Rooster Man – Monkey Woman Compatibility

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The love connection between the male Rooster and the female Monkey requires some working on. This means that the two should not take anything for granted.

Rather they need to take care of every single aspect of this relationship.

With the right attitude, this couple will achieve a lot. They can make the right physical and emotional connection to achieve success.

The good thing is that they have many advantages they can benefit from. For example, they both enjoy spending time outdoors.

This means that they are unlikely to have boring moments when they are out together.

All the same, they may hit some rough patches if either lays demands for the other to change. This kind of demanding behavior will definitely cause some hic-ups.

Also, they should be careful not to indulge in social activities too much at the expense of their health. One of them should be ready to point it out when both have had enough of partying.

Monkeys are outgoing and inquisitive. The Monkey girl wants to try everything in her environment. She must take care not to engage in activities that may taint her image in the eyes of the Rooster.

He is unlikely to forgive disloyalty and unfaithfulness.

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How Do Rooster Man and Monkey Woman Bond?

According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, the Rooster and the Monkey have opposing personalities. This can be a good thing or a bad one.

It all depends on how they decide to handle these differences.

Both natives enjoy being outdoors. However, the Rooster is more practical, and he knows when he needs to turn in.

The Monkey can go on and on, jumping from one activity to another. However, if she is positively motivated, she will see the need to create the right balance for the success of this relationship.

The Rooster thrives best in a structured relationship. The Monkey, on the other hand, will do anything to attract attention.

She is always exploring new realms and different social settings. This is good for her personal growth and progress.

However, it may interfere with the quality of the love bond she shares with the Rooster. So, she needs to discover the right balance.

The male Rooster needs to work on his fear of commitment. He gets rather shifty at the prospect of committing himself for life.

This may send the wrong signals to the Monkey, and she may decide that he’s probably not the right man for her.

This couple should improve their communication so that they can see their goals and dreams with the same clarity.

This love match will work if both partners are determined to make it happen.

Highlights of Rooster Man – Monkey Woman Family Compatibility

The love relationship between the male Rooster and the female Monkey is a unique one. They are opposite to each other.

This means that they can’t leave anything to chance. They need to work hard, particularly if they have made up their minds to start a family.

Ordinarily, opposites either work out very well or not at all. If they allow the differences to overcome them, it means that they will have a hard time being together.

Chances are that this couple will come out stronger if they take advantage of these differences. All the same, they must be ready to make the necessary sacrifices, compromises, and concessions.

For example, the Rooster must be more accommodative of this girl. He is fond of demanding perfection from those he encounters in life’s journey.

This is likely to backfire if he tries to apply this in the home.

The Monkey girl, on the other hand, is loud and pushy. She will do anything to draw attention to herself.

The Rooster won’t have a problem with this, as long as it doesn’t bring disrepute to the family. The Monkey must demonstrate that she is willing to put her family’s welfare first.

This couple may encounter challenges on who’s to control the relationship. They both want to be in charge.

They should agree on their roles in the family from the onset. In this way, there won’t be any complications later on.

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Can Rooster Man and Monkey Woman Work Together?

Yes, this couple can be great colleagues at the workplace. This is more so if the Monkey woman is the supervisor.

You see; she enjoys being in a position that allows her to command public attention. If the male Rooster has no issue with this, the working relationship between them will be largely drama-free.

Both natives have the drive and determination to achieve their goals. They are industrious as well as focused.

The Rooster man is as efficient as he is skillful. Also, he evaluates himself soberly. He doesn’t require to be followed up to carry out his duties and responsibilities.

He will take the right corrective measures when he realizes that things are not going according to plan.

However, he must take care not to extend his criticism to the Monkey. She won’t appreciate it. It may interfere with her plans to steal the limelight.

Indeed, Monkey rarely appreciates any form of heavy criticism – at least, not when it is directed her way.

Additionally, men born under the Rooster zodiac sign are organized and self-disciplined. They are not as spontaneous as the female Monkey.

The Monkey girl thrives best in an environment that allows her to channel her passions.

Challenges in Rooster Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

The main challenge between these natives stems from their different personalities. They need to seriously work on merging the social aspects of their personalities.

If they can’t do this successfully, they will encounter lots of problems.

Men born under the Rooster sign tend to be shyer than the Monkeys. They do engage in social activities, but not with the same kind of gusto displayed by the female Monkey.

The Monkey is highly extroverted. She finds it pure torture having not to go out for a day. She thrives on meeting new people and competing with acquaintances for social space.

She’s likely to be all over in the social media. The Rooster may find it very challenging trying to keep up with her indefatigable social energy.

Another cause of conflict lies in the fact that the Rooster is a doer while the Monkey is not. She enjoys bouncing ideas in her head, while she’s slow in implementing them.

The Rooster, on the other hand, is quick to take action. Unless this couple sets the order of their priorities right, they will have trouble trying to maintain their relationship.

The Way Forward for Rooster Man and Monkey Woman

This couple has some significant things working in their favor. For example, they both are intelligent. Their mental acuity is beyond question.

This means that they are likely to find a way out of any challenges they encounter in this relationship. Also, they will do their best in any joint venture.

With the right motivation, the male Rooster and the female Monkey will dedicate their mental energies to solving the problems in their love life.

Both are attracted to the prospect of mental challenges. They find a sense of satisfaction is solving in the problems they encounter in life’s journey.

Another thing is that they both are sexually attracted to each other. Their sexual experiences are fulfilling.

Each encounter in the bedroom lives both yearnings for more.


A love match between the male Rooster and the Monkey woman has good chances of success. From the onset, this couple must appreciate that they are different in many ways.

They need to understand that they can’t take anything for granted in this relationship. They have the power to direct their love life by acting positively.

Also, they should be willing to make the necessary compromises. For example, the Rooster should allow this girl to be in the limelight. She will love this!

In turn, she should assure him that she is faithful to him.

With this kind of understanding, this couple is likely to work hard for the success they desire. The good thing is that they enjoy a powerful mental connection.

They should take advantage of this to create a powerful love connection.

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