Signs a Virgo Man Likes You

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Interested in the signs a virgo man likes you?

I you are developing feelings for a Virgo man, trust me; this is the way to go!

It can be a bit hard to discover his feelings for you, though. You see, the Virgo man is quite subtle. He’s not the showy kind of a person.

As such, you need to do some digging to discover if you have a special place in his heart.

One thing about the Virgo man is that he pays very close attention to details.

This runs through all male and female people born under the Virgo sign.

What makes the Virgo man unique is that he has a genuine, fresh approach to life. He is perceptive when it comes to your needs.

As such, he knows exactly what he needs to do to win your heart.

The problem is that he keeps everything under wraps. However, if you are keen enough, you’ll be able to read him like a book.

Here are the key signs that show that the Virgo man is into you…

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He Enjoys Pampering You

The Virgo man will want to make you feel wanted and cherished if he likes you. He will go to great lengths to achieve this, even if it means breaking his bank account.

He’ll be very generous with flowers, dinner dates, and gifts if he’s into you. In fact, he’ll give you practically anything you want, as long as it is within his reach.

So, go ahead and ask him for something. See how he reacts to this.

Gives You All His Attention

Your Virgo man may not be that talkative. But, he’s all ears when he has fallen for you. He will listen very carefully to everything that you have to say.

He will adopt an attitude that will make you trust him more. He would like you to be confident and comfortable in his presence.

You’ll feel good in his company. Now, this doesn’t happen with every man that you meet. This means that this Virgo man is doing something special that others are not.

You’ll be able to open up to him with him because he’s so attentive.

Of course, he creates this kind of atmosphere because he enjoys getting to know you!

He Loosens Up in Your Company

The Virgo man feels very much at home in your presence. This is a sure sign that he has a soft spot for you.

By nature, people born under the zodiac sign are uptight. Also, they tend to be quite apprehensive and rarely allow themselves to relax.

Wait until he falls for you!

You won’t believe that he’s the same man. He will smile a lot in your presence and seem relaxed and unperturbed.

When he knows that you are present in the same room with him, you’ll see his confidence levels go up.

He’ll try to be lively so that you can move closer to him. The humor and anecdotes he shares in a group will be meant for you.

He could be talking to a large group, but in his mind, you are the only one present.

His main desire is to impress you. Of course, being a sharp man, he knows that he needs lots of positivity to achieve this.

He won’t be troubled so much by the specifics. Instead, he’ll just relax and enjoy your presence around him.

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He is Affectionate

The Virgo man doesn’t have the showy kind of personality that we associate with some other birth signs.

However, he loves intensely. He is quite sensitive, and this allows him to experience a unique level of intensity.

He’s able to appreciate your emotions. In fact, he responds to your needs by being very affectionate.

He may not go all touchy on you. But, you can be sure that he’ll use words and lots of kindness to demonstrate his affection.

Occasionally, he’ll look for an excuse to touch you, to hug you, to kiss you in public. But, don’t expect this to be frequent.

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Loves to Listen to your Voice

Has your Virgo man started calling you quite regularly? Do you sense that he does so just to chat you up?

Well, the reason for this is simple. Your man wants to listen to your voice. Your voice seems to hold a magical allure for him. He can’t have enough of it.

When this happens a number of times, know that the man is deeply in love with you. Play your cards well. You’ll soon have him feeding from your hand!

Makes You Feel Secure

Men born under the zodiac sign have the uncanny ability to make the girls of their dreams feel safe and secure.

Of course, it’s common for insecurities to creep into your relationship. However, your man will make you feel safe even in the worst tempests.

He will show a keen interest in everything you do and will offer support when you need it.

Makes Little Romantic Gestures

Although he’s not a showy lover, the Virgo man is quite romantic. If he’s into you, he’ll surprise you with sweet edibles that he knows you’ll like.

Interestingly, he does this when you least expect it. He’ll organize to drop flowers and a box of chocolate at your workplace without notice.

The good thing is that his gifts are very thoughtful. He doesn’t pick an item for the sake of it. He chooses something that he knows you’ll treasure.

He targets gifts that will add value to your life.

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He Calls You ‘Sweetie’

When your Virgo man starts calling you ‘sweetie’, ‘dear’, and other sweet-sounding words, just know he’s ready to take your relationship to a new level.

He will show his verbal skills when he falls for you. He will express his affection by doting on you. He’ll use sweet words to make you feel wanted.

He’s Loyal to a Fault

This man is worth keeping, he doesn’t flit from one lady to the other once he’s made up his mind. He will have eyes only for you.

So, when he starts talking about being committed to each other, sit up and take stock. And, don’t just take stock, but do something to encourage him along.

This is the time to unleash all your seductiveness!

You can be certain that the Virgo man will stick with you through thick and thin when the relationship gets going.

He’ll Take You on Romantic Dates

Is he asking you out on a lunch date? Well, don’t treat it as just any other date. This occasion is special for him, and he wants to go with someone special to him.

You’ll notice that he doesn’t ask just about anyone out on lunch and dinner dates. He takes his time before he settles for you.

When he’s certain about his feelings, he’ll take you out to somewhere unique.

Insists on Perfectionism

One of the most prominent qualities of the Virgo man is perfectionism. He does everything just right.

Now, many people regard perfectionism as a flaw. In your case, it is a virtue.

So, when you see him paying closer attention to his looks, this should hold a special meaning for you. It means that he likes you and wants you to like him.

By nature, your man is meticulous. Imagine how much more he’s going to be careful when he falls in love with you. You can’t miss this sign.

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If your Virgo man takes a long time to declare his love for you, don’t worry. That’s in their nature.

However, you can look out for the above signs.

These signs will give you a heads-up on the direction the relationship is likely to take.

Once you see any of the signs, play your part and make the magic happen.

After all, it takes two to tango!

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