each other. Each is happy to get involved sexually with no strings attached.

The more they get to know each other, the more likely they are to agree to live together for a lifetime. This is more so because they will discover that there’s much synergy created when they are together.

Monkeys have a well-developed sense of adventure. They have lots of fun exploring the world around them.

At the same time, this couple enjoys being in the limelight. This often causes conflict. For example, they may have fights over business and personal decisions.

But, if they are positively motivated, they will accomplish their goals and dreams.

These natives are naturally supportive. They see no reason not to support each other to prosper. They are driven by the desire to make each other happy.

Their success lies in their ability to wholly support their life pursuits, hobbies, and interests.

All the same, the question will always arise whether they are too much alike for their own good. Ordinarily, people who have too much in common experience some hardships.

However, those born under the Monkey zodiac sign are an exception. They seem to understand each other better than most of the other couples do.

Highlights of Monkey Man – Monkey Woman Family Compatibility

The coming together of two Monkeys gives each one of them a portion of double fun and double excitement.

This is good for the growth and progress of their family. Their loved ones will benefit from this kind of positive energy.

When it comes to who takes the lead in the family, the Monkey-Monkey may experience some tussles.

They may argue over who will carry out which responsibilities. Each will want to do the duties that put them in the limelight.

Thus, they must agree on their duties and responsibilities from the onset. This is one of the things they should deal with once they have decided to establish a family.

Also, this couple must work on their generosity. Most Monkeys are selfish. They should be less egocentric when it comes to dealing with the family.

Appearances are important for the female monkey. She will spend lots of time preening and teaching her children to take care of themselves.

She insists on cleanliness and tidiness in the family. She is always at the forefront of helping her family to maintain order and organization at home.

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Can Monkey Man and Monkey Woman Work Together?

Men born under the Monkey sign are great planners. They insist on doing things in an orderly, well-organized manner.

He tends to approach problems from a practical angle. The female Monkey may not fully appreciate this.

She is more fluid, and she tends to react to problems based on the situation on the ground. She may not understand why he reacts the way he does.

He does everything based on preset action plans. Also, he is keen to critically examine all angels before he makes a move.

These natives will have to merge this discrepancy in their personalities if they hope to work together. If they can manage this, they will produce stellar results in everything they do.

Fortunately, the Monkey girl is highly intuitive. This means that she can tap into the man’s thoughts and feelings.

She, therefore, knows the right moves to make to ensure smooth cooperation between them at the office.

Challenges in Monkey Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

According to Chinese astrology, there’s no perfect relationship. This means that every couple must work hard to sustain the fires of romance in their love life.

This applies to the union between the male and the female Monkey.

This couple is likely to conflict because of their shyness to commit themselves. One may express the desire that they remain friends, while the other wants to take the relationship to the next level.

Although Monkeys have sharp, witty brains, they have a low concentration span.

This means that they are likely to forget why they are attracted to each other as soon as they are comfortable in the relationship.

This attitude is a relationship killer. It deludes them that they don’t have to keep working hard to sustain their love.

If this is not arrested, this relationship soon loses its glitter.

The Monkeys initially come together because of the powerful physical attraction they feel for each other.

There’s a powerful sexual magnetism about them.

However, once their sexual needs are satiated, they may have little else to hold on to. They must find a compelling reason to keep them together.

The Way Forward for Monkey Man and Monkey Woman

The good thing about this relationship is that both partners bring in plenty of energy. They can move up and down together in search of worldly pleasures and adventure.

They thrive in environments that require the use of their inexhaustible enthusiasm. They don’t have to be apologetic towards each other.

Each seems to understand the other’s needs just perfectly.

They seem to have the same plans regarding their future. It’s easy for this couple to pool resources to achieve their goals and dreams.

They both are impulsive. This means that there’s nothing in their behavior that will shock either of them.

Both are ready to accept this relationship as it is – both the bad and the good. However, even with this in mind, each will strive to project the best image to their partner.


Two Monkeys will run their love connection smoothly. They will not lay hard demands on each other. They like enjoying their free space.

As such, they are not likely to officially demand loyalty from each other.

This couple enjoys going after new things and new experiences. They are not domestic fellows, and they dislike being left at home.

They prefer to move out to participate in thrilling activities.

This couple is very enthusiastic. They go about their activities passionately, in the full knowledge that they will achieve their goals and dreams.

This further enhances the bond of love between them. With time, they will be confident enough to consider the prospect of uplifting their relationship to the next level.

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