Pig Man – Dragon Woman Compatibility

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The Law of Nature has it that opposites attract. This is the main reason for the male Pig and the female Dragon coming together.

They are powerfully drawn to each other and will create interesting experiences together.

The Dragoness enjoys being at the center of attention. She is a crowd puller. On the other hand, the Pig is shy, gentle, and pleasant.

The two soon discover that they are complementary. Each can offer what the other needs.

The Pig admires the Dragoness for her delicate beauty and social graces. He is drawn to her compassionate nature.

The Dragoness, on the other hand, is attracted to his charismatic nature. He exudes the kind of force that motivates her.

She also likes the fact that he has a high sense of faithfulness.

It’s no surprise that the female Dragon opts for the company of the gentle and calm Pig.

From a choice of many males, she chooses to be with the one that enables her to see life from a different perspective.

Together, they enjoy a calm, peaceful existence.

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How Do Pig Man and Dragon Woman Bond?

According to Chinese astrology, the male Pig and the female Dragon are ideal for any type of relationship.

They can easily tell from the beginning that they are suited for each other. This couple can make good lovers, friends, spouses, or business partners.

Girls born under the female Dragon are courageous and fierce. They can also be tender, generous, and caring.

She is very considerate of her friends and family. These combinations of qualities are rare in one person.

The male Pig will love her for this.

The Pig man is kind and generous. He feels free to emotionally and physically give himself to the Dragoness.

Both the Pig and the Dragoness seek the pleasure of the finer things in life. As such, they find it easy to spend time together.

They are unlikely to get bored with each other’s company. They have what it takes to convert mundane tasks to exciting activities. They have interesting ways of spending time together.

The Dragon likes to explore the world beyond the horizon. This is one thing that the Pig must come to terms with.

He should be generous enough to give her the personal space she needs to express her individuality.

Highlights of Pig Man – Dragon Woman Family Compatibility

The coming together of the male Pig and the Dragoness brings together the energies of generosity, intelligence, protection, gentleness, and ambition.

This couple is a powerhouse that few people can dare ignore.

Each of them will be able to please the other in different ways. They will willingly do things together and for each other.

This is more so once they discover that they are effective and efficient together as a couple.

She is strong-minded. She can understand what her husband and father of her children needs. With her support, he will put a rein on his moods.

The Pig male is well motivated to form a stable relationship with the Dragoness. He is enthralled by her ultra-sexiness.

In his eyes, she is a raving beauty. He also likes the fact that she is protective. This is the ideal partner as a wife or the mother of his children.

With the right effort, this couple will bring peace and happiness to their family. They will help each other to carry out their domestic responsibilities successfully.

Can Pig Man and Dragon Woman Work Together?

The female Dragon is driven by the need to be the leader at the office. She works hard, and she wants everyone to acknowledge her accomplishments.

Whether she actually gets to occupy the high offices is a different matter altogether. It is immaterial in her eyes.

Her achievement lies in the fact that her workmates defer to her. They come to her for direction on what they should do to achieve certain goals.

She always seems to have the right answer for them.

In a way, girls born under the Dragon zodiac sign are perfectionists. She places strict demands on her subordinates.

Working under her attracts great rewards. But, you must be prepared to follow her strict guidelines. Her stellar work record makes her much-beloved by colleagues and superiors alike.

However, some of the lucky employees consider her to be the source of their problems. She keeps pushing them to get the job done.

The male Pig is equally hard working. He works very well as part of a team. He is supportive, and he works hard to help his colleagues to achieve their objectives.

If the Pig and the Dragon find themselves in the same workplace, they will collaborate just fine. However, they can do best if they handle different tasks of the same project.

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Challenges in Pig Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

By nature, people born under the Dragon zodiac sign are aggressive. This trait is likely to be the cause of conflict between the female Dragon and the male Pig.

She wants to be in control of the situations and the people around her. If this doesn’t work out in her favor, she may react ferociously.

The Pig instinctively fights any attempts to dominate him. Considering that he has a sentimental nature and a soft heart, he will easily get hurt by the Dragon’s attempts to fight back.

This is made worse by the fact that he doesn’t communicate his feelings and opinions passionately. If the Dragoness does not go easy on him, he is likely to look for love elsewhere.

At a cursory glance, the Pig looks meek and innocent. However, the Dragon will soon discover that he has a streak of obstinacy.

She wouldn’t want to provoke him into revealing this side of his personality. It could be too late to salvage this relationship by the time she comes to learn of his obstinate nature.

The Way Forward for Pig Man and Dragon Woman

The good thing about this relationship is that each has something to offer the other. They are happy in the knowledge that they are well poised to complement one another.

The female Dragon likes to hog the limelight. She wants to be noticed – whether she is in a professional or social setting.

She is enthusiastic and passionate. She works hard to help others realize their goals. As such, she easily gets faithful followers.

On the other hand, the Pig is content to work from the background. He sees no problem with his partner getting all the praises. For this reason, this couple finds it easy to be together.

One desires to be in the spotlight, while the other is happy to work behind the scenes. They are very supportive of each other.

They have every reason to provide each other with genuine attention and compassion.


According to Chinese astrology, the male Pig and the female Dragon possess opposing personalities. Each partner has what the other needs. This makes them ideal for any kind of partnership.

However, their principles and values could be different.

They will enjoy romantic compatibility if they are willing to consider each other’s values in the relationship.

Women born under the Dragon zodiac sign are encouraging as well as supportive. She will do a lot to ensure that the male Pig moves out of his comfort zone.

She is a good judge, and she will see his great potential from the very beginning.

The male Pig is not as passive as people think. He has many surprising moves that he can unleash to enrich this relationship.

He will pleasantly surprise the Dragon girl with the energies he brings into the relationship.

If these natives are positively motivated, their love life will be happy and mutually fulfilling. They have the resources to make this happen.

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