Signs a Libra Woman Likes You

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Interested in the signs a Libra woman likes you? Then this guide is for you!

Libra women are quite outgoing and charming when it comes to most matters of life.

However, you may be unable to understand them when it comes to matters of love.

This is more so because their communication is not so direct. As such, you need to be very discerning to know that a Libra girl has a crush on you.

So, what signs do you look for?

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She Speaks Her Mind

Your Libra girl will not mince her words when she’s annoyed. If she truly likes you, she’ll speak candidly and openly.

This means that confrontations with a Libra woman can be quite healthy. She will share her deepest feelings when she’s angry.

So, the next time your Libra women walks in with that tough face, don’t panic. She’s just letting you know that she cares too much to let anything go wrong.

She’s willing to show you her vulnerability because she cares for you.

She Makes Firm Decisions

Most people born under the Libra zodiac are quite indecisive. They blow with the wind, so to speak.

However, you’ll notice a big difference if you are dealing with a Libra girl who loves you. She will be resolute, straightforward, and decisive.

She has no qualms about letting you know exactly what she wants.

She’s Relaxed Around You

By their very nature, Libra people are very keen about how they look. They put a lot of emphasis on appearances and status.

When the Libra girl has feelings for you, she becomes less superficial. She is more relaxed in your presence.

This means she will care less about her looks. She may let her hair down and not care so much about color matching.

When you see these signs, know that this girl is comfortable with you. She does not see the need to put up appearances or keep her guard up.

Actually, these are indicators that she wants to develop a more solid connection with you.

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She Enjoys Flirting

If a Libra woman loves you, she will flirt a lot – with you!

By nature, Libra women are social beings. But, they will not flirt unless they are very sure about their feelings.

Once she warms up to you, she will expose you to the artistry side of Libra flirtation. She will do it shamelessly, even in public.

You will notice that she becomes flirtier when you have your male friends around. Interestingly, she may flirt with them too!

Of course, this will make you feel jealous. However, it’s not a cause of concern.

You see; the Libra girl flirts because she’s comfortable, and she’s having fun. The good news is that you are the cause of all these.

If you are not around she would not dare to flirt.

She Becomes More Settled

Libra people are not very steady in life. They make numerous changes at the slightest provocation. They move things around to suit their current circumstances.

When you realize that your Libra girl has become steadier, she is growing. This is more so if when encounters a force as powerful as love.

If you see her being peaceful and more content around you, know that you have won her heart. You have enabled her to reach an important phase of life.

She Shares Her Contacts

Libra women are not the kind of people to go dishing out their telephone numbers. They are very choosy.

As such, they will deny such a request outright if they are not interested.

However, if she likes you, she’ll tend to agree with you on many things. This means that she’s likely to share her contacts with you.

But, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t get her number in your first try. You need to understand where Libra women are coming from.

Libra girls like to create harmony, balance, and honesty in their lives. They understand that this can be shattered by unwelcome advances.

As such, she’ll only give you her contacts when she’s certain about her feelings for you.

The surest sign of her affection is when she does give you her number. And…she answers your calls!

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She Wears a Warm Smile

A Libra woman wears her feelings on her face when she’s in love. Her feelings for you will make her happy.

You’ll notice this feeling on her bright, genuine smile.

So, if you are dating a Libra woman, it’s important that you learn to distinguish a genuine smile from a fake one.

When a person flashes a fake smile, you are likely to see their bottom teeth.

If the smile on your girl’s face is warm and genuine, this Libra lady is into you.

She Broadens Your Mind

People born under the Libra zodiac, which is an Air sign, are highly intellectual. Your Libra girl is not just another pretty face.

If she has feelings for you, she will try to exchange some ideas with you. Your constant contact with her will add to your own wisdom.

A sign that she loves you is when she starts recommending movies, good reads, and documentaries. She will engage you in thought-provoking discussions.

She Turns Up for Dates

If a Libra woman loves you, she won’t leave you high and dry. She will accept your invitation for dates. More importantly, she will show up.

This is because she wants to make it easy for you to access her. She’s willing to move her schedule around to accommodate you.

If she’s not into you, she’ll come up with all kinds of excuses as to why she can’t honor a date with you. If you insist and she actually agrees to come, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t turn up.

But, mercifully, she’ll try to let you know that she’s not coming. For example, she can contact a mutual friend to relay the information.

So, if your girl does turn up for your date, this is a sure-fire sign. She loves you!

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She Arranges Romantic Dinners

A Libra woman will decide to cook at her house or order dinner, depending on her culinary skills and inclination.

Whatever the case, you can be sure that the dinner will be a grand affair. She wants to make it a romantic experience as a sign that she’s into you.

She will ensure that the table is set just to perfection. She has an artistic mind, and she’ll want to display this through the dinner arrangement.

It’s likely that this woman will pay more attention to how the food looks like than how it tastes. This is common with most Air signs.

She’ll create a dinner experience that you are unlikely to forget anytime soon.

So, if a Libra woman invites to such a romantic dinner, get it as a sign that she really likes you.

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Women born under the Libra zodiac are as charming as they are lovely. However, they can be quite confusing if you don’t understand them well.

Libra women place a high premium on courtesy and harmony. They will avoid confrontation as much as they can.

However, when they get angry, they will use this as a means of getting a resolution. This is a sign that they see a future with you.

Pay attention to the signs we’ve covered above. They will help you open up the possibilities that exist with your Libra girl.

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