18 Signs a Cancer Woman Likes You

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Interested in the signs a Cancer woman likes you? Then this guide is for you!

Cancer people are cautious by nature. The cancer woman is as guarded as she is nurturing. This means that they are very good people to have around.

However, penetrating through her exterior can be a daunting task. It requires some level of finesse and tact.

It would help a great deal if you knew that she is attracted to you. So, how do you know that a cancer woman is into you? What signs do you look for?

In this article, we help you to demystify this. Here are the key signs that the cancer woman really likes you.

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She is Very Passionate

The cancer lady does not know how to hide her emotions. She wears all her emotions on the surface. One thing you’ll know for sure that is that she has a passion for you.

She acts very excitedly when she’s around you. She looks at you with an unmistakably intense gaze.

She Makes You Feel Special

The cancer girl makes you feel like a king when she really likes you. She enables you to exude confidence.

A cancer girl in love will have the inclination to make you feel safe. She is a great seductress, and will often surprise you with her sensuality.

This lady will stick by your side regardless of what you are going through.

She Makes Physical Contact

A cancer lady is very bold when she’s in love. She will take every opportunity to make physical contact with you.

Watch out for signs that she’s touching you at every opportunity. When you make a joke, she makes sure that she touches you – no matter how subtly – to show her appreciation.

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She Seduces You with Her Eyes

A cancer lady will make excessive eye contact as a sign that she likes you. This is a sign that she’s interested in you.

She finds your eyes alluring. She finds joy by just looking at them.

She Keeps in Contact

When a cancer girl is in love, she won’t be content when she’s away. She wants to be around you so that she can keep looking at you.

When this is not possible, she ensures that she keeps in touch. She will send you dozens of texts just to find out how you are doing.

Don’t be surprised when you keep receiving several calls from her in a single day. This is a telltale sign that this girl is into you.

Shows That She’s Concerned

A cancer girl will care for you when she likes you. And, she’ll want you to know it. She’ll prove her love by fussing around you.

She’ll want to know whether you have eaten. She reminds you when it’s time to take your meds.

She keeps up with your schedule and alerts you when an important event is coming up.

She Wants to be Next to You

A cancer girl will hug you at almost every turn. She wants to keep your company. She’s fascinated by your scent and the way you talk.

This girl will laugh easily at your jokes. She will show her appreciation for everything you do and say. Also, she tends to be nervous.

All these are pointers to the fact that she’s into you.

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She’s Easy to Please

A cancer girl is one of the easiest people to please, especially when she’s in love. She appreciates your every effort.

The little things you do will mean a lot for her. For example, if you crack a joke, she’ll laugh. It doesn’t matter how poor the joke is.

She’ll appreciate the effort rather than the joke itself.

She Can’t Stop Talking About You

A cancer girl proves her love for you by talking about you all the time. She’ll tell all her friends about the great person that you are.

She finds a way of inserting your name in every topic she engages in.

She Dresses to Impress

Your girl will want you to notice her outfit. She wants to know what you think about her hair, her make-up, and perfume.

She’ll want to keep your favorite colors on her. When they take up a new hobby, you’ll be the first to know.

She wants to know your opinion regarding every aspect of her life.

She Opens Up to You

Cancer people are secretive and guarded by nature. However, when a cancer girl likes you she’ll open up. She’ll share with you the most intimate details of her life.

What’s more, this girl will enjoy gossiping with you. She’ll talk to you about other people. She’ll share with you her joys, hopes, and fears.

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She Flirts with You

When a cancer girl loves you, she’ll flirt with you openly. She enjoys expressing herself in this manner. She wants all other females to know that you are her special man.

Her flirtatious nature is her way of marking her territory. It the way she lets the world know that you are hers.

Accepts Your Dates

You won’t have a problem taking your girl for a date if she loves you. Cancer girls love long, romantic dates when they are in love.

She takes this as an opportunity to connect with you. She uses the dates as opportunities to build intimacy.

Enjoys Cleaning Your House

By nature, cancer girls enjoy home life. When a cancer girl falls in love with you, she’ll want you to enjoy her home-cooked meal. Also, she’ll want to take care of you by cleaning your home.

This girl will help you to organize your personal life. She’s a great stickler for order. You’ll see the effect of this when she falls in love with you.

Shares Her Resources with You

A cancer girl will share her resources with you if she likes you. so, don’t feel belittled if she’s more moneyed than you.

You can be sure that she’ll help you foot some of the bills that you incur together.

She’ll Make You a Playlist

Once this girl knows the kind of music you enjoy, she’ll make you a playlist. This is an obvious indicator that she’s into you.

This also applies to movies and documentaries. She’ll get you the latest entertainment items. This is her way of adding value to your life.

She wants you to get a feel of their emotional side.

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Will Ask You Out

Don’t be surprised when your girl asks you out. This is a common feature of cancer girls when they fall in love.

She wants to be alone with you. She wants to know you better. Also, she uses this as an opportunity to tell you their secrets.

She wants you to know that she has nothing to hide from you. This only happens when this girl really likes you.

You see, cancer is a Water sign. By, nature, these people are quite secretive.

As such, you can be sure that your girl loves you when she frequently wants to take you out.

She Will Groom You

A cancer girl will want you to look your best if she’s into you. She ensures that you are spic and span each time you are with her.

She will spot the tiny animal hair on your coat. If your eyelash strays, she notices it. She fixes your wardrobe if it malfunctions.

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Ordinarily, it’s not easy for a cancer girl to open up. But, when she falls in love, you’ll read her like an open book.

She wears all her emotions on her sleeve. She becomes very romantic. Also, she begins to appreciate your jokes, no matter how bland.

So, you need to respond by showing her that you care. Show love to her pets and children, if she has any.

Also, don’t rush things with her. Let her move at her own pace. Make her feel comfortable around you.

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