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Finding yourself at the edge of an abyss in a dream shows that you are about to experience loss. Such a dream is closely associated with grief, regret, and danger.

The abyss dream meaning can signify the loss of property. Also, it can portend a complication in your relationship with someone who’s been very close and dear to you.

If you fall into the abyss in your dream, this is a bad sign. It shows that you’ll lose something that has been important to you. It could be that you are facing a loss of money.

However, there’s a ray of hope in this dream. If you wake up before hitting the ground, it means that you will overcome your challenges.

This is similarly the case if you manage to get around the abyss in the dream. Such an occurrence shows that you will successfully avoid any kind of tribulation.

In this case, you are supposed to take more care of yourself in your waking life.

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What is the Psychological Meaning of the Abyss Dream?

Having this dream means that you are undergoing a period of anxiety. It indicates that your nerves are experiencing an overload of some sort.

This will create an abysmal situation in your life. You may be on the precipice of despair and hopelessness.

Such feelings are quite threatening. They cause you to suffer from unwanted emotions.

Also, the abyss can be a representation of that part of your life that you haven’t admitted to yourself. This dream causes you to be uncertain about what you want to achieve.

You have certain fears that are buried deep within you. Actually, it could be that you are scared of death.

As such, the abyss dream should help you to appreciate the value of life.

What’s the Mystical Meaning of the Abyss Dream?

The abyss dream suggests financial hardships. When you experience this dream, take it as a wake-up call regarding your financial dealings.

You need to be particularly careful concerning business dealings.

The mystical meaning of this dream also portends health, employment, and romantic complications.

As such, you need to tread carefully in everything that you do. Let caution and moderation be your keywords.

A very dark abyss is a sign of death. This is not necessarily a physical death. It could be some form of spiritual death.

This may not be a bad thing. You see; sometimes it’s necessary that you lose some part of yourself, especially if that part has become redundant.

This enables you to regenerate, to create a more positive part of yourself.

So, don’t be quick to decide that the abyss dream signifies physical death. Rather, try to find out all the possible metaphorical interpretations of your dream.

It’s possible that you experience this dream so that you can look at life from diverse perspectives.

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What Can I Learn About Myself by Experiencing the Abyss Dream?

It’s important that you understand the relationship between the abyss dream and your waking life. When you have this dream, try to relate it to the various areas of your life.

Does it touch on your finances? Could it be relevant to your romantic relationship? Is it about your physical wellbeing?

Find out which areas you are likely to be most vulnerable following this dream.

This will empower you with the best way of handling your anxiety and fears.

What is the Impact of Abyss Dream on My Life?

As noted earlier, abyss dreams have a psychological as well as a mystical basis. As you get deeper into sleep, your blood pressure drops.

Your nervous system becomes quieter. Gradually, this state can graduate to a falling dream. Often, you will suddenly jerk wide awake from this dream.

The falling dream is your mind’s way of telling you to deal with a certain issue in your waking life. If there’s anything getting out of control, you may experience this dream to alert you about this situation.

Is it Possible to Induce an Abyss Dream?

There are a number of tricks you can use to induce an abyss dream. For example, you can spend a few moments before you sleep trying to create a sensation of this dream state.

However, you should not induce the abyss dream if these dreams bring feelings of anxiety and fear. Rather, you should try to correct any anomalies in your waking life.

All the same, you can use the abyss dream to create a sensible balance in your waking life.

Who is Most Affected by Abyss Dreams?

Abyss dreams are a more or less universal experience. Actually, almost everyone has experienced this dream at one time or the other.

Abyss dreams usually occur shortly after you fall asleep. However, you can have this dream at any time during your sleep.

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What’s the Connection Between Abyss Dreams and the Underworld?

Demons, ghouls, ghosts, and all inferior matters inhabit the underworld. Often, you may experience this world when you have the abyss dream.

Dreaming of the underworld can be frightening, if not traumatizing. Often, this abyss experience is unknowable, and beyond our understanding.

However, with the right guidance, it’s possible for you to explore your anxieties, fears, and doubts. In this manner, you are able to get help with the interpretation of your dream.

The abyss dream opens our mind’s eyes to the reconciliation between right and wrong, bad and good. You are able to go beyond your limitations.

This dream empowers you to face your worst fears. You are able to appreciate your strengths and to work on your weaknesses.

Dreaming of the abyss puts you in touch with the void or bottomless pit within you.

Every person has an aspect unknown to themselves. You must face this part of your life in order to make the right strides.

On another level, the abyss dream shows your loss of control in some aspects of your waking life. The notion of falling into the abyss forces your conscious mind to get solutions to the challenges in your life.

The abyss appears to expose the natural energy of your unconscious mind.

However, don’t dive too deep into the unconscious unless you are ready to handle it. The unconscious is that part that enhances your spiritual expression.

As such, it is at the core of your existence.


If you experience this dream, you may find yourself standing at the edge of the abyss. This calls on you to work harder to overcome the troubles in your life.

The appearance of the abyss is an indicator that you’ll face a lot of challenges and tribulation. However, you have the extraordinary power you need to get out of your predicament.

If you feel that the abyss is close by, but you are unable to see it, you need to be very careful regarding your surroundings.

It’s an indicator that someone close to you is likely to betray you.

Also, it could be a sign that you are surrounded by confusion. As such, you need to take the right measures to put your life back in order.

The good thing is that you have the resources to do this.

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