Tiger Man – Horse Woman Compatibility

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The male Tiger and the female Horse have one thing in common. They both are led by emotions. This means that their love relationship is likely to start as an unstoppable whirlwind.

However, this will not affect them adversely. The Horse has a short concentration span. She keeps moving between romantic feelings and other feelings.

She must take care, however, that she doesn’t create the impression of being disloyal. Tigers are naturally jealous and possessive.

Once he realizes that he can’t fully control this girl, he may become distrustful of her movements.

The Horse should realize this from early on. She will then take the measures necessary to forestall any fallout between them.

Once this couple is on agreeable terms, they will support each other meaningfully. The Tiger will see that the Horse is sensitive and that she needs to be sheltered.

In turn, she will help him to create the security and stability he seeks in life.

How Do Tiger Man and Horse Woman Bond?

When matched together, the Tiger man and the Horse woman make a great pair. They can make good romantic or business partners.

Both of them have high sexual energies. As such, their experiences between the sheets are breathtaking.

They treasure their individual independence. This means that they can freely join hands in the pursuit of new experiences.

They can comfortably work together in joint ventures and explorations. These natives are very much interested in knowing each other’s secrets.

This is clearly seen in their inquisitive natures during the dating phase of the relationship.

The Tiger desires to be the leader. He is aggressive and outgoing. He wants to be involved in all the decisions pertaining to this relationship.

She, on the other hand, is free-spirited. She desires to be given the space to express her individuality.

Both natives must be willing to clearly communicate with each other. In this way, they will get in touch with each other’s needs and desires.

The Tiger man and the Horse woman can establish an exciting relationship. Both signs in the sheng xiao have trouble handling money.

They need to take lots of care that this does not cause a rift between them.

Highlights of Tiger Man – Horse Woman Family Compatibility

The Tiger and the Horse signs in the sheng xiao have several similar characteristics. For example, they are fun, intelligent, and positively motivated.

This makes them suited as partners in marriage. They have ways of creating fun for themselves and their loved ones.

This couple has the same interests and goals when it comes to their family. They want to enhance the living conditions at home so that their loved ones can live their lives to the fullest.

Both the Tiger and the Horse need some space to make decisions. They are original thinkers, and this can be seen in the good ideas they bring into the relationship.

The Tiger tends to be the stronger of the two. He is driven by the desire to play the lead role. She has no problems with this as long as he demonstrates his capacity to guide the family.

Even so, her role in the family is clearly cut-out for her. The family stands to benefit from her caring, nurturing nature.

When she loves someone, she does so unreservedly. The fact that she is interested in establishing a family with the Tiger is a clear indicator that she is into him.

She is willing to use all her resources, time, and effort for the success of this family. The closer the Tiger gets to know her, the happier he will be for having her in his life.

Can Tiger Man and Horse Woman Work Together?

Men born under the Tiger zodiac sign are hard-working individuals. They are driven by the desire to achieve their goals within the shortest time possible.

This makes him the right choice for the Horse girl. She wants by her side a man with this kind of ambition.

She is impressed by the fact he follows all his promises through. He never rests until all his projects are complete.

The Horse woman is equally industrious. Once she has her goals in sight, there’s no stopping her. She’s ready to use her energy and time to actualize her dreams.

She is one of the most trustworthy employees one can get anywhere.

When these natives come together, they can produce nothing but the very best of results. As workmates, they are promising.

They easily create meaningful connections. With time, this work-based relationship may grow into something more intimate.

They will grow closer as they carry out their duties together.

Challenges in Tiger Man and Horse Woman Compatibility

Both natives are highly emotional. This is the one trait that could cause their relationship to come tumbling down.

They both are unpredictable and temperamental. They don’t think clearly when in these states. As such it would be a big mistake to engage each other with their emotions running wild.

Also, the Tiger is likely to make frequent changes to pre-agreed plans. He is a deeply individualistic person. Some of the changes he makes are purely based on his whims.

Of course, the Horse girl is not one to take this kind of treatment lying down. She has an individualistic streak of her own.

If she feels that he is treating her without consideration, she is likely to become rebellious. She may engage in activities that could put this relationship in jeopardy.

The Way Forward for Tiger Man and Horse Woman

The male Tiger and the female Horse do share some great bonds. For example, they connect quite effortlessly both mentally and physically.

Despite their many differences, they have much in common. This helps them to see things from the same perspective.

Also, they are highly complementary. The differences between them are beneficial. Once they start collaborating, each discovers that they are better off in the company of the other partner.

The female Horse is confident, intelligent, and highly energetic. This is just the kind of partner the Tiger needs by his side.

He respects her for the brilliant ideas she brings on the table.

On the other hand, she is powerfully attracted to his agile nature. He doesn’t spend unnecessarily long deliberating on some new ideas.

He is the kind of man that is quick to embrace change. If it helps him to achieve his goals and dreams, it is good enough.

The Horse could never wish for a better partner. Together, they will come up with brilliant ideas and plans.


A love match that is made up of the male Tiger and the female horse is a good thing for both of them. It has good chances of success if both partners respect each other’s input.

The Tiger man knows how to be the perfect gentleman. However, this comes out only when he has been treated well.

He will be looking up to the Horse to provide him with much-needed care and nurture.

Similarly, the Horse girl craves his attention. Indeed, she thrives on attention. It’s no wonder that she’s such a good public performer.

She will do anything in her power to create the right impression on her partner, loved ones, and colleagues.

This couple loves adventure. They have many characteristics in common. This is good for their overall compatibility.

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