Signs a Gemini Woman Likes You

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Interested in the signs a Gemini woman likes you? Then this guide is for you!

When a Gemini girl falls for you, she behaves like a teenager in love.

It won’t be hard to notice the telltale signs of romance.

It’s important to understand exactly what to look out for.

This will give you the opportunity to respond appropriately.

So, how do you know that your Gemini girl loves you?

Here’s what to look out for.

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She Enjoys Your Conversations

By nature, Gemini people hold very short conversations. This changes when they fall in love.

You’ll know that your girl is into you when she sticks around for your conversations. She enjoys exchanging ideas with you.

Actually, your chats don’t have to be on anything meaningful. She just wants to be with you, to hear you talk.

Enjoys Accompanying You on Dates

Gemini girls do not always turn up for dates. They talk such engagements as inconsequential. As such, they are likely to forget.

This does not apply to a Gemini girl when she loves you. If your girl DOES turn up for your date, know that you are in luck.

It means that this girl has strong feelings for you. She won’t allow anything to distract her feelings for you.

Shares Her Past with You

Gemini people have a strong connection with their past. However, they like keeping these memories to themselves.

You’ll know that your Gemini girl loves you when she starts sharing her childhood experiences with you. She’ll tell you of her best and worst experiences.

She’ll relax enough to invite you to share in her secrets.

She Debates with You

When a Gemini girl loves you, she’ll want to engage with you intellectually. The more you spend time with her, the more she’ll want to know what you think about certain topics.

She enjoys it the more if the debate becomes heated. In fact, she’s likely to switch sides if you capitulate.

She derives joy from engaging you in this manner. This is because she has special feelings for you.

She Doesn’t Give Up on You

Most people will avoid you when your star seems to dim. They will come up with all sorts of excuses as to why they cannot be with you.

Not the Gemini girl in love. This girl will stick by your side, no matter the circumstances. She will do everything within her power to help you out.

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She Enjoys Playing Games with You

A Gemini woman will express her love by playing games with you. Has this girl started asking you over for a game of Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit?

You have hit the jackpot!

A Gemini girl in love will play with you competitively. She’s not one to protect your ego and let you win. She takes the games very seriously.

In all likelihood, she very good at the games she invites you to play.

As such, it might be a good idea to sharpen your prowess in these games. Otherwise, you’ll be up for a beating each time you play with your girl.

Recites Poetry for You

Most Gemini women love poetry. They have a great skill of artistry with words. In all likelihood, your Gemini girl has memorized a number of poems.

When she falls for you, this girl will recite the most romantic of them for you. She may even go to the extent of writing them down for you.

If she’s not so much into poetry, she will make do with songs. She will sing some clever songs that she has made up.

Alternatively, she will buy you songs of your favorite artists.

She Openly Flirts with You

Gemini people are usually friendly. When your girl goes beyond this normal friendliness, she may be trying to show you her feelings for you.

This is more so if she has a crush on you. She will openly flirt with you. it will be so obvious that you can’t mistake it for anything else.

She will move suggestively when she’s around you. She will make sexy comments. Her every demeanor will leave you in no doubt about her feelings.

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Uses Mercurial Body Language

Gemini people are very good communicators. They know how to use both verbal and non-verbal cues of communication to pass their message.

When a Gemini girl loves you, they become very animated. They will use their shoulders, head, and hands to communicate their feelings for you.

They are likely to stare at your lips as you talk. All the while they will be fiddling with their rings or fingers.

They have a constant movement of hands when they are around you. This is a strong indicator that they love you.

They are Inquisitive About Your Life

If a Gemini girl starts showing interest in your life, know that she has feelings for you. She will ask you unending questions about your past, present, and future aspirations.

She’ll want to know your opinion regarding everything. She will collect as much information about you as she can.

This is an obvious indicator of her love for you.

She Makes Time for You

People born under the Gemini zodiac tend to be very busy. They are always up and about, running after this or the other concern.

For them, time flies really fast. It’s no wonder, then, that most of them are high achievers.

It’s a good sign when the Gemini woman finds time to be with you. This is a sign that you mean a lot in their lives.

They are willing to forgo some things just to be with you.

She Enjoys Teaching You

People born under the Gemini zodiac sign are intellectually and mentally gifted. They are always running after new knowledge and information.

When a Gemini girl falls in love with you, you can be sure that she will pass some of her knowledge to you.

She is interested in your self-improvement. She wants you to learn something from every experience you go through.

You can tell that she’s interested in you when she starts suggesting the titles you should read. She will introduce you to the world of educative documentaries.

This girl will engage you in brain-teasing puzzles. That’s your cue that she’s into you.

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She’ll Introduce You

A Gemini girl will not keep you in the closet if she loves you. She wants the whole world to know that you are hers.

She will go to great lengths to make sure that her friends know of your existence. She will take you to places where her friends her out.

She wants to show you off. She wants to eliminate the competition for your attention.

Actually, she may even suggest that you meet her folk!

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A Gemini girl is flirty, cheeky, and fun when she’s in love. She will enjoy being around you. She looks forward to having conversations with you.

A Gemini girl will not turn your date down when she has feelings for you. She will show up on time when you invite her.

Most importantly, this girl will be interested in your life. She will take every opportunity to know you better.

When you see these signs, it’s only appropriate that you respond accordingly. Tread carefully, lest you hurt her feelings.

Open your mind and heart to the concept of fun and adventure. Gemini women have a strong liking for outgoing people.

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