Signs a Leo Woman Likes You

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Interested in the signs a Leo woman likes you? Then this guide is for you!

Leo women are crowd pullers. A Leo woman gets noticed wherever she goes. She is easily the center of any gathering.

Her confidence and magnetism earn her many admirers. She easily captures the attention of the opposite sex.

Many men find it hard to establish a relationship with a Leo girl. They believe that her glowing aura makes her unattainable.

These men could not be further from the truth. Fact is, Leo women do have a soft side. She’s always on the lookout for a man that deserves her affections.

When she finally gets one, she becomes very devoted and loyal. Also, her attitude will totally change when she falls for you.

So, how do you know that the Leo woman has an interest in you? How do you know that you are the object of her affections?

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She Tells You Her Feelings

Leo women are honest and sincere. These traits come to the fore when the Leo girl is in love. She will tell you exactly what she feels about you.

She will leave you in no doubt that she loves you. She may do this in public or in private. A Leo girl will not pretend or disguise her true feelings for you.

1She Will Approach You

Leo women are known for their straightforwardness. They are never shy, and neither will they beat about the bush.

When a Leo girl thinks that you are attractive, she will be bold enough to approach you. She will momentarily abandon her friends to talk to you.

She’ll Tell You All About Herself

A Leo girl will tell you all about herself when she falls in love with you. She will talk a lot. She’ll excitedly tell you what she thinks about a raft of issues.

Actually, you shouldn’t worry when you find yourself relegated to the role of listening. It just shows that this Leo girl likes you – a lot!

Also, don’t take offense when you find that she’s self-centered in her talks. That’s the way Leo girls are wired to behave when they like a dude.

It doesn’t show a lack of interest in you. Rather, it’s an affirmation that she finds you very attractive.

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She Heaps Praises on You

When a Leo woman loves you, the whole world will know. She takes every opportunity to tell people what a wonderful man you are.

You need to gird yourself if you are the shy sort of guy. This is because she’s likely to sing your praises in front of everyone.

Should you show signs of discomfort, she’ll take this as an indicator of cuteness. This will propel her to talk more about how affectionate she feels towards you.

She Showers You with Gifts

If a Leo girl likes you, she will shower you with endless gifts. Her generosity towards you will have no limits.

This will go to prove that your girl is not self-centered, after all.

She’s happy when she makes you happy. As such, she does her homework to understand what you like and what you don’t.

Armed with this knowledge, she’s able to give you the perfect gifts.

She Pays Attention to Your Needs

Don’t be deceived by the appearances of a Leo girl. She will appear nonchalant about you. The truth is she will observe every single detail of your life, especially when she’s into you.

The Leo girl will know when you need to change your wardrobe. They will tell you things that you hadn’t even considered about yourself.

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She Arranges Romantic Dinners

When a Leo girl wants to impress you, she makes arrangements for grand romantic dinners. It doesn’t matter whether she cooks it herself or not.

For her, dinner with you must be a dramatic affair. Think along the lines of candlelight and generous table settings.

A Leo girl in love makes sure that dinner with her is as bold and big as she can afford.

When she invites you for dinner, don’t be surprised to find a dinner party in progress. This is her way of telling the world that she has affections for you.

In this aspect, the Leo girl is some sort of a show-off.

She Goes Big on Social Media

Leo women love being on social media. A Leo girl will have multiple social media accounts. When she falls in love with you, she will post all your joint activities on these accounts.

She wants to tell the world that you are at the center stage of her life.

As such, don’t be surprised when you see all the selfies you took together appear on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

She’ll also monitor this account to gauge how the public is reacting to your relationship. She will constantly apprise you of how the posts are doing.

If you feel uncomfortable with this public display, you don’t need to worry. This lady will cool down as the relationship progresses.

She Accompanies You on Vacations

Leo is a powerful Fire sign. People born under this sign are known for their love of adventure.

When a Leo woman loves you, they will want to accompany you on an adventure. They prefer doing something big, exciting, and crazy.

They’d prefer to go to on Safari to Africa rather than settle for a small road trip.

But, they will want to express their romance during such an adventure. For this reason, she will prefer staying in a hotel room rather than go camping.

She wants a situation where she can order for room service and spend quality time with you. The good news is that she’s ready to help you foot part of the bill.

You see; Leo women are good money managers. This means that they are able to save for luxuries. Also, she knows how to hunt for discounts and good rates.

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She’s Loyal to You

Ordinarily, Leo women are loyal. Their loyalty goes a notch higher when they fall in love. You can be sure that your girl will be faithful to the end.

Also, she’s unlikely to raise her voice at you. She will do everything to safeguard your honor and respect.

She acts in a way that protects your interests in public. She’ll help you boost your business and career. All these are indicators that this Leo girl is madly in love with you.

But, you need to play your part. You will lose this girl if she believes you are unfaithful or disloyal. Do not give her any reason to think that you are playing her.

It won’t take a lot of convincing to make her believe that you are unfaithful. But, do not take the risk. It’s best that you play safe with a Leo woman in love.

She Values Your Beliefs

When the Leo girl finally stops talking about herself, she’ll want to know your thoughts. She will keenly listen to what you hold dear.

A Leo girl who likes you will be very much interested in your beliefs and philosophies. She wants to know your opinions regarding various issues.

When this happens, know that her feelings for you have really developed. Actually, she’s ready to take the relationship to the next level.

It’s an indicator that she has come to respect you for what you stand for. She sees you as a trusted advisor.

When a Leo woman starts listening to you, she has full confidence in your wisdom. You can be assured that her loyalty will grow even further.

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A Leo woman is the picture of social success. She behaves like a queen when she’s in public. She pulls crowds because of her confidence.

Actually, all Leo women believe that they have some aspects of royalty. For this reason, some men fear to approach them.

But, the truth is that a Leo woman does fall in love. When she falls in love with you, remember to thank the Universe for your good luck.

This is because a Leo girl is one of the most dependable people to be in love with.

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