Soul Urge Number 1

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In Numerology it is known that numbers often express specific energies or vibrations that can be used to understand the hidden significance of various phenomena that occur in our lives.

Everything in the Universe that takes form can be said to contain within itself a hidden energy or vibration that is revealed through the numerical data associated with its emergence into form.

This hidden vibrational essence can be thought of as a code that you can decipher to discover your own hidden wishes and desires that will lead to your ultimate happiness and emotional fulfillment.

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What is a Soul Urge Number?

When a numerologist draws up a numerological chart for someone, they will calculate the five core numbers using the data of the person’s birth as a guide.

From the person’s birth date and name a numerologist can calculate the numbers that are the soul’s secret code through which it is possible to decipher your life’s purpose.

The soul urge number is one of the five core numbers used to make up a person’s numerology chart and is either determined by the date on which a person is born, or is calculated from the vowels in a person’s name.

The soul urge number refers to your internal system of values and can be an extremely valuable tool for self-discovery.

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Soul Urge Number 1

Traditionally, a person is said to have a soul urge number of 1 if they were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month, but many numerologists can calculate your soul urge number by adding up the values assigned to the vowels in your name.

The number 1 indicates that you are in possession of many positive personality traits such as originality, leadership and independence.

This means that you desire to be first at everything and to be successful in everything you try.

When you are in alignment with your soul urge number, it means that you are driven, ambitious and can perhaps be a control freak to a certain extent.

Your friends and family members are likely to describe you as driven.

A person with a soul urge number of 1 is not necessarily a Type A personality, however. Success and attainment is likely to be their highest ideal.

But there are other factors in your personality that may throw up obstacles to our personal achievement.

This may lead some to have inferiority complexes or to be extremely hard on themselves.

It is this sense of personal dissatisfaction that can make some people with a soul urge number of 1 be so driven.

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What Does it Mean if Your Soul Urge Number is 1?

Your soul urge number can tell you a lot about yourself and the personality traits that are likely to accompany your inner directives from spirit:

  • You are a leader and not a follower – Your independence and originality make you a natural leader.
  • You command the respect of others and the people around you at work and at home naturally look to you for leadership.
  • You have a strong personality – The traits that make you a strong leader also make you a compelling personality. You are often the center of attention and the life of the party.
  • You can be rigid – There are negative characteristics that can come from having a strong personality and being a natural leader, and one of these is that you tend to be rigid. It is often your way or the highway. If you feel resistance when you express yourself in this way it is your inner wisdom telling you to lighten up.
  • You are thoughtful – Being a natural born leader means that you are a responsible and thoughtful person. If you were not you would not be the center of attention so often.
  • You are likely to be successful – Success seems to come naturally for you, especially if you are in alignment with your inner wisdom and your soul’s purpose.
  • You tend to manifest the circumstances that you desire at will and seem to miraculously wield high attractor energies.

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Heeding the Call of your Soul’s Wisdom

The soul urge number 1 is associated with the first card of the Major Arcanum in the Tarot called The Magician (or The Cobbler).

This is a card of creative inspiration and means that inside you there is a creative master driving your outer performance.

Your high standards, creative talents and leadership qualities are expressions of this inner artist coming to light in your experience.

To get in touch with this aspect of your inner life there are several things that you can do.

First, if you are not artistically inclined try taking up some kind of creative activity like painting, a musical instrument or divination.

It is also a great idea to get out into nature or meditate as often as is practical for you.

The poet Keats called the world a ‘vale of soul-making.’

As you move through your life, know that your daily experiences, seemingly good and bad, are shaping you in accordance with the directives of spirit.

Learn to heed the call of spirit and you will find the inner guidance and support you need to achieve your soul’s greater purpose.

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