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What is Seraphinite?

Green Chlorite also named Seraphinite, or “Angel Stone”, is generaly acquired in the Lake Baikal areas of Russia and Siberia and is easily found in specialty stores across the U.S.

It belongs to the chlorite family and gets its name from its chatoyance effect, which creates a feathery like appearance within the stone.

Light colored fissures also create a shimmery effect when tumbled or shined.

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Seraphinite is a soft stone, which mkes it one for easy design. It can be set into metals for jewelry, usually worn around the neck or set into earrings.

Due to its softness, it is normally not worn on areas of the body where it can be hit against or damaged such as wearing it in bracelets or rings.

When storing Seraphinite, keep it separate from other items or crystals so that it does not get scratched or cracked. You can clean it with tap water and a soft rag.

Seraphinite Meaning

Stemming from the Greek word Seraphim, a winged ethereal being of the distinguished order of angels, this angel stone connects us to the spirit realms and aids in outer body journies.

It also presents its energy as a guide within ourselves and allows us to communicate and accept more of the natural elements while gaining spiritual enlightenment.

In Hebrew, seraphim is “the inflamer”. These angelic beings are represented as the divinity of fire and love; they are the illuminators.

Seraphinite is, therefore, a light-bearing stone that increases high light vibrations by bringing in the energy of the Seraphim, cleansing the earthly body of negative forces and connecting us to higher elements in the celestial bodies.

Seraphinite is green in color, which represents the heart as well as growth. This growth crystal represents Mother Earth’s reproduction and her constant restoration of creation as well as her connectedness with the spirit.

Seraphinite is said to be one of the most powerful cleansing stones available. This stone works well in all areas of the body while connecting our energy properties to our physical elements.

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Seraphinite Properties

Seraphinite is monoclinic and is a combination of iron, magnesium, silicate, and aluminum. It is easily carved and shaped and ranges from lusterless to crystalline in color density.

Its metal properties are grounding, dense and malleable. Its other properties combined relax tension as well as absorb and clear blockages.

This process opens us up to our etheric body energy creating a free flow of energy from the base to the crown chakras, lightening the load for celestial journeying and spiritual contact.

Seraphinite is a powerful, full-energy spectrum crystal that holds mountains of healing properties, physically and spiritually.

Seraphinite Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products, and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

This crystal allows self-healing and aids in blood flow, which encourages a healthy heart and lungs. Seraphinite also is known to boost metabolism.

Through its cleansing, balancing, and energy flow assistance, and its strong linkage between the physical and heavenly bodies, it opens clear fluid communication with the celestial, creating harmony and shining light within the elements, allowing us to utilize them internally and externally.

Seraphinite is connected to the heart chakra, which supports communication through love. Opening these energy portals releases doubt so you can feel deeply connected to yourself and to others emotionally.

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Physical Healing

Seraphinite works on a delicate, fluid vibration, which is known for absorbing blockages and detoxifying the blood. These subtle energies strongly support liver and kidney function.

These attributes also encourage cellular reawakening and rejuvenation aiding against cancerous growth and repairing damage on a cellular level.

It is subtle, yet aggressive and works with the air and breath movement, which pushes and pulls energy up and through the spinal column, freeing up space in the heart and lungs, aiding in all things circulatory, favoring blood circulation, and allowing it to flow and feed the body.

When worn daily, it raises metabolic rate and assists in weight loss as well as alleviating muscle and neck discomfort. It is connected with the thymus through the heart chakra, which supports immune system functions.

Emotional Healing

Seraphinite’s energy focuses on the Anahata. However, it uses pranic energy in all of the chakras while connecting them to the spine through our etheric body.

Thus, metamorphic our emotional and life energies to their full potential, awakening our Divine Feminine while grounding us to our Mother Earth.

When the heart chakra is blocked, it creates emotional withdrawal, relationship and communication breakdowns. Sometimes this causes us to feel victimized because we want to accommodate everyone around us, without satisfaction.

Furthermore, we can become codependent on this misery or on others as we try to fill the love void. This is what happens when we lose our self-love, we try to gain this love lack through subconscious psychic vampirism.

These blocks are the root to jealous behavior and create intimacy issues. All of this is a reflection of what happens when love is not allowed to flow. The Seraphinite stone clears all of these blocks while guiding our spirit.

We internalize it and become the blockage. Seraphinite releases these within the heart and can also be used in other areas, which may be blocking energy flow into or from the Anahata.

When using Seraphinite, it opens a vastness to self-love and healing. It transforms anger and bitterness into acceptance and compassion, allowing you the capacity to heal from emotional traumas while staying grounded, transcending the ego.

Because it is a celestial journey stone, when used in meditation or fixed on the third eye, it grants enlightenment and access to self-healing energies. It integrates earthly emotions with angelic harmony, combining these energies for a full emotional vibration cleansing.

