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Scorpions are much feared the world over. Although they are not very common in dreams, they have a strong symbolic meaning when they appear to you.

They could be alerting you about your fears regarding unfavorable interaction with something or someone.

Are you seeing a scorpion in your dreams? This means that you have been making some stinging comments to some people.

The scorpion dream reminds you to tone down on your hurtful comments. At the same time, you need to be keen to avert any hurtful comments directed towards you.

The scorpion dream is a reflection of your character. You are often prone to being violent. You are being reminded to avoid this as it will often give rise to betrayal, vengeance, and probably death.

What’s Does the Dark Beauty of Scorpions in Dreams Represent?

There’s much to say about the symbolic meaning of scorpions. These animals are close relatives of spiders.

Most people are in agreement that these arachnids look both gentle and cute. This gives them a special magnetic appeal.

Symbolically, the scorpions have a strong connection with the dark arts. As such, they are associated with mystery, sorcery and all kinds of harmful behavior.


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But, their dark beauty has a certain unique appeal. For example, they have deep energy as well as artistic beauty.

It is no wonder, then, that people born under the Scorpio zodiac sign come across as beautiful, strong, irresistible, and elegant.

In many cultures across the globe, scorpions are seen as a representation of things negative. However, they have certain attractiveness, even in their negativity.

Many cultures regard the scorpion as a representation of evil, greed, betrayal, pain, and darkness. In some cases, these animals are seen as a symbol of malice, death, and danger.

What Do I Do When I Have a Scorpion Dream?

Having a scorpion dream a number of significant meanings. The most obvious one is that there’s a dark force at work in your life.

This animal comes to you through the dream to warn you to take care of your life. To avert the danger that this dark force portends, you are strongly advised to wear a scorpion pendant.

Also, you can consider having a scorpion tattoo done on some part of your body.

When you do so, you invite the power of this deadly yet mighty relative of the arachnid family. This animal spirit will enter your life, bringing with it protection from the Underworld.

People who regularly dream of the scorpion have the special energy of the scorpion. Few things in life puzzle them.

These people are not easily daunted by the occurrences in their lives.

Moreover, such people are as attractive as they are intriguing. They are self-confident, artistic, and outgoing.

However, you have the power to be dark and narcissistic when the situation demands it.

You have a genuine attraction to things that most people consider dark. For example, black clothing, gothic art, and dark beauty hold a special appeal for you.

What’s the Spiritual Meaning of a Scorpion Dream?

Dreams involving a scorpion have many spiritual meanings in your life. It all depends on how you perceive this animal.

Also, the interpretation of such a dream depends on the spiritual approach that you find most relevant to your circumstances.

All the same, we can talk about a number of common basic interpretations.

The most common of these represents bad omen. You need to bear in mind that the scorpion is not only dangerous but also deadly.

This animal appears in your dream as a warning. It is most likely that some people close to your bear some malice towards you.

Also, it could be that you have taken a path that will definitely lead to self-destruction.

Are you a perfectionist? Do you find it hard to get fulfillment and satisfaction with the life you are leading? Then, it’s likely for the scorpion to visit your life through dreams.

It comes to warn you about the toxic obstacles you’ve allowed to block your path to progress.

What’s the Significance of a Yellow Scorpion Dream?

When a yellow scorpion visits your life, it’s a warning to watch out. You have a person close to you who’s out to sabotage your growth.

Such a person is planning to frustrate your every effort. Indeed, their only goal in life seems to make you feel miserable.

The yellow scorpion is guiding you to evaluate those around you. Are there some people that you feel uncomfortable being around them?

Have you immersed yourself in a relationship that’s potentially toxic?

When you remove such people from your life, good things start happening. Check your relationships, and cut out those that don’t add you value.

What’s the Meaning of a Black Scorpion Dream?

This dream is a strong sign of bad omen. It alerts you that you are likely to meet some misfortune in the near future.

This dream comes as a wake-up call to change the course of your life. Plan your actions carefully, and think of about your next steps keenly.

What Does Dreaming of a Scorpion in Water Mean?

If the scorpion in floating on the surface of the water, you are being asked to get rid of sad and painful feelings.

It could be that the hard times you have encountered are affecting the quality of your life. Here, the scorpion appears in your dreams to give you the strength to overcome your challenges.

It’s time to forget the past and start moving on. Stop living a life of regrets. You don’t need to wallow in the muddy waters of guilt anymore.

What Does it Mean When I dream of Being Bitten by a Scorpion?

This dream means that you are in a toxic relationship. You are surrounded by people who are up to no good.

Such relationships will usurp your energy. They only serve to stress and exhaust you.

Alternatively, this dream means that karma is about to catch up with you for some wrong that you’ve committed.

Resolve the matter before karma comes calling!

What is the Meaning of Dreams about Eating Scorpions?

If your dream involves eating or swallowing a scorpion, it means you have a loose mouth. The Scorpion comes in your dreams to tell you to be careful about what you say in public.

It’s important that you care about the opinions and feelings of other people. Also, learn to keep secrets.

In case you find an irresistible urge to say things that you shouldn’t, it’s likely that you are suffering some sort of stress.

What’s the Significance of Dreaming of Killing a Scorpion?

You are not likely to forget this kind of a dream. This is because these dreams are usually very vivid and powerful.

A dream involving killing a scorpion is a positive one. It is a sign that you’ll soon overcome the challenges you face in your waking life.

The dream tells you that you should stay steady on your chosen path in life. Stay the course, for good things are going to happen soon.

What Does it Mean When I dream of a Dead Scorpion?

If a dead scorpion appears in your dream, take it as a positive sign. All your troubles will soon melt away.

The scorpion comes into your life in this manner to give you its powerful, mysterious protection.

Also, this dream shows that all the forces of nature are working to advance your success.

In short, you are destined to achieve all your goals in good time.


Mysterious and dark as it is, the scorpion is an inspiring creature. In many spiritual systems, this animal is held in high regard.

Granted, this arachnid is deadly. However, it is as mystical as it is beautiful. It is a sign of power, darkness, and passion.

Having the scorpion dream has a significant impact on your life. Don’t take such a dream for granted.

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