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If you were born between February 19 and March 20, you are a Piscean.

Pisces is one of the Water signs in the zodiac spectrum. As with all Watery signs, Pisces plays an important influence on your emotions and understanding of life.

The influence of Neptune is palpable in this sign. It empowers you to exude a friendly, likable demeanor.

But, this celestial body is responsible for your moodiness. So, any time you feel grumpy, it’s as a result of your planetary alignment.

Your lucky colors are Sea Green, indigo, lavender, Purple, and Lilac. Being in the presence of these colors enables you to radiate a positive aura.

Numbers 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 24 covey special messages from the divine realm. This is more so if these numbers keep recurring in your life.

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What are the Key Strengths of the Pisces Zodiac Sign?

People born under the Pisces zodiac are acutely aware of what others are going through. Their capacity for empathy is not limited to their friends.

They show empathy to even people outside their circles.

Also, these natives are imaginative. Their artistic nature is as a result of Neptune’s influence on their lives.

They see the world from a unique angle. They can see perspectives that most other people can’t.

Pisceans are emotional. They are easily influenced by what other people feel. If they are in a casual, fun environment, they tend to relax allow themselves to revel in the fun.

Additionally, those born under this sign are selfless. They put the priority of other people over their own.

They’ll always be there when their friends need them. They will go to great lengths to help others achieve their goals.

For example, they will use their resources to touch the lives of the heartbroken. Their desire is to infuse positivity into the lives of those they encounter in life’s journey.

Pisceans are particularly motivated to help the needy.

What are the Key Weaknesses of the Pisces Zodiac Sign?

Pisceans experience mood swings. They are not very good at hiding it when they are moody. If this attitude overshadows their sweetness, it’s likely to interfere with how they relate to their friends.

These mood swings may give the Piscean protracted negative feelings. This may lead them to make a series of poor decisions.

If you are a Piscean, you need to know when you become moody. This will enable you to move with caution as you make decisions or relate with others.

It will guide you to tamper your negative attributes with the more positive ones.

Pisceans may become lazy when they are not well motivated. They don’t like engaging their emotional intelligence unless they are given reasons to do so.

You need to take care not to emotionally withdraw yourself from a situation, just because you think it doesn’t concern you.

Remember; everything around you has a bearing on your life. No matter how remotely things seem; get involved.

At least give everything around you some thought. This effort will work to your advantage in the long run.

Those born under this sign are perfectionists. Not everyone can keep up with their pace. As such, they are likely to find themselves walking alone when it comes to certain issues.

Some people think of Pisceans as being too escapist. These natives tend to concentrate too much on their own imagination.

As such, they see things differently from most other people. Those who don’t appreciate this aspect of the Pisceans may perceive them as being elusive.

The Way forward for Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisceans achieve a lot when they put their creativity to good use. They have a dreamy nature. This enables them to see what most of the other zodiacs can’t.

These natives can do very well in careers that require a great deal of imagination. Such careers include social work, music, IT design, veterinary medicine, architecture, and law.

Pisceans derive pleasure in helping others to grow. They are willing to use their resources to help others get started.

Also, they are quite compassionate. Their kindness goes beyond the usual confines of friendship. They will proffer a helping hand to strangers and friends alike.

They don’t give much thought when it comes to the use of money. This is more so if their money is being spent on good causes.

By helping other people in this way, Pisceans find their own contentment, joy, and peace.

If you are a Piscean, you need to consult your intuition on a regularly. Here, you will get all the guidance you need to achieve your goals and dreams.

How Does Pisces Handle Sex and Love?

Pisceans are some of the most romantic people. They come across as understanding, sensitive, and loving.

A Piscean lover will deny themselves for the sake of their partners. They will go to great lengths to keep their partners happy and content.

These natives don’t fall in love quickly. However, when they do, their love is deep and stems from the heart.

They will do anything for their partner.

Those who share love with Pisceans are lucky indeed. They can experience for themselves firsthand how compassionate these natives can be.

Pisceans find it easy to express themselves when they are around their partners. They will discuss any issue they feel threatens to disrupt their paradise.

They say everything that’s in their hearts. As such, it’s unlikely for a relationship with a Piscean to disintegrate.

These natives are proactive, and they’ll take the initiative to find solutions for a potentially explosive issue.

The good news is that Pisceans are not selfish. They are willing to walk through fire for the sake of the relationship.

They will sacrifice their privileges for the sake of protecting their parents.

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How Does Pisces Relate to Family?

A Piscean will take no shortcuts where their family is concerned. They always put their family above everything else.

They derive their own happiness from the happiness of their family.

When it comes to meeting the needs of the family, Pisceans never look back. They will do anything to ensure that their family is well taken care of.

A Piscean is always ready to defend the dignity of their parents, partner, and children. Even when they are aware, you can count on this native to work for their family.

Family is at the very center of their lives. They feel that it’s their job – erroneously, perhaps – to solve all the problems in their family.

This is well and good. However, this native will achieve more if he can involve everyone in the family in decision-making.

