Signs an Aquarius Woman Likes You

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Interested in the signs an Aquarius woman likes you? Then this guide is for you!

Aquarius women are quite open with their feelings. This means that it shouldn’t be hard for you to know when she loves you.

However, you need to look out for certain signs. The little things they do around you are all the clues you need.

By nature, Aquarius women are entertaining and interesting. But, they become far much more than this when they fall in love.

So, how do you know that your Aquarius woman loves you? Here’s how…

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She’s Very Romantic

This is the most glaring sign you’ll get from your Aquarius woman if she’s into you. Actually, this woman tends to be the most romantic of all the women in the entire zodiac spectrum.

This means that you need to count yourself lucky if an Aquarius woman shows interest in you. You will get tons of romance.

She will ensure that she fills your life with happiness.

To make things even spicier, you need to reciprocate using romantic words and quotes. Your girl with thoroughly appreciate this.

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Showers You with Gifts

When an Aquarius woman loves you, she will be quick to give you gifts. An Aquarius girl sees gifts as a gesture of her deep feelings for you.

This means that the more gifts you receive from her, the deeper her love for you is.

She Looks for You

If your Aquarius girl insists on meeting with you, know that she has special feelings for you. This is because Aquarius women rarely seek out the company of other people.

Granted, they do enjoy being around people in social gatherings. But, they don’t enjoy socializing with individuals.

So, this means that you mean something to her if she contacts you. Do not take those texts, emails, and calls for granted.

They are a powerful indicator that this Aquarius girl wants your company.

She Becomes Predictable

Everyone will know when an Aquarius woman falls in love with you. She becomes predictable. She acts in a way that leaves no doubt regarding her feelings.

She radiates warmth and a glow that is unmistakable.

She Pays You Much Attention

The world of an Aquarius girl will revolve around you if she loves you. She enjoys spending time with you.

She lets you know that she’s always available to lend you an ear. She wants you to share with her all your troubles.

Of course, all this makes you feel like the most important person in the neighborhood. You will see the need to reciprocate by assuring her of her worth.

1 She Wants to Accompany You on Adventure

An Aquarius woman is a free spirit. She loves taking road trips and camping out.

When this girl falls in love with you, she will ask to accompany you on your vacation. She wants to share in your adventure.

She’s fascinated by unusual trips that involve places that are rarely visited. She takes this as an opportunity to cement her emotional connection with you.

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She Tells You Her Feelings

Your Aquarius girl is not the shy sort of a person. She’s open, and she likes speaking her mind. When she falls in love with you, she will share with you her feelings.

She won’t you second-guessing what she wants. Just listen to what she tells you. it will save you the agony of engaging in mind games.

However, this trait is a two-sided coin. You see; the Aquarius woman will behave in the same way when it comes to breakups.

She will be straightforward. She’ll tell you to your face that your relationship is no more.

She Agrees to Meet with You

As we noted earlier, Aquarius women are not keen on one-on-one meetings. They prefer social gatherings.

So, don’t take it for granted when this woman agrees to meet with you in person. They may not consider this a real date.

All the same, it’s an indicator that they have special feelings for you.

She Turns on Her Charm

By nature, women born under the Aquarius zodiac tend to be warm-hearted. When she falls in love she becomes extremely charming.

This charm acts as a magnet. You won’t want to leave her side. She will speak and act in a way that you will find captivating.

This is your cue that your girl has deep feelings for you.

She Becomes Humorous

Women born under the Aquarius sign have a good sense of humor. However, this is not always obvious. This woman will only tell jokes around a person they are comfortable with.

They believe that being humorous exposes their vulnerabilities.

So, your Aquarius girl starts sharing her private jokes with you, know that you are important to her. It shows that she loves you enough to expose her underbelly to you.

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She Wants to Explore with You

Aquarius women don’t experiment much. They are set in their ways from their earlier years. However, all these changes when she falls in love.

Your Aquarius woman will want to explore things with you. She gets the desire to try new things when she’s with you.

So, don’t be surprised when your girl asks you to try new eateries. She will want to try some new hobbies.

You will motivate her to change her wardrobe.

She Takes the Lead

When an Aquarius girl falls in love, she’s not afraid to take the lead. She likes things to be done in a particular way.

She will show you exactly how she wants this done.

So, take it positively when your Aquarius girl asks to take you on a date. It means that she’s too impatient to wait for your invitation.

She Tends to be Talkative

Although Aquarius women like being part of large gatherings, they don’t talk a lot. They prefer to be listeners.

However, this changes when this woman falls in love with you. She tends to talk a lot. She will talk about everything and nothing.

Don’t be offended by this. Rather, take it as a sign that you are in good luck.

She Becomes Analytical

If an Aquarius woman falls in love with you, she will want to analyze every aspect of your relationship. She is very good at observing from a distance.

You will not be spared this aspect of her personality.

So, when your girl starts discussing the more intimate aspects of your life, know that she has feelings for you.

This is more so if the discussion is carried out as if she’s doing research for a college paper. It just means that this Aquarius girl loves you.

She Becomes Flirty

It’s normal for an Aquarius girl to become flirty when she’s in love. She will do everything to draw your attention to herself.

She will flirt with her eyes. She will pout her lips so that you can think of kissing them. She will sway her hips so that she can draw attention to her generous curves.

Well, if you notice what she’s doing, it would pay off if you flirted back.

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It’s important that you test the waters before you commit yourself to an Aquarius girl. Hold deep discussions with her.

This will enable you to determine her viewpoint about relationships and permanency.

The good thing is that an Aquarius girl does not know how to pretend. She will tell you exactly how she feels about you.

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