October 21 Zodiac

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October 21 Zodiac Sign

Does your birthday fall on October 21? If so, people know you for your generous, kind nature. You are very adaptable when around different people.

Indeed, most of your accomplishments in life will come from your ability to collaborate with these people.

To help you understand why this is so, we have compiled the following horoscope report. Read on and be enlightened!

You are under the 7th sign of the zodiac, Libra. Your astrological symbol is the Scales. This symbol represents people born between September 23 and October 22.

The planet Venus plays a vital role in your life. This planet is closely associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

As such, it empowers you with such celestial qualities as adaptability, responsiveness, and warmth.

Your cardinal governing element is Air. This element works in close collaboration with Water, Earth, and Fire to give your life more meaning.

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Your Astrological Chart Cusp

October 21 zodiac people are on a very powerful cusp. This is the Libra-Scorpio Cusp. We also refer to it as the Cusp of Drama and Criticism.

The planets Venus and Pluto play an important role in this cusp. Venus directly affects Libra, while Pluto is in charge of Scorpio.

Each of these two celestial bodies has an input in your life.

For example, you are caring, romantic, and active because of the effect of Venus in your life. Similarly, for Pluto, you receive the power of restraint, leadership, and enthusiasm.

There is no doubt that you are on the right foundation.

The Cusp of Drama has empowered you with excellent money skills. This means that you have a sharp eye for the right investments.

As such, you will accumulate sizable wealth in the course of your life.

Regarding your health, your astrological chart indicates that you are okay. However, be keen to hydrate adequately to safeguard your kidneys.

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Love and Compatibility for October 21 Zodiac

October 21 zodiac people are very affectionate to those they love. You are willing to use your romance and charm to steal the heart of your beloved.

Unlike most other people, you look for a lifetime commitment. Your desire is to create a long-term, healthy relationship with your beloved.

This in itself is unique. You see, most people prefer that fleeting kind of relationship.

Although such people get a thrill out of multiple relationships, they encounter some major hurdles in their lives.

For example, they often suffer heartbreaks and other such forms of disappointments.

But, you are safe from such predicaments. The fact that you are never in a hurry to jump into relationships adds to your allure.

It also has some major advantages.

For example, you get to develop your romantic affairs from your long-term friendships. This enables both you and your lover to be comfortable with each other’s personalities.

Moreover, you get the opportunity to develop your personal life more. For example, you will pursue your studies and professional development further.

This means that you are a more attractive package by the time you decide to settle!

And, settle you will! This will happen when you meet your ideal partner. You can get such a partner from amongst the Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

You see, you have much in common with these natives. As such, your relationship will thrive. This is more so if your lover was born on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 29th & 30th.

A word of caution!

All indicators are that you a relationship with an Aries may prove problematic. Take care! 

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What are the Traits of a Person Born on October 21?

October 21 zodiac people are driven by their desire to create peace in their environment. As such, you are concerned with how your community members interrelate.

Also, you are willing to forgo some of your comforts for the sake of others.

Of course, this has made you into some sort of hero. People admire your gracefulness. It helps them create a sense of balance in themselves.

Being a kindhearted person, you are involved in works of charity. Your effort to bring change in your community has borne good fruits. Indeed, the sky is the only limit for your endeavors!

Your accomplishment in life is an encouragement to many. You enable others to acquire a sense of self-worth. For this, Mother Nature will reward you handsomely.

However, you have a couple of flaws that you need to work on. These weaknesses have the potential to drag your overall progress. Deal with them as a matter of urgency.

For example, you lay many high demands on others. You expect everyone to perform as per your standards. You fail to realize that not all are as gifted as you are. Go slow on them.

Help them where they seem week. This is your mandate in life!

Also, you tend to be too controlling. You believe that others can do things right only when you supervise them. You need to learn to train and delegate.

You will accomplish more as a group in this manner.

All in all, you have a lot going for you. But, you need to learn to appreciate the efforts of others. Also, appreciate what life has to offer you in every single moment.

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Famous People who Share the October 21 Birthday

You share the October 21 birthday with many famous personalities from across the globe. Here are five of them:

  • Hongwu, born 1328 – Chinese emperor
  • George Plantagenet, born 1449 – 1st Duke of Clarence, Irish-English son of Cecily Neville, Duchess of York
  • Thomas Ulsrud, born 1971 – Norwegian curler
  • Shannon Magrane, born 1995 – American singer and songwriter
  • Ryoka Oshima, born 1998 – Japanese singer and actress

Common Characteristics of People Born on October 21

October 21 zodiac people are in the 3rd decan of Libra. This decan belongs to those born between October 14 and October 22.

The planet Mercury is in charge of this decan. This means that you exhibit the more outstanding characteristics of this celestial planet. For example, you are reliable, empathetic, and trustworthy. These are the more positive qualities of Libra.

People respect your innate sense of proportion. You are well-tuned to beauty and order. You understand what you want and how to get it.

The October 21 birthday is synonymous with intuition, creativity, pragmatism, and eloquence. Put these very close to your heart. They will serve you well, in due course.

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Your Career Horoscope

You are a very good planner. People can rely on your to organize just about anything under the sun. Also, you have no doubts about what needs to be done in every situation.

You know what limits need to be set in every situation.

However, you have a great fear of failure. As such, you tend to push people beyond their limits.

Here, we are referring to you as an efficient policymaker. You will excel in this field.

Final Thought…

Black or White is the magic color of people born on October 21.

Do you know why you have two colors? It’s because to you all issues are in either black or white.

You don’t have any gray areas. By now, I’m sure you know we are talking about a perfectionist. Few people can much your high level of idealism.

Your lucky numbers are 3, 17, 21, 38, 48, 51 & 100.

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