You don’t have to carry the entire family burden on your own. Delegate some of the responsibilities. Involve others in the various tasks that need to be accomplished.

In this way, you will create more time for self-care. If a Piscean fails, it has something to do with their failure to pay attention to their own needs.

It’s not enough to surround yourself with other people. It doesn’t matter how loyal your family is to you.

You still need to create time for yourself. This is the time for self-reflection, healing, and re-strategizing. This is the time to identify and rectify your errors.

How Does Pisces Relate to Friends?

By their very nature, Pisces are gentle, loyal, and reliable. They are very generous where their partners are concerned.

They try to create lasting friendships. Their passion for this is seen in the way they help their friends sort out issues.

Once they are sure of the kind of person they are dealing with, Pisceans are very caring. They are willing to use their own resources to see their friends rise to the next level of greatness.

These are some of the best friends you can get. They are as caring as they are gentle. Pisceans are loving, compassionate, and loyal.

They intuitively know when something is wrong with their close friends. Being proactive, they will take the measures necessary to avert any form of calamities that might befall their friends.

Pisceans never hold on to an issue that needs to be spoken out. They unreservedly express themselves to their friends.

As such, they are quick to resolve issues that might threaten their relationships. The people around a Piscean appreciate them for their candid approach to issues.

Piscean zodiacs expect others to be as communicative and open as the Piscean themselves. They tend to form very strong bonds with sincere and honest people.

How Does Pisces Handle Career and Money?

Pisceans need to be very keen on how they spend their money. According to the stars, these natives are prone to spending money on impulse purchases.

They are good at making money as well. But, what’s the use of making so much money only to squander it on things you don’t need.

People born under this sign are well known for their generosity. Their altruistic attitude attracts many friends their way.

Some of these ‘friends’ may not be the best additions to this native’s life. As such, the Piscean must pay close attention to their associations.

They need to understand the motives of those they come into contact with. Otherwise, they will be susceptible to all kinds of trickery.

Pisceans are as warm as they are gentle. They treat their colleagues and friends with the kind of respect they deserve.

As such, most of their workmates hold Pisceans in high regard.

How Do I Attract a Pisces Man?

Piscean men are unique in that you can’t win them over with promises of worldly success. They need something much more tangible for you.

Piscean men are attracted to loving and responsive partners. They dislike a partner who is too domineering.

To win the heart of this man, you have to be genuine. Have solid principles and stick with them no matter what.

Don’t try to impress him by putting on airs. The Pisces man expects to date a partner who shows their colors.

This means that you have to be true to your values. Don’t do something just for the sake of impressing this man.

You must be willing to take initiative. This Water sign is impressed by a companion who doesn’t wait for everything to be done for them.

You must have certain goals in life. Better still; you must demonstrate the determination and drive to achieve these goals.

The Pisces man will appreciate it if you are inclined to romance. This means that you should be able to overcome your shyness.

Show confidence as you deal with this man. Let him see that you are ready and willing to take the lead should he so wish it.

This show of confidence will definitely make him more interested in you.

Also, the Piscean man likes it when you approve of his actions. This is not to mean that he thrives on approval.

Rather, it means that he works harder when he’s appreciated. In other words, he appreciates being appreciated.

How Do I Attract a Pisces Woman?

It’s not easy to win the heart of the Piscean girl, especially if you are not in touch with their personality.

When you get to know this girl, you’ll come to know that she’s inclined to spiritual matters. This is where you should start your advances.

Open up about spiritual matters. Engage her in a conversation about the unconventional topics she holds dear.

Also, this girl loves to have a good time. Fill the moments you are together with laughter and memorable experiences.

The Piscean woman may look calm on the outside, but strong undercurrents are roaring beneath her calm demeanor.

Don’t be afraid to open up to this Piscean woman. Indeed, this could be the only way you get her to open up to you.

If you can tune into her emotions, you will be on the right path to enjoying a mutually fulfilling relationship.

She will respond by showing you her compassion and love. You’ll soon see how selfless she can get. She will help you get on your feet whenever life deals you an unfair blow.

But, to get to this point, she needs to see that you can love her unconditionally. She will open up to you only when you capture her attention.

Once you form the relationship, don’t slacken. Continue treating her like the woman that she is. Remember her anniversaries.

Take her out to places you know she’ll appreciate. Most importantly, keep demonstrating your love for her through actions.

Your action has a more powerful impact on the Pisces woman than mere words.

Final Thoughts…

Pisceans are creative individuals. They have a significant role to play in positively transforming their environment. The influence of this sign is responsible for your responsiveness and warmth.

It’s easy for a Piscean to collaborate with different people. They are willing to help others achieve their goals.

Their selflessness makes these natives a welcome addition to any group. These people are driven by the need to help others get on their feet.

They never expect anything in return. They will use their rich emotional capacity to empathize with others.

Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet, controls your intuition. By listening to your inner wisdom, you’ll discover that you have a powerful connection to music.

You enjoy smooth, agreeable movement. As such, you are determined to resolve any conflicts that exist within yourself.

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