Monkey Man – Rooster Woman Compatibility

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The relationship between the male Monkey and the female Rooster can go either way. It all depends on how the two conduct themselves.

This couple is likely to compete with each other for public approval and attention. Each will not stand the fact that the other is trying to fight in the same space for praise and admiration.

The Monkey is too proud to accept the Rooster’s advice. He considers her to be too demanding. She communicates that he is not trying enough to be the kind of man she wants him to be.

This means that they really have to work hard at making their love life a reality. According to the Chinese horoscope, anything is possible in a willing heart.

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How Do Monkey Man and Rooster Woman Bond?

The Rooster and the Monkey have to work hard to achieve their dream life. They should not take anything for granted.

They have two extremely different personalities. With the right effort, these differences can provide this couple with the opportunity for growth and progress.

The male Monkey is a freedom lover. The Rooster, on the other hand, enjoys mentoring others to achieve the same level of perfection as she has.

Roosters are practical by nature. She enjoys leading a well-structured life. She craves being showered with attention and praises.

Monkeys also enjoy being at the center of public attention. He engages in varied social activities to explore new realms.

The Monkey and the Rooster signs in the sheng xiao are flirtatious. They enjoy meeting old friends and making new ones.

The male Monkey has an issue committing himself to one partner. This will become a major problem in this problem unless he puts it in check.

It may send a red flag to the Rooster girl. She wants to be involved in a relationship that guarantees stability and security.

So, we can’t say that this is the perfect match. It has its challenges, and this couple will experience their fair share of ups and downs.

However, if they are positively motivated, they will find true happiness together.

Highlights of Monkey Man – Rooster Woman Family Compatibility

Monkeys and Roosters have opposing viewpoints. As such, they need to agree on the direction to take before they establish a family together.

If they are already members of the same family, they have to consult a lot to use their energies in the same direction.

The good thing is that they have a lot of resources between them. The female Rooster has a sharp mind, a skilled tongue, and a fearless attitude.

She is neat, and she pays much attention to the way she presents herself to the world. This girl is a smart dresser.

Indeed, the Monkey is not likely to forget this girl when he meets her in her best element.

The male Monkey is spontaneous. He’s always up and about in search of fun and excitement. He may find it hard trying to fit into the Rooster’s tight schedules and meticulous plans.

This couple should ensure that they agree on their duties and responsibilities from the beginning. This will give both of them the focus they need to play their role in the family more effectively.

The good thing is that they both are hardworking and honest. Also, they are likely to influence each other positively.

The Monkey will see the need to tone down on his pranks and tricks when he’s around the Rooster girl.

With time, these natives will realize that they can do a lot for the family working together instead of separately.

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Can Monkey Man and Rooster Woman Work Together?

Women born under the Rooster zodiac sign are sincere and honest in the workplace. On the other hand, Monkey men are mysterious and explorative.

It’s easy to tell what the Rooster girl is up to. She makes her intentions clear for all to understand. The male Monkey won’t experience any challenges working with this girl.

He will readily accept her as his workmate once he discovers that there’s nothing hidden about her.

The Rooster is strict; she has a set of high standards that he has to comply with. For example, he must be ready to uphold honesty and integrity if he hopes to work with her.

This couple will work well together if they are honest with each other. In particular, the Monkey must be careful not to send mixed signals when it comes to integrity.

This should not be a tall order for the Monkey. He has it in him the ability to meet her expectations for the sake of their common goals.

He’s ready and willing to make sacrifices for the sake of their common business. In turn, the Rooster should reciprocate by being gentle on him.

Instead of being over-critical of him, she can provide guidance on how she wants things done. He won’t have any problems following her cue.

The male Monkey and the female Rooster sees most things from different angles. This is a good thing, for it enables them to accomplish different aspects of the same project more effectively.

These differences keep them glued together. This is more so when they realize that they can cover more ground together than alone.

They need each other to get the job done right. In this aspect, the Monkey and the Rooster are highly complementary.

Challenges in Monkey Man and Rooster Woman Compatibility

The main challenge for this love relationship will arise from their different personalities. Although they both are social beings, their preferred social activities differ.

The female Rooster is shy and rather reserved. She enjoys meeting old friends, but she’s shy about making new ones.

She will avoid going to unfamiliar joints as much as she can.

On the other hand, Monkeys are the true definition of extroverts. They thrive on social activities and intellectual discourses.

They enjoy making new friends and taking part in varied activities. Indeed, few people can match the social energy of the male Monkey.

Another major cause of conflict between them arises from Rooster’s critical nature. She will have to work extra hard to approve of the Monkey efforts and general direction in life.

Unless she learns to be more tolerant, the Monkey may start feeling like a rejected lover.

The Way Forward for Monkey Man and Rooster Woman

The male Monkey and the female Rooster are on opposite sides of the Chinese zodiac sign. This is the most powerful saving grace for this relationship.

The Rooster is awed by the Monkey’s ability to socialize with other people. She looks forward to the exciting places he is willing to introduce her to.

In his presence, she doesn’t fear meeting new company as she does on her own.

The male Monkey, on the other hand, is impressed by the Rooster’s high level of commitment. She is a responsible girl, and he likes the fact that she wholeheartedly cares for him and their loved ones.

They are also bound by their love for humanity. Service to humanity is an essential part of this relationship.

The good thing is that they both agree that there’s always something they can do for the less privileged.

They are intelligent enough to realize that it’s not common to have two people with this trait coming together in a love union.

When it happens, it means that these people can achieve a lot in life. This further buoys this couple’s belief in the power of the love they feel for each other.


A love relationship that consists of the male Monkey and the female Rooster has good chances of success.

The Rooster girl is enthralled by the monkey’s sense of humor and wit. She desires someone she can share her love and affection with.

She’ll easily get this from the male Monkey. But, she will have to learn the best way to handle his pangs of jealousy and possessiveness.

The Chinese astrology indicates that this couple can make the best of friends and life partners.

If the two are determined to achieve a good love life, they will find a way to do so. They have the resources necessary to create the kind of life they envision for themselves.

The first thing they will realize is that they have to tone down on their egos. This will help them to lay the foundation for a happy and peaceful relationship together.

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