Once accessed, Seraphinite works with the heart chakra to block depression, forcing us to acknowledge our self worth while experiencing unconditional love, in return, tuning into the beauty of all things.

Spiritual Healing

Seraphinite protects the body when exploring outer body spiritual journeys. It allows you to look over your life progress and detect necessary changes needed for spiritual progress.

It illuminates areas that need more attention and healing in order to fufill your life purpose.

When combined with amethyst, it blocks subconsciously implanted negative thought energies from attacking the spiritual layer of the body’s biomagnetic field. When your biomagnetic sheath is compromised it can create body pain and drain energy from the aura, making you tired or cloudy.

A Ruby, Seraphinite combination can ward off psychic attacks from earthbound spirits forcing them to detach from your energy. These attacks come in many forms and should be cleansed as soon as they are noticed.

Seraphinite carries feminine intonations and connects our spine to our Aura, clearing the chakras for Kundalini rising.

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Seraphinite Uses

Used by ancestors to ward off snakes it is also used to awaken the serpent within. It clears the spinal energies for the summoning of Kundalini awakening.

Kundalini is the awakening of the feminine energy that is coiled at the base of the spine. When this is awakened, it rises through the chakras, energizing them and opening the body and mind up to a profound state of consciousness.

Kundalini should be a spontaneous awakening and worked through with a guide, as it can be an intense trip.

It is not suggested to be forced because it is known to sometimes cause deep depressions and anxieties from unfamiliar energies, some for which you may not be ready for.

Seraphinite is also used for healthy circulation spiritually and physically, keeping us balanced and heavenly connected. It is used as a grounding stone to keep the physical body earthly when exploring out-of-body experiences.

Its strength lies in balancing the heart chakra and puts us in tune with our own needs and emotions.

In Feng Shui, it represents nourishment and health, renewal and development of vitality. It is a Wood Energy crystal and should be placed in East to Southeast areas of rooms for eating or where new projects may be taking place.

Seraphinite Meditation

Seraphinite is a natural healing stone and connects our heart with our mind, spirit, and higher self. When meditating with this stone it can be placed in any area to release the blockage.

When placed on the third eye it opens up channels to the spirit realm and clears passage for the connection of the higher crown chakra and the heart chakra.

Use Seraphinite with other stones to get the full effect of its meditative properties. Place it on your heart chakra and surround it with four clear quartz, representing the elements.

When meditated for 20 minutes or more, this opens the heart purely and balances energy flow.

When used with smoky quartz, one at the base of your feet for grounding and one on the throat, the seraphinite vibrates to attune with the natural earth elements, helping you explore your truth and how it correlates with your spirit.

Seraphinite is also used to contact the angels. When placed on the third eye it is a catalyst for contacting celestial entities. Meditating with the purpose of outer body or heavenly contact, it guides you into working with nature and helping humanity.

It works graciously in all chakras during meditation. It connects the spinal column to the Aura fields. It works with opening the third eye to accept messages from the celestial realm.

It makes way for the Divine Feminine while also keeping in tune with male energies, which creates a balanced yin and yang energy presence.

Seraphinite Birthstone

Seraphinite is a natural birthstone for those born April 20 – May 20. Spring is a time of regeneration, reproduction, and growth.

Because of its representation with nature and spirit, people born within this month are usually more in tune with nature and on a high spiritual vibration.

They portray strength, stubbornness, and unbreakable confidence within themselves, rarely breaking from rhythm when faced with adversities.

This month represents the element of Earth, which equates to all that the green Seraphinite holds. It works through the elements to balance out life while using air movement to push out blocks and cleanse the soul.

Seraphinite Zodiac Sign

Seraphinite is not associated with any zodiac sign.

Seraphinite Chakra

Seraphinite is associated with the Anahata or Heart Chakra. The Anahata is the relating and connecting of the receiving and giving of love within ourselves and with others. When Seraphinite and Anahata work together, they remind us that we cannot pour from an empty cup and help us fill up.

An open Heart Chakra allows acceptance of all things as they are through compassion, empathy and without limitation from the ego.

The Anahata is the 4th energy chakra and is centered in the middle of the chest, extending through to the back in between the shoulders. It is connected to the air element, Which coincides with our breath movement, maintaining out cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

This chakra is a bridge for the spiritual and physical entities, the higher and lower energy points within our body. It bridges our loving heart energy with our Spiritual being while keeping us in tune with reality.

When the Anahata is blocked, it can create copious amounts of internal struggles. When love is not able to flow free within our energy bodies, we become disconnected from nature and from ourselves.

When this happens, we can become withdrawn, easily offended and lack forgiveness.

When accessing the properties of the stone to help with the Anahata, practice breathing for energy balance. Focus on harvesting self-acceptance with regards to your emotions and how they affect your bodily functions.

These deep soul energy concentrations with the Seraphinite can extract you from the grip of old wounds while coming to terms with yourself, making you aware of your ego and healing self-doubt by expanding self-compassion.

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