Signs a Sagittarius Woman Likes You

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Interested in the signs a Sagittarius woman likes you? Then this guide is for you!

A Sagittarius girl is very passionate when it comes to matters of the heart. She enjoys the excitement that comes with falling in love.

The Sagittarius woman has her best moments when she goes away on an adventure with her partner. She is ready to find a physical expression for her feelings.

At the same time, she tends to be straightforward, honest, and sincere. She is most attracted to a man who has similar traits.

If a Sagittarius woman has feelings for you, you won’t have to second-guess her. All the signs will be clear for the whole world to see.

So, what signs should you look out for in your Sagittarius girl? How would you know that she truly loves you?

This article provides you with the answers to these questions.

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She Physically Expresses Her Feelings

A Sagittarius girl does not know how to hide her feelings. She always looks for a way to express her emotions physically.

This is no exception when it comes to matters of the heart. Your girl will hug and kiss you in public. She will take your hand as you walk down the street.

When this happens, know that she’s expressing exactly what she feels inside.

She’s Takes the Lead

A Sagittarius woman is quite courageous when she falls in love. She will not shy from taking the lead in the relationship.

This is more so if she perceives that you are either shy or a bit reserved.

She will suggest the exciting places you should visit as a couple. She will suggest things you should do when you are together in private.

Do not be scared by this. It is just her way of letting you know that she deeply cares for you.

She Lets You Know

A Sagittarius woman is one of the boldest in the entire zodiac spectrum. She won’t find any difficulty letting you know exactly what she feels about you.

If she cares for you, you don’t have to guess. She will tell you straight up. What’s more, she will want the whole world to know.

However, Sagittarius women tend to have many friends, especially of the opposite sex. This does not mean that she is manipulating you.

Neither does it mean that she will be dishonest with you. It just shows that she is accommodative. This quality will work in your favor in a relationship.

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She is Very Flirty

A Sagittarius woman in love tends to flirt a lot. She pays all attention to you. She will do this both in private and in public.

She will seduce you with her eyes and her movements. She’ll touch her hair a lot so that you can concentrate on her face.

When you see these signs, know that you are good to go!

She Speaks Her Mind Candidly

When a Sagittarius girl falls in love with you, she will speak her mind openly. She will candidly tell you what she thinks about certain people and situations.

She’ll open her life to you. She’ll share her past, present, and future aspirations. Interestingly, she’ll expect you to do the same.

Their talkative nature makes some people brand them as nosy. The truth is that they are just inquisitive as well as candid.

She Asks You on a Date

A Sagittarius woman is not limited by the stereotypical roles of women. If she loves you, she won’t have any qualms asking you out on a date.

Also, she will ask for your phone number if you take too long to ask for hers. Well, she loves you, and she’s willing to show it!

She Values Your Opinion

If your Sagittarius woman is into you, she will share her ideas with you. She will want to pick your mind on topics related to politics, religion, philosophy, and everything else in between.

Most importantly, she will respect your opinion, even if it is at variance with theirs. She understands that there’s strength in diversity.

However, if this woman doesn’t care what you think, she’s not interested in you.

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She Tries to Please You

If a Sagittarius woman likes you enough, she will try to protect your feelings. She will be very considerate of you.

She won’t want to do or say something that could hurt your ego. This is not always easy for her, considering that she’s a free spirit.

However, her feelings will compel her to curb her tongue so as not to hurt you. This is one of the most glaring signs that your Sagittarius woman loves you.

She Craves Adventure

Women born under the Sagittarius zodiac are more energetic than your average woman. They tend to restless, especially when they are excited.

So, you can imagine what happens when the Sagittarius girl falls in love. She gets the itch to travel. She’ll want you to travel with her anywhere.

She just wants to keep moving.

When you notice this, know that this craving is prompted by her deep feelings for you.

She Becomes Very Charming

Your Sagittarius lover will turn on her irresistible charm when the situation calls for it. When she loves you, she’ll turn on this legendary charm in order to capture your attention.

This tact works very well in their favor. You see; it’s very hard to get angry at a charming person. For this reason, Sagittarius women tend to get away with all manner of things.

So, when your girl turns on her charm, know that she has feelings for you. She wants you to reciprocate.

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She Shows Up

Sagittarius women tend to pursue many engagements at once. Actually many people consider them to be busybodies.

This means that they are likely to forget keeping appointments or turning up for dates.

But, this will not happen if this girl loves you. She will remember to turn up at the right place, and on time.

If she tells you that she will come, trust that she will. She has no reason for doublespeak. So, in case you don’t see her after she had promised to turn up, do not panic.

It only means that she has been genuinely held up. Or she forgot.

She Stands with You

Girls born under the Sagittarius zodiac are very defensive. This is more so when they have feelings for someone.

Your girl will protect you against public shame and ridicule. She will support you in all the ways she can. She’s willing to extend her resources to you so that you can save face.

This partner will not abandon you. She will stand with you through thick and thin.

When she loves you, this woman will have no boundaries between what’s hers and what’s yours. But, she will expect that you behave in the same manner.

So, when your Sagittarius girl allows you control over her resources, take it as a sign that she’s deeply in love with you.

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Dating a Sagittarius woman is a roller-coaster of experience. You will oscillate through her love for freedom and adventure, and your need to establish stability.

At the end of the day, you need to understand your woman. Know that people born under this zodiac tend to flit from one activity to the next.

Trust that your lover means well. Trust it when she tells you that she has feelings for you. if you play your cards well, you’ll know that a Sagittarius woman can be your ideal love.

Look out for the above signs to find out if your Sagittarius crush loves you.

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