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Are you interested to know when a Taurus Man is testing you? Then this guide is for you!

Is the person you love and spend most of your time with the right one for you? This is a question that every normal human being in a relationship is bound to ask at one time or another.

A Taurus man certainly does ask this question because he wants to be sure that he is on the right track.

He may take some time to test his girlfriend just to be sure that this is the person he should spend the rest of his life with.

When it comes to matters of love and long-term relationships, a Taurus man does not take any chances.

This is a common thing with Earth signs – they will be keen to find out your devotion, commitment, and trustworthiness before they say I do.

So, how do you know your Taurus man is putting you to the test? First, pause to consider his motivations, intentions, and core values.

This will open your eyes to his secrets and how he thinks.

How Do I Know My Taurus Man is Testing Me?

#1 – He’ll Monitor Your Spending

Stability and security are important things to the Taurus man. He’s very much particular about his financial stability, and he wouldn’t want anyone to come into his life to rock his boat.

He’ll carefully monitor your financial transactions to see whether you can support your own lifestyle. This is not to say, however, that this man is stingy.

He just wants to be sure that you’re capable of building a financial empire with him; not bring down what he’s already working on.

How Do You React to This?

Honesty in matters of money is an important aspect of any strong relationship. As such, don’t be shy to open up about your financial spending. You never know; you may receive important financial tips from your Taurus man.

#2 – He Pays Rapt Attention to Everything You Say

By nature, the Taurus man is not so talkative. He’s more laid-back and allows everything around him to flow on its natural course.

However, when you realize that he particularly keeps quiet and allows you to dominate all conversations, know something is going on in his mind.

He wants to know more about you; to understand exactly how you’ll fit into his life.

How Do You React to This?

Be natural, honest, and sincere. Your Taurus man will notice the moment you start saying things just for show.

Also, try to make him reveal more about himself, as this will indicate that you are genuinely interested in him.

Remember, a Taurus man can smell a liar and a fraud from a mile off.

#3 – He Goes Quiet After the First Few Dates

Do you feel like your Taurus man has brought your relationship to a halt after the first few dates? Well, don’t worry; this is very much in his nature.

Being Earth signs, Taurus men tend to be very cautious. Your man may break off for some time just to process things through his mind.

How Do You React to This?

Remember the old adage that patience pays? Well, it very much applies here.

Don’t push things with this man. Let him know that you’re very much willing to be with him, but that you are ready to take the relationship at his pace.

#4 -His Interest in You Seems to Have Dimmed

Do you feel it’s like your Taurus man has stopped chasing you? This is a common trick used by these men to test their women.

He will act all interested in you, giving you all the attention you need, and then suddenly stop. The truth is that he’s still interested in you; he’s just playing mind games with you to see how you react.

How Do You React to This?

This man wants an indication that you are interested in him as much as he is in you. As such, be brave enough to reach out to him.

Use all means at your disposal – calls, emails, texts, etc. – to show him your true feelings. However, remember not to be pushy as you go about this.

#5 – He Takes Too Long to Commit

Maybe you expected this man to commit after a period you considered reasonable. You probably expected a marriage proposal from him but it’s not forthcoming.

This could be a sign that your Taurus man wants to know where your true loyalties lie. When a Taurus man gets into a relationship, he’s in it for the long haul.

It could be there’s something about you his not very sure about. He’s taking his time to know you better before he commits himself to you for life.

How Do You React to This?

This is a test of devotion, commitment, and loyalty. Let him know that you still love him; but also inform him about your concerns.

It’s important that you make your expectations clear so that both of you can make the best decisions going forward.

Put a gentle message that you expected more from him – but don’t pressure him as you go about this.

#6 – He Doesn’t Return Your Calls or Texts

It can be frustrating when you keep calling someone or texting them and they don’t call or text back, right?

Maybe you have been sending your Taurus man steamy messages and emails and they go for hours or days without getting his attention.

This is a common thing with Taurus men. They usually hesitate to reply to your social media posts because they are reconciling some feelings within themselves.

He wants what you have done and said together to marinate so that he can know exactly how to handle you.

How Do You React to This?

Again, the old adage comes to mind: patience pays! The obvious reaction here would be to throw a ton of questions at him or even get angry and confront him, but this would only make things worse.

Wait for what you’ll consider to be a reasonable time and then bring this matter up. This would also be a good time to discuss your expectations when it comes to communication.

You can trust that your Taurus man will be upfront with you and tell you exactly what is going on.

#7 – He Cancels Plans You Made Together

A Taurus man is known to keep his word and will not cancel plans just to test you. You can be sure that something important has come up for him to behave this way.

He has likely been caught up in some emergency. All the same, how you react to this is important as he will use it to gauge your personality.

How Do You React to This?

Taurus men do not make empty promises and neither will he cancel your plans just to test you. Reach out to him and find out what happened.

You may be surprised to find out that he actually needs your help – or some time to deal with something going on in his life.

Whatever happens, how you behave going forward will be the real test. Your man will want to find out whether you’ll be there for him in good and bad times.

#8 – He Asks Intimate Questions About Your Male Friends

Does your man start asking intimate questions about the other guys in your life? Has he started showing a lot of interest in where you hang out when you are not with him?

These are classic signs of a Taurus man’s jealousy. If he loves you, he’ll want you all to himself. So, in a way, this test is a good sign.

It shows that he wants to protect his feeling by not sharing you with other guys. Be careful though, because should he discover that you are flirting with other men; he may cut you off from his life.

A Taurus man’s jealousy can be a potent thing.

How Do You React to This?

Through your words and actions, let your Taurus man know you are faithful to him. Loyalty and fidelity are qualities that count very high on this man’s list of priorities.

Don’t associate with anyone that may give your Taurus man a whiff of betrayal. He’ll get particularly hurt when he feels that you are not true to him.

If you fail this test, there may be no second chances with this man.

#9 – He Tests Your Truthfulness and Sincerity

A Taurus man wants to associate with a woman of integrity. As such, you can expect several tests about your honesty as your relationship progresses.

The good news is that he’s ready to lead by example. You can trust this man’s word when he tells you something about himself.

What to know about what he does for a living? Or, are you interested in some aspects of his past? All you need is to ask him, and you can be sure that what he tells you is the gospel truth.

Should he ask you about a particularly dark part of your life, be open about it with him. In all likelihood, he knows all about it; he just wants to see whether you are honest about it.

How Do You React to This?

As noted earlier, a Taurus man can sense a liar and a fraud from a mile off. He’ll know if you are hiding something from him.

Actually, the moment you make this man suspicious about your intentions, he’ll never let you into his life.

When it comes to matters of the heart, honesty, trust, and faithfulness are the key words with this man.

Final Thoughts…

Are you madly in love with a Taurus man and you wonder whether he loves you back? Well, he’s wondering the same thing too.

But, your Taurus man will take it a step further by putting you through a set of veiled tests. The best way to handle these tests is by being yourself.

Remember not to be too pushy with this man because once he is ready, he’ll take the initiative to move things to the next level.

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