Tiger Man – Pig Woman Compatibility

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All indicators are that the male Tiger and the female Pig can have a long life together. This is more so since they hold each other in high regard.

Both partners are happy to devote their lives together in the pursuit of a happy love connection. The Pig is attracted by the Tiger’s firmness and bravery.

He, on the other hand, admires her high level of affection, compassion, and care.

The fact that they have so much to admire in each other enables them to shelve their differences. They then pay more attention to pursuing peace and happiness.

This couple has much going for them. For example, they share hobbies and interests. Also, they are in touch with each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The female Pig readily allows the Tiger to have his way. She clearly understands that he needs to assert his independence.

She also knows that it is in the nature of Tiger’s to be dominant. She’ll give in to him without a fight if he proves that he is man enough to take care of her interests.

This means that the Tiger must work overtime to understand and appreciate her emotional disposition.

If he can’t connect with this girl emotionally, he can’t hope to gain much from her. She judges his worth in this relationship through her emotional feelers.

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How Do Tiger Man and Pig Woman Bond?

The male Tiger and the female Pig can thrive in a love connection if they work for it. They have many factors working in their favor.

Even so, they shouldn’t take anything for granted. They should work hard to understand each other’s motivations and needs.

The good news is that these natives have unique mental and physical connections. This means that they should double their efforts at establishing an emotional link.

Once they do so, nothing can stand in their way. They will work well together with minimal hitches. They will appreciate the need to elevate this relationship into a more permanent arrangement.

By combining their strengths, this couple will realize that they can make a good man and wife.

Ordinarily, Pigs enjoy staying at home. This girl’s desire is to enjoy the security and stability of her domestic setting.

If the Tiger hopes to win her heart, he should show the desire to support her in creating a stable home.

This is not always easy for the Tiger to accomplish.

Ordinarily, he likes roaming to experience varied activities. He doesn’t like being tied down to a restrictive domestic life.

However, with sufficient communication between them, the Tiger and the Pig will establish the right balance in their lives.

Each will understand their partner’s needs for support. After all, they both deserve to live their lives to the fullest.

The Pig will appreciate that she needs to accept the Tiger’s love for freedom. This relationship will be successful only if both partners can see the need to make sacrifices and compromises.

Highlights of Tiger Man – Pig Woman Family Compatibility

These natives are capable of focusing on each other’s needs. They are kind, supportive, and generous.

This is important if they hope to establish a family together.

Tigers have a passion for what they believe in. This man will bring into the family the positive energies of enthusiasm and laughter.

Pigs are prone to being moody. However, the female Pig does enjoy the Tiger’s company. In fact, she will have no problem being committed to him.

Together, this couple will pursue their goals and dreams. Both are interested in the progress of their family.

Their loved ones will thrive under the careful guidance of this couple.

The pairing between the Tiger and the Pig creates warmth and love. Both natives relate to each other affectionately.

They are progressive and dynamic when it comes to looking after their children. For the sake of their young ones, they are ready to make personal sacrifices.

In the female Pig, the Tiger finds a faithful mate. He is attracted to her for her generosity and compassion.

In the male Tiger, the Pig sees a protector. This is the man she runs to when she feels threatened. And, he never lets her down.

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Can Tiger Man and Pig Woman Work Together?

The Tiger is one of the most industrious people you can find in the office. His colleague and superiors know him for his reliability.

These natives encourage their colleagues to meet their goals and objectives on time. And in this, they are hugely successful.

It’s for a good reason that Tigers tend to get key leadership positions. They keep pushing until they have achieved their goals.

They are physically and emotionally active. Also, they are quite versatile. They can work well either in a team or in solo projects.

Whatever the case, their level of productivity is admirable.

The male Tiger can partner successfully with the female Pig. This is because he is a good listener – this is what the Pig needs in a teammate.

In many ways, the two are complementary. For example, the Tiger is rational while the Pig is emotional.

As such, they can create the right balance to achieve the results they seek.

Challenges in Tiger Man and Pig Woman Compatibility

The conflicts between the male Tiger and the female Pig stem from their different dispositions.

While the Tiger is an intellectual being, the female Pig has an emotional bent. This creates a conflict of interest.

The Tiger relates to the world around him using his mind. He is a practical man, and logic is his weapon of choice.

The Pig, on the other hand, is attuned to emotions.

This means that she may be unable to satisfy the Tiger’s need for intellectual conversations. Rather, she prefers an exchange of feelings and emotions.

This means that this couple may be unable to communicate effectively.

The rational attitude of the male Tiger may fail to create interest in the Pig. She will think that he is one of those men that are incapable of expressing and appreciating emotional expressions.

On the other hand, the Tiger sees her intense emotions as being too stifling. He can’t seem to think straight under the barrage of such intense emotions.

The Way Forward for Tiger Man and Pig Woman

At a cursory glance, one may think that the Tiger and the Pig can’t have a meaningful life together. The truth is that they can – if they work for it.

The male Tiger craves intellectual stimulation. The Pig, on the other hand, responds through emotional stimulation.

This couple needs to make the necessary compromises to blend their personalities. In doing so, they will realize that their different dispositions allow them to be complementary.

The female Pig should appreciate that the Tiger needs to enjoy some level of personal freedom. As such, she should try her best not to suffocate him with her emotional outbursts.

In turn, the Tiger should recognize and appreciate this girl’s need to lead a quiet, happy life. All she needs is emotional security.

If this couple can work toward a mutual understanding of their needs, they will enjoy a harmonious existence.


A love match between the male Tiger and the female Pig can produce good results. However, each partner must understand that their input counts.

They should not take anything for granted. The Chinese astrology indicates that this couple’s level of success will be proportional to their efforts.

This means that the harder they work to achieve a good life, the more meaningful will be their interactions.

These natives can achieve a lot if they provide each other with mental and emotional support. Each one of them has a role to play in this, and they should be willing to make some sacrifices.

For example, the male Tiger must work harder to meet the Pig’s emotional needs. She, on the other hand, should go out of her way to understand his intellectual needs.

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