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Personal Year 4 Numerology Meaning

The personal year number in Numerology is a brief synopsis or picture of the year ahead.

Like a horoscope, it can show you what is on the horizon in your life, and it can also teach you a great deal about yourself and your ultimate life purpose.

Like all numerological data, personal year numbers are based on the date we came into this world.

The date and time of your origin, as well as your birth name, can be used to calculate an entire matrix of data about the deeper aspects of your being known as your Numerology chart.

The data we find in our Numerology chart can tell us a lot about ourselves and the life we are leading, providing clues that can help us uncover the deeper meaning and purpose of our lives.

By taking the time to understand your personal year, you are preparing yourself to take advantage of future opportunities or deal with possible difficulties.

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Arriving at Your Personal Year Number

The first step to calculating your personal year is to calculate the Universal Year number. We derive the universal year number reducing the numbers of the year that we are currently living in:

2020 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4

Then you take the month and day of your birth and reduce it to a root number. For instance, if you were to reduce January 2 to a root number you would get 3.

Now you add this number to the Universal Year Number and you get your Personal Year Number:

3 + 4 = 7

In 2020, a person born on January 2 would have a personal year number of 7.

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The Cycle of Personal Years

Our lives all have ups and downs in terms of material prosperity, love and relationships, career success and the satisfaction we get from the spiritual aspect of our lives.

As we navigate the vicissitudes of life, we all notice periods in which our experience seems to change according to some logic that we do not understand.

The cycle of personal years is a repeating pattern of personal year numbers running from 1-9 and then starting all over again.

Our lives are always shaped by both personal and universal forces.

When you evaluate your personal year number you are seeing how the universal and personal energies are coming together to shape the upcoming year.

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What to Expect in a 4 Year

The influence of your personal year number begins in January of that year, and comes direct in your personal month.

When you are in the midst of a 4 year, it is a time to lay solid foundations on which to build in the future.

If 1 years are for beginning projects, and 2 and 3 years are the years in which you form partnerships and get really creative, a 4 year is the year in which you see your plans become tangible realities that require consistent, detail-oriented work.

When you are in a 4 year, it is not a time to get creative or make changes to the plans that you laid out the previous year (3 years are when you are at your creative best).

If you get an urge to make major changes in a business or creative project in a 4 year, think twice.

A 4 personal year is for putting the nose to the grindstone and getting the work done.

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Special Years – 22/4 Personal Years

Everything you just read goes out the window if your personal year was a 22/4 year. A 22/4 year occurs when your personal year and universal year numbers add up to 22.

Normally you would reduce the number 22 to 4 and call it a 4 personal year.

However, 22 is a master number that is sure to influence your personal year in a special way. So numerologists refer to this as a 22/4 year.

In a 22/4 personal year, it is important to honor any opportunity to allow the influence of master number 22 to shine in your activities.

If there is an opportunity for you to make a change in your plan that will benefit large numbers of people, it is a great idea to go for it!

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The Essence of a 4 Personal Year

The symbolic essence of the number 4 is best captured in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The number 4 card is the Emperor.

The number 4 is associated with the material world, and its influence brings mastery over material factors in our lives.

The Emperor is the ruler of his domain, but it is also a card representing sacrifice.

In a 4 personal year you may have to sacrifice some of the freedom and enjoyment that you experienced in previous years and go about the hard work of managing your project and bringing about a successful outcome.

A 4 personal year is also an auspicious time for marriage. Marriages and relationships that begin in a 4 year are likely to begin on a firm foundation.

In a 4 year, you are likely to make good, level headed decisions.

Just don’t veer far from the plans that you have made and you will be successful.

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