Signs a Pisces Woman Likes You

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Interested in the signs a Pisces woman likes you? Then this guide is for you!

Pisceans women desire to meet men with whom they share a telepathic connection. In their life, true love counts high in their list of ambitions.

Also, a Piscean woman tends to be more optimistic than those born under the other Water signs, Scorpio and Cancer.

For this reason, a Piscean woman is more discoverable as a lover.

It’s important that you do not take the feelings of a Piscean woman for you for granted. This is because they are likely to fall into depression if their love is not reciprocated.

All the same, Pisceans will dive into the waters of love. So, how do you know when a Piscean woman falls for you?

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She Easily Notices You

Women born under the Pisces zodiac are not known for their observation skills. Her mind can be far away even when she’s right there with you.

So, it should mean a lot if you manage to catch the eye of a Pisces woman. It only means one thing: she is highly attracted to you.

This shows that you are more interesting than her daydreams. She is willing to let go of her fantasies in order to recognize your presence.

You can confirm this if she remembers your name the next time you meet. This is a sure sign that you made your mark in her mind.

She’s Willing to Take the Lead

A Piscean woman may act all shy during your initial meetings. However, as she gets to like you more, she tends to take the lead.

She wants to have a say on the direction the relationships should take. Don’t be worried about this. It’s an indicator that she likes you enough to want to advance things with you.

Just go along with the flow. Soon she’ll hand you the reins once she’s sure you want the same thing as she does.

So, when your Pisces girl starts suggesting the activities you should indulge in, take this positively. It’s her way of gauging whether you are on the same page.

She’s Concerned About You

If a Piscean girl has feelings for you, she tends to worry about you. This is her way of showing care and concern.

She’ll call you to find out what you are doing. She’ll want to know whether you remembered to break from your busy schedule to have lunch.

Granted, this may seem a bit controlling, especially if you have not experienced it before.

But, just relax. Her vivid imagination makes her worry about you because she actually cares. This is your cue that you have a good thing going.

To smooth things out, let her know when you’ll be running late. This way, she won’t be overly concerned when you don’t show up on time.

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She Agrees to Your Dates

A Pisces woman does not take long to decide whether she’s coming with you on a date. She’s in or out – without hesitation.

Unlike the Libra woman, a Piscean woman will not fear to say no when she means it. She makes her feelings known on the spot.

If she needs more time to consider, she will let you know.

As such, it means a lot when you ask a Piscean girl out and she agrees outright. It means that you already occupy a special place in her heart.

However, it would be unwise to press on if she asks for more time to consider. Believe me; she has a reason for this.

Give her time. In the meantime, be at your best. You never know what tomorrow holds!

She’ll Help You Pay Bills

It’s not every day you find beautiful women doing stuff for men. The Piscean woman is an exception in this case – especially if she loves you.

If your Piscean woman is physically well endowed, you can be sure that her assets go beyond what you can see.

These girls are highly intelligent. As such, they know that they have to go the extra mile in order to attract the man they love.

So, you’ll find your Piscean woman doing stuff for you that the more traditional girls wouldn’t. Her feeling for you gives her good reasons to do so.

For example, she’ll insist on paying part of the bill. This is more so when she knows that you are having some financial issues.

She pays Attention to Your Feelings

The Piscean woman is quite empathetic. You will notice her compassion and sensitivity when she has feelings for you.

Your girl has the ability to feel your emotions as much as she feels her own. This is an indicator that she has a deep emotional connection with you.

She can tell when you are upset by something. Interestingly, she may perceive your emotional anguish before you do.

This is a sure fire sign that this woman loves you.

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She’ll Ask for You Assistance

Piscean women do experience some challenges when it comes to some practical matters. They know this but are not keen to ask just about anyone for help.

So, if your Piscean girl asks you to help her with some issue, take this as a positive sign.

She will ask you for directions if they are moving to a new place. She will ask you to recommend a good plumber or some other such technicians.

This means that she trusts your opinion and judgment. She considers you a person she can come to for assistance and guidance.

You are important to her, and she has deeper-than-surface feelings for you.

Be the knight in shining armor and rescue her when she needs help.

She’ll Attempt to Cook for You

A Piscean woman will want to cook for you as an expression of her special feelings for you. This is a courageous move, for she may actually not know how to cook.

You need to appreciate the effort. Don’t look at the results, especially if she’s a novice at cooking. Also, ensure that she has taken the right measures to prevent a mishap in the kitchen.

Be ready to reassure her if things do not turn out as she had hoped.

Her intention is a clear indicator that your Piscean girl is into you. Respond by assuring her that you love her too.

She Will Expose Her Spiritual Side

Piscean women tend to be philosophical. They have a strong spiritual side that receives most of its influences from Jupiter.

Most Pisceans are not comfortable wearing this aspect of their life on their faces. You won’t find them preaching concepts from theology, metaphysics, and philosophy.

But, they are deeply spiritual.

You will get to know this side of your Piscean woman’s life if she has feelings for you. She won’t be uncomfortable talking about these concepts in your presence.

If anything, she’ll want to share her spiritual insights and knowledge with you.

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She May Criticize You

During the initial stages, your Piscean girl may not want to be critical of you. She admires you and she wouldn’t want to scare you off.

However, as her feelings for you deepen, she becomes more certain of her position in your life. This is more so if you freely express what you feel for her.

She will start to complain about some things that you do or say. She feels completely present with you. She has created a perfect world in her mind. You have an important role to play in this world.

This is why she becomes more and more outspoken about your conduct. It’s a sign that she wants the two of you to belong together.

Shares thoughts of the Future

As the feelings of your Piscean girl continue to advance, you’ll notice by the way she talks about the future.

She’ll share with you her ideas of a fantasy wedding. She’ll tell you that she hopes for a wedding out of this world.

Your girl is testing to see whether you envision any future with her. She wants to be secure. She’s looking for assurance.

Do not worry if you are not to get married as yet. All your girl wants is an assurance of your love and faithfulness.

Her thoughts are an indicator that she’s deeply into you.

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Piscean women do not have much attachment to the material world. They tend to live in a dream world.

It takes the force of love to bring them back to reality.

So, when you find that your girl is becoming practical more frequently, know that she has feelings for you.

You have the power to remove her from her fantasies. It means that she has a crush on you.

Watch out for the signs above to determine whether she truly loves you.

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