Monkey Man – Pig Woman Compatibility

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The male Monkey and the female Pig are brought together by a strong inquisitiveness. As time goes by, they realize that their input is needed to keep this relationship alive.

Although the Monkey is smart, he can be cheeky. He often takes more than he gives. The Pig needs to be careful that he doesn’t take everything from her while giving nothing in return.

He can be agreeable if he is well-motivated. The Pig is willing to do this if he proves himself a worthy man.

She is energetic, faithful, and principled. She speaks her mind and will let him know when his behavior is unbecoming.

Fortunately, Monkey is a good listener. If he likes this girl, he will see the need to tone down on his excesses.

He can be friendly when he wants to create a strong love connection. He is willing to sacrifice his needs for the sake of this love.

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How Do Monkey Man and Pig Woman Bond?

Both the male Monkey and the female Pig can make their relationship work. This is more so because they enjoy spending time together.

They will utilize their energies and other resources to make each other happy.

Monkeys enjoy going out to meet old friends and to make new ones. As such, he is familiar with many exciting venues and interesting activities.

The Pig is awed by his vast knowledge of social life. She will willingly allow herself to be guided by him.

He provides her with the courage and confidence she needs to explore new possibilities. This also enables the two to immerse themselves fully in sexual experiences.

Both natives are interested in maintaining peace in the relationship. They are very much aware that a peaceful environment is good for growth and progress.

This means that they will avoid getting ensnared in unnecessary disagreements and arguments. Each is determined to maintain peace.

Highlights of Monkey Man – Pig Woman Family Compatibility

Pigs are known for their commitment and devotion. This girl is likely to blindly follow the Monkey if she has fallen for him.

The Monkey must take care not to abuse the Pig if he desires to have a long-term relationship with her.

She will jump ship at the first opportunity if she discovers that she’s being taken advantage of.

Each of the two has some value to add to the family. For example, the Monkey is good at financial management.

He is the shrewder one of the two. His monetary expertise will elevate the family to new levels. On the other hand, the female Pig is kind and generous.

These qualities are important in ensuring that the family keeps in touch with its humanity.

However, these natives need to agree on what they should give out and what they need to retain. This is because, unlike the Pig, the Monkey is a bit stingy.

He won’t take it kindly when all the Pig seems to do is to give away things. As such, this couple needs to communicate often about their intentions.

Most of their efforts are complementary. Through a joint effort, they capture all the opportunities that they encounter in their love life.

The relationship between the Monkey and the pig is a serious union. This means that they will immerse themselves in the work that goes into creating a strong family.

They will not leave anything to chance. Their desire is for everyone in the family to live their lives to the fullest.

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Can Monkey Man and Pig Woman Work Together?

This couple can work well together if they agreed to communicate all issues promptly. This is because they are differently motivated. As such, they need to align their goals and priorities from time to time.

The good thing is that they can deliver on their duties and responsibilities. They have the internal strength to get the job done.

All they need is to communicate openly and honestly. This will enable them to make sensible plans and to hold meaningful conversations.

All the same, this couple should be ready to deal with the issues that can impede their performance. For example, the Monkey tends to be impulsive.

He is the kind of man that does things out of the blues.

His playfulness can frustrate the Pig. She is more grounded, and she desires to work with a well-organized partner.

Fortunately, there are many chart factors that come into play when these natives interact in the workplace.

These factors determine how they work their way around potential pitfalls. The bottom line is that this couple will work well together if their hearts are willing.

Challenges in Monkey Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The male Monkey and the female Pig will experience conflicts based on their personality differences.

The Pig is guided by her emotions. She is a highly sentimental being, and she places much importance on emotions.

She can throw tantrums when things are not going her way. The male Monkey can’t understand this, considering that he lives on a more superficial level.

He enjoys being involved in all kinds of activities. The more experiences he goes through, the more fulfilled he is.

He dislikes being drawn into the unfamiliar world of feelings and emotions.

This difference is likely to make this couple to fear getting committed to each other. They may prefer to detach themselves emotionally.

The Monkey will look at the Pig as an emotional wreck, while she sees him as an uncaring man. This kind of standoff will slowly but surely pry them apart.

The Way Forward for Monkey Man and Pig Woman

The male Monkey and the female Pig are mutually attracted to each other. Each appreciates the unique set of activities that their partner brings on board.

The Monkey is witty. He uses his eloquence to convince the Pig to see things his way. He has a special way of reaching to the deepest levels of her intellect using words.

In turn, the Pig showers him with love, affection, and compassion. She is a gentle and caring girl.

The relationship between the Monkey and the Pig will be successful because these natives are complementary.

They add much value to each other’s lives. For example, the Monkey empowers the Pig to exude courage and confidence.

Being a good communicator, he helps her to open up about what she’s going through. This enables her to play her part in this relationship more meaningfully.

When the Pig puts her emotions in check, she will be the anchor of this relationship. She will give the Monkey all the reasons to commit himself to the relationship.


A love pairing that consists of the male Monkey and the female Pig is bound to succeed if these natives work for it.

Although they have some significant differences, they share some important similarities. For example, they both are intelligent.

This means that they can work their way around obstacles to have a fulfilling love connection.

Chinese astrology indicates that these natives have what it takes to make this relationship work. For example, they enjoy being together.

This is important, for it allows them to have healthy conversations.

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