Pig Man – Monkey Woman Compatibility

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According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, the male Pig and the female Monkey have good chances of being life-long partners.

Indeed, theirs is likely to be love at first sight. They are likely to have lots of fun together. They both are outgoing.

The Pig will try to convince the Monkey to spend more money and time on pleasure-seeking activities than she is normally used to.

She, on the other hand, will use her sense of humor to make the times they spend together interesting and exciting.

The male Pig is highly tolerant. He doesn’t take offense easily, and neither does he hold grudges. He responds well to the Monkey’s good cheer.

Both parties have some important qualities to contribute to this relationship. They can lighten each other’s emotional burdens.

The male Pig and the female Monkey relate to each other honestly. Although the Monkey tends to be playful and cheeky, she knows that a relationship with the Pig calls for openness and frankness.

Also, this couple finds it easy to enjoy each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This gives them the basis to forgive each other timely support.

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How Do Pig Man and Monkey Woman Bond?

The Pig and the Monkey signs in the sheng xiao have much going for them. They have everything they need to make the relationship work.

This couple enjoys spending their time doing different exciting activities. They are always on the go, trying out different settings and venues.

The male Pig is mentally active. He enjoys reading good books and spending time with like-minded friends.

The female Monkey is confident as well as courageous. She easily passes on these qualities to the male Pig as they get to know each other better.

Their bond is further enhanced by the fact that this couple is romantically involved with each other. They desire to have great moments between the sheets.

Both natives are peaceable. They work hard to resolve any disagreements between them. This works well in their favor, considering that all relationships experience some ups and downs.

The Pig needs to be more assertive in this relationship. The relationship will maintain its spark if he learns to stand up to the Monkey’s antics.

Otherwise, if he is too giving, the Monkey may take advantage of him.

Highlights of Pig Man – Monkey Woman Family Compatibility

The Pig man and Monkey woman compatibility can be one of the best things to happen to these natives.

All the same, they should be ready to work for the kind of love they envision for themselves. According to Chinese astrology, matters of the heart should never be taken for granted.

This relationship should be founded based on tolerance and understanding.

The male Pig is an honorable man. He can make a wonderful husband to this girl. He is loyal, loving, and passionate. He thrives best in pleasurable and comfortable environments.

He is content to make the Monkey happy as he pursues his interests. He works hard to make the family stable and secure.

Pigs are generally laid back. He won’t fight for the top spot with the Monkey. He understands that she has an innate desire to hog the limelight.

However, this is not a license for the Monkey to treat him as she wants. She must be careful not to deliberately hurt him.

He can be deeply malevolent if this happens.

The female Chinese has high energy levels. This girl is a social butterfly. She keeps moving from one place to the other in a bid to quench her curiosity.

The Pig won’t have an issue with her lifestyle as long as she proves that she is a loyal wife/partner.

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Can Pig Man and Monkey Woman Work Together?

The Pig man and the Monkey woman can work well in the same environment. Neither has any issues working with the other.

The Pig pays close attention to details. He believes that the end result is determined by those details. As such, this man has a strong dedication to keeping things in order.

On the other hand, the Monkey works with the larger picture in mind. This means that she will generally move in the right direction.

However, don’t expect her to concentrate too much on the same task.

Both natives understand each other’s motivations. They are comfortable in each other’s company at work.

These natives are hard working. They are driven by the desire to achieve their goals and dreams. Any employer would be happy to have both of these natives in his fold.

The Monkey is likely to ascend to leadership positions fast. She works hard for the money, results, and fame.

It won’t be long before her colleagues start noticing her activities. She has all the qualities necessary to scale the corporate ladder.

The Pig man, on the other hand, is content to move things from behind the scenes. He has the skills and traits he needs to help the organization to achieve its goals.

When this couple is working in the same office, they are willing to support each other for the sake of the common good.

Some colleagues waste precious time and energy fighting and undercutting each other. This is not likely to happen with the male Pig and the female Monkey.

They will guide each other in their bid to produce stellar results. They don’t have to be pushed into working together.

They will gladly do it out of their own volition.

Challenges in Pig Man and Monkey Woman Compatibility

As with all couples, the Pig and the Monkey have their areas of conflict. They will experience difficulties because of their different personalities.

The male Pig is highly emotional. Being a sentimentalist, he attaches great importance to feelings. He is prone to being moody when things are not working his way.

On the other hand, the female Monkey lives superficially. She will engage in many activities but will try to avoid anything that pricks her emotions.

She is unlikely to be entangled in emotions.

This difference between the two natives can mar their romantic fulfillment. The Monkey may choose altogether to avoid the emotional aspects of this relationship.

The Pig will not understand this, as he looks to emotional expression as a way of making the relationship more meaningful.

Eventually, the Monkey may seek love elsewhere since she doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by the Pig’s emotional nature.

The Pig, on the other hand, may not appreciate the relationship fully. He’ll be afraid to offer himself fully to the Monkey for fear of emotional rejection.

The Way Forward for Pig Man and Monkey Woman

From the very start, the male Pig and the female Monkey know that they are meant for each other. They have a unique set of qualities that makes them highly compatible.

The Pig will sweep this girl off her feet almost effortlessly. He is generous, compassionate, and supportive.

The Monkey girl holds these qualities in high regard.

She, on the other hand, will use her intelligence to capture the Pig’s attention. He is naturally attracted to sharp women – women who know exactly what they want in life.

The Pig allows the Monkey to see the calm, easygoing, and charming aspects of life. Through him, she gets to see that it’s possible to enjoy your life and still care for the less fortunate in the community.

The strongest tie that binds them together is the fact that they are highly complementary. Their unique gifts fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.


A love pairing that consists of the male Pig and the female Monkey is not an accident. This pair comes together because their relationship is meant to be.

They have all the blessings they need to achieve their goals and dreams. As such, they should not be afraid of working for the kind of life they desire to live.

The Pig is quick to make amends when things go wrong. This is something that can’t escape the keen eyes of the Monkey.

If this couple is positively motivated, their relationship will last long. They will enjoy good times together.

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