Dragon Man – Pig Woman Compatibility

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The male Dragon and the female Pig is an enviable couple. As long as they agree on their priorities, they will stride ahead confidently, hand in hand.

Chinese astrology indicates that this love match is likely to be successful. This couple makes a wonderful pair as friends, siblings, spouses, lovers, or business partners.

This is more so because each brings a unique set of qualities into the relationship. For example, the male Dragon is courageous, determined, and outgoing.

On the other hand, the female Pig is loving, tender, and compassionate. The blend of these traits provides a firm platform for the establishment of a strong family.

This couple will keep pressing on in spite of all the hurdles they will encounter in life’s journey. They will support and encourage one another in everything they do.

This is what’s needed of couples if they hope to have a long-lasting relationship.

The Pig appreciates the attention she receives from the Dragon. In turn, she gives him her loyalty and the assurance that she’s with him regardless of the circumstances in his life.

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How Do Dragon Man and Pig Woman Bond?

The male Dragon and the female Pig can make great strides if they are involved in a romantic or sexual relationship.

All the same, they need to open up their channels of communication to one another. This means that they should share their thoughts and feelings constantly.

This relationship works best if this love is reciprocated.

The Chinese zodiac astrology indicates that the fierce Dragon blends well with the generous Pig. The two enjoy giving their hearts to each other.

In particular, the Pig is motivated by the need to help others. She is emotionally intuitive and will understand the Dragon’s problems before he confides in her.

This means that she is a good position to help him when he asks for her assistance. She is capable of giving him the emotional healing he needs.

Both these natives enjoy the comforts and luxuries of life. They spend most of their resources in the pursuit of the finer things in life.

More importantly, they enjoy spending time together. They find each other’s company interesting and entertaining.

Highlights of Dragon Man – Pig Woman Family Compatibility

When it comes to family affairs, the male Dragon and the Pig can succeed if they put in the right effort.

Their response to one another plays a big role in the success of this relationship. The good thing is that both natives have a clear idea of what they want in life.

But, they need to make some compromises if they hope to succeed as a team. For example, the Dragon will have to tone down on his aggression.

Too much aggression tends to upset the female Pig. She is keen to please him, and he shouldn’t do anything that puts her efforts into jeopardy.

Both these natives are supportive and encouraging. These traits will serve them in good stead if they hope to be husband and wife.

It’s most likely that the Pig will be the peacemaker whenever a conflict crops up. She hates being involved in arguments and conflicts.

Through her persuasive powers, she will convince the Dragon to make peace. It’s not hard for this couple to make up when they conflict.

Can Dragon Man and Pig Woman Work Together?

This couple is responsible at work. When they find themselves in the same business, they will deliver on all their expectations.

These natives follow their tasks to their logical conclusion. For this reason, they are admired for their high achievement record.

Their employer needs to understand that this couple needs the freedom to do things their way. The Pig is particularly creative, and she comes up with solutions based on the prevailing circumstances.

Men born under the Dragon sign are as hard-working as they are orderly. They make Dragon works to achieve perfection.

This means that he works hard, and he is likely to stay up late in pursuit of excellence. It’s no wonder that the Dragon tends to rise fast in leadership positions.

The Pig girl, on the other hand, does well if she is allowed to exercise her creativity. This girl has a rich imagination.

This means that she always has something fresh to say during brainstorming sessions. She has many friends at work because she is generous with her ideas and other resources.

She is friendly, malleable, and easy-going.

When the Pig woman is paired with the Dragon man, they will deliver on their responsibilities just fine.

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Challenges in Dragon Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

This couple will experience the challenges that are unique to this kind of pairing. These challenges are likely to come from the Dragon’s aggressive nature.

The Pig is a tender girl. She is peaceable and she wants nothing more than the promotion of a harmonious existence.

Thus, she may not be able to put up with the Dragon’s aggressive nature.

If he is unable to control his ferocious temper, he may lose this girl’s interest in him. He must allow her the space she needs to do some things her way.

Being a soft-hearted girl, she is easily hurt. This means that she can survive in a stressful environment.

She prefers to live in a quiet world, free of all stress and conflicts. She may not achieve this in this relationship unless she learns to speak up for herself.

She must strongly speak her mind and feelings. This should convince the Dragon to make the adjustments necessary for this relationship to thrive.

If this is not possible, then the other side of the Pig personality comes into play. The Dragon will be surprised to learn that the Pig can be obstinate.

He will experience this firsthand, and she will want nothing to do with him if he insists on hurting her feelings.

The Way Forward for Dragon Man and Pig Woman

The Dragon and the Pig have much to admire in each other. This is because the law of opposites applies to this pair.

Each one of the two has what the other needs. This means that they always find themselves coming together.

The male Dragon enjoys being at the center of attention. He wants to be noticed wherever he goes. But, when he sees the gentle, loving Pig, he is ready to relate to her on her terms.

This is more so because he can’t resist the feminine beauty that this girl radiates. He admires her social graces.

Her delicate beauty holds an allure that he finds irresistible.

In turn, he awes her with his charisma and ambition. His demeanor indicates he is a born winner. Once he sets his mind on something, he doesn’t let go until he has achieved his goals.

This is just the kind of man he wants by her side.

These natives are mutually compatible. Their love bond is enhanced by the fact they are loyal to each other.

They know that they can rely on each other for support and guidance.


It’s not a mistake that the male Dragon and the female Pig find themselves invariably drawn to one another.

According to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, this couple is subject to the law of opposites. These natives are on different sides of the Chinese zodiac spectrum.

This means that they have much to offer each other if they agree to cooperate with each other.

This relationship is ideal for friends, lovers, siblings, or business partners. This pair can also make good marriage partners.

However, this is possible if only they are ready to openly communicate with each other. They should hold no secrets between them.

The strength of this relationship depends on their generosity and consideration for each other.

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