Signs an Aries Man Likes You

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Are you interested in the telling signs an Aries man likes you?

Don’t expect your Aries man to be the shy type. He doesn’t know about subtlety. He’s a bold, brazen individual who knows what he wants.

He doesn’t hesitate to use his resources to get what he thinks he deserves.

He applies these very same personality traits when it comes to matters of the heart.

He is ready and willing to use his passion and emotional intensity to convey his feelings in the best way he knows how.

This is to means that you shouldn’t have any challenges getting to know how he feels about you.

The astrological symbol of Aries is the Ram. The Ram is well known for his stubbornness. As such, expect your Aries man to be stubborn, cocky, and fiercely independent.

But, this native is also capable of much honesty and courage. In fact, he’s one of the most courageous individuals in the entire zodiac spectrum.

It’s important that you understand what to look for to know when this man is into you. Don’t make a blunder that may push him away from your life.

Here are the signs you need to look for…

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He Wants You by His Side

The Aries man is rarely shy. He can hold his ground in any social setting. He loves being at the center of attention in events and parties.

If this man is into you, you should be ready to be part of his vibrant social life. This is because he’ll invite you to be by his side in everything that he does.

You’ll have much fun being the special girl of this man. His life is full of exciting adventures. He’ll give you more than a healthy dose of this just to show you his affection.

Be prepared for interesting sporting events, wild parties, and lively family get-togethers.

So, when the Aries man starts asking you out for fun every now and then, quickly read between the lines. This man has deep feelings for you.

Shows His Affection Publicly

You can’t argue with this. it shows that your man is definitely into you. For this reason, it’s quite easy to seduce this man.

When he’s in love with you, he’ll let you know. You don’t have to second-guess him. The Aries man is not afraid of showing you his love in public.

He’s the kind of man who’ll put his arms around you just for the heck of it. He’ll hug you when you say something that strikes a chord in his heart.

He’s so energetic that you may forget to step back and take stock of where you are coming from. His high levels of energy will keep you extremely busy.

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He Shows You Off to Your Friend

The Aries man is a showy kind of a lover. He’ll take every opportunity to parade you in front of his friends and family.

This is his way of saying that he treasures you a lot.

The element Fire rules over the Aries zodiac sign. This element empowers your man to be a bold risk-taker.

He doesn’t shy from doing some serious physical maneuvers to present your better qualities to the world.

If the guy is into you, the Aries man will be highly animated. He’ll talk passionately in your presence. He tends to gesticulate wildly just to drive home his points.

It’s important to him that you understand he has strong feelings for you. If you seem not to, he’ll go to great lengths to ensure that you do.

He’s Protective of You

This man is keen to show off his strength. He’ll want to make sure that he can protect you and keep you safe.

He’ll be there when you need someone to do some heavy lifting for you. He’s the kind of guy who will gladly carry your furniture.

He’ll be more than happy to help you with the DIY projects that you have going on in your home.

The Aries man is keen to show off his athleticism. He’ll do all kinds of maneuvers just to impress you. Of course, he makes sure that you attend such events to cheer him on.

He Knows All About You

He’s keen to study your every little habit. Do you know why? It’s because he’s into you.

He knows how you do your hair on specific days. He knows which side of your hand you prefer to place your glass as you sip water.

When he starts pointing out these little habits to you, know that he has much more than just a cursory interest in your life.

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He Invites You on dates

Though this man is a rebel by nature, you’ll hardly be able to tell. He’ll try to create as much fun and adventure in your life as he can.

Deep in his heart, he is forever a child. He’ll take every opportunity to invite you for fun-filled activities.

Don’t be surprised if he invites you for a daring skiing activity or extreme mountain hikes.

He’ll expose you to all the adventures that the outdoors has to offer. Be prepared to be pushed to your outer physical limits.

He’ll involve in his favorite sporting activities, and will introduce you to the thrill of competition.

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He Calls to Wish You Goodnight

This Aries man has a courteous element about him. If he likes you, you’ll see his courteous nature quite easily.

For example, he’s the kind of guy who’ll call you the last thing at night just to wish you a good night’s sleep.

He’ll call you in the morning, when you least expect it, to wish you good morning.

He Doesn’t Play Hard to Get

The Aries man gets straight to the point. He won’t pretend not to have feelings for you when he’s actually burning with emotions.

If he likes you, he’ll be obvious about his feelings for you. He won’t subject you to unnecessary dating mind games.

This man will be receptive to the questions you have for him. If anything, he’ll make sure that he clears all communication issues before you delve deeper into the relationship.

So, if you feel that he’s being candid with you, it’s because he is into you. Seize the opportunity.

He Kisses You Often

When the Aries man loves you, he won’t wait for those special moments to kiss you. He takes every opportunity to connect your lips with his.

He’ll stop you as you pass each other so that he can affirm his feelings for you with a kiss. This is an unmistakable way of showing you that he has deep feelings for you.

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He Loves Your Pets

Men born under the Aries zodiac sign is not an animal person. Normally, he wants nothing at all to do with pets.

Interestingly, he’ll be very friendly to your pets. This is a strong sign that he has genuine feelings for you.


The Aries man has a sheer strength of character that you cannot overlook.

He’s driven by the need to impress you. He’ll use all kinds of fun activities to win your heart.

He will want you to share his world and experience life from his point of view.

If he allows you to get close to his core plans, know that he’s your man.

It’s upon you to make the right moves and seduce him. It would help a lot if you made him believe he’s taking the initiative.

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