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Cancerians are people born between June 21 and July 22. They are under Cancer, which is the 4th sign of the zodiac.

These natives are ruled by the Moon. In the world of astrology, the Moon is considered a planet. It plays an important role in the lines of Cancerians.

When this celestial body is placed in the Cancer sign, you are a Cancer Moon sign.

Moon is very much at home in Cancer – considering that this is its own sign. As such, the impact of the Moon is most palpable in the Cancer zodiac.

People with Cancer Moon are motherly. From the Moon, you receive such qualities as care, love, and nurture.

This is further enhanced by the fact that Cancer is a Water sign. Cancer Moon is not only motherly but emotional as well.

These natives are sensitive, polite, and intuitive.

You can feel what others are going through. Their pain becomes your pain. And, it doesn’t stop at that. You are willing to take action to remedy the situation.

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What’s the Symbolism of Moon in Cancer?

People with Moon in Cancer are naturally inclined to take care of their families. They are ready and willing to protect, support, and nurture their loved ones.

Being under a Water sign means that this native is emotional. Also, the spiritual and psychological aspects of their lives are well pronounced.

If your sign is the Cancer Moon, you are highly intuitive. You can sense what others require – even before they tell you of their needs.

Cancer is both a Cardinal sign as well as a Water sign. This blend infuses powerful qualities into your life.

It gives you the courage you need to take action when you are called upon to do so. People with Cancer Moon sign have a strong sense of responsibility.

You feel the need to take action to alleviate the pain and suffering of other people. You have what it takes to provide your family and friends with emotional support.

This enables you to create the kinds of connections that enhance togetherness at home and in your social life.

Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer. This means that the lunar qualities of intuition, empathy, and emotion are heightened in your life.

Traits of Moon in Cancer

People with Cancer Moon sign are very protective of their loved ones. Just like the Crab’s outer shell, these natives are all about sheltering their vulnerabilities.

Lunar Cancerians find contentment only when they are sure that their homes are well secured. You desire to create stability in your relationship before you venture into anything else.

You don’t accept change with ease. You prefer to follow tried and tested habits. Times of transition are trying periods for you.

They create stress and confusion in your life.

But, this doesn’t have to be the case. You should look for ways o deal with the kind of stress that’s associated with change.

For example, take up some strength-building spiritual habits. Try yoga, meditation, or prayer ritual. Such practices will help to alleviate your anxiety and stress.

Also, through such practices, you convert nervous energy into something productive.

Emotion plays a central role in your decision-making process. The Moon affects your moods. In turn, you affect the moods of your family and those you come into contact with.

 What’s the Significance of Moon in Cancer Men?

Men with Moon Cancer sign are very protective. They will do everything in their power to shelter their home and loved ones from any outside interference.

Also, they are keen to play their role in the family. They take their responsibilities rather seriously. They don’t have to be reminded of their role as a father and/or husband.

These men are particularly loyal to those in their inner circle. They are highly dependable. In a romantic relationship, the Cancer Moon man is faithful.

He honors his woman in a way that assures her that she’s the apple of his eye. He won’t be derailed by other women who may find themselves in his sight.

At heart, this man is very much caring. He’s ready to forgo some privileges for the sake of his family.

Men with Cancer moon are very sensitive. They are guided by their instincts and inner circles. They use their sensitivities, rather than routine or logic, to make decisions.

It’s important that you harness the power of your internal rhythms. This will open your mind’s eye to the path you should follow in life.

What’s the Significance of Moon in Cancer Women?

Lunar Cancer women tend to worry a lot, especially when things are not going their way. The truth is that worrying has never added any value to anyone’s life.

This means that if this girl wants to discover true happiness, she needs to learn how to handle challenges.

She should understand that challenges are not meant to kill her joy or stifle her fighting spirit. Rather, the difficulties she encounters in life are meant to make her stronger.

She needs to be strong for her partner and loved ones. She can do so by creating a comfortable home.

Those who don’t know this woman well may think that she’s cold and heartless. This is more so because her symbol is the crab with its hard outer shell.

However, this woman is one of the kindest, most caring individuals you can find anywhere on earth. Any man genuinely interested in her will discover that this is one of the easiest women to love.

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What’s the Meaning of Moon in Cancer and Love?

When it comes to matters of the heart, Cancer Moon individuals go about life with a great sense of humor.

They have a dry wit that has a way of infusing life into the relationship.

Since the Moon makes its presence known at night, it enables the Cancer Moon lovers to self-reflect and to radiate light into the hidden parts of their lives.

This means that they can make their positive traits more visible to the people they love.

Also, these people have a caring nature. They use their unspoken and spoken language to form a natural pair with their partners.

It’s easy for the Cancer Moon sign to find fulfillment in a relationship. This native is very perceptive, and will naturally know what needs to be done to strengthen the bonds in their love life.

Cancer Moon people are very sensitive on the outside. They try to cover their vulnerability by appearing cold, and sometimes unconcerned.

However, this is only for protection. If you come to know this individual better, you will appreciate their capacity to radiate warmth and love.

You will come face to face with their strong emotional side.


Do you have a Cancer Moon sign? This sign relates to your deepest desires. It appeals to your emotions. The influence of the Moon is in charge of the emotional and sensitive aspects of your life.

People with this sign are very responsible. They have innate matriarchal qualities. You have taken it upon yourself to protect, support, and guide your loved ones.

Indeed, you are most at peace when there’s harmony and understanding in your home.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign – the sign of vigor. You are not one to lie around and wait for things to sort themselves out.

You are duty-bound to help those in need. You take it as your responsibility to protect those that you love.

People with Cancer Moon never really let go of their past. They are guided by some experiences from their past life.

You can’t seem to detach from some of your memories.

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