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To know your real Rising Sun, you need to know the exact time you were born. The sun that is above the horizon at the exact time of your birth is your rising Sun.

It’s also possible to know this sign through an approximation of the time of birth.

Is Aquarius your Rising Sun? This means that you have much better to give the world. This celestial sign gives you the power to choose the most appropriate project to enhance your life.

You need a suitable project to convey goodness. Aquarius empowers you to accurately craft a path to your goals.

Both the Sun and the Moon play a role in your life. The Sun relates to what you desire to achieve. The Moon relates to the course of action you need to take to achieve the desires of your life.

The Sun describes the WANT, while the Moon describes the NEED. Both have a powerful influence on Aquarius ascendant, which describes HOW to achieve your goals.

If Aquarius is your rising sign, it means that you have a unique outlook in life. You are an imaginative individual.

You know what you need to do to realize the kind of future you envision for yourself and your loved ones.

Aquarius rising enables you to express your peaceable nature with ease. You are determined to restore harmony and humanity in your community.

Aquarius rising individuals have a way of dealing with hatred and chaos. You are willing to explore all avenues to reconcile the differences that exist in the world.


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What’s the Aquarius Rising Personality?

The Aquarius rising individual is best described by their progressive mind. They know that things will work out in the end.

As such, they maintain a positive mindset regardless of what could be going on around them. They don’t base their thoughts and actions on circumstances.

Rather, they are driven by possibilities. They know that they can achieve it if they can conceive it.

People with Aquarius rising sign are as elegant as they are disciplined. Also, they are progressive. They are inclined towards modern methods as opposed to traditional ones.

They are very much in time with the trends of the time. Indeed, these individuals are as young as they feel. Age is just but a number!

Aquarius rising natives come across as very intelligent beings. They solve issues in a manner that enables them to stand from the crowd.

They operate under the influence of the planet Uranus. From this celestial body, you receive a special charisma.

These individuals are quick to offer help when they are called to do so. They are capable because they can see the big picture as well as handle the details.

Aquarius rising natives are some of the most humanitarian individuals around the world. They derive contentment and joy from fighting for the underdog.

They involve themselves in lost causes. They gravitate towards careers that help the world get better solutions to common problems.

The emotions of Aquarius rising natives tend to be quite complex. Their opposite sign, Leo, plays a powerful role in this.

These individuals are good at supporting their loved ones to achieve their goals. They work hard to nurture their relationships.


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What are the Signs of Aquarius Rising?

The Aquarius rising sun enables you to reveal your personality to people in certain ways. This ascendant empowers you to respond to the world around you in positively.

The Aquarius ascendant relates to the various ways you interact with your environment. It also dictates the kinds of experiences you need to go through.

You have what it takes to enjoy life. The influences of Uranus, Moon, and Sun empower you to make your life more meaningful.

What you desire is controlled by the Sun. What you need is described by the Moon. The ascendant describes how you should go about it.

This means that Aquarius rising natives have a strong sense of individuality. You know exactly what you need and how to go about it.

You can detach yourself from a situation to survey it from afar. This gives you new insights. You can see new solutions and fresh possibilities.

But, this sign reminds you to take care of the collective as well. Work for the benefit of the group instead of just concentrating on yourself as an individual.

Your outlook in life allows you to mingle with people from diverse backgrounds. You are well aware of the workings of group dynamics.

As such, go ahead and be the true humanitarian that you are. Aquarius ascendant is associated with considerate and socially responsible individuals.


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Predominant Traits of Aquarius Ascendant Man

It’s not always easy to understand the Aquarius rising man. This is more so because he combines originality with a progressive mind.

The traits of Aquarius ascendant man appeal to most women. For example, they have a unique charm that women find interesting.

This man has a strong intellect. He has a strong intuition that he can bank on when the need arises. For this reason, Aquarius rising men tend to make wise decisions.

The Aquarius rising native has deep illumination. They know exactly what they need to do to achieve their goals.

According to astrology, the house position of the Sun gives this man hints of what is to happen in their lives. As such, events don’t catch them off guard.

The Aquarius ascendant man is idealistic, and yet practical. This means that he looks after his own interests as well as the interests of the group.

He will work to elevate the status of his team. However, be resorts to rebellion and unorthodox methods when he wants to assert a point.

They are vision carriers. They can bring their lofty visions down to earth for others to see the way. Their eccentricity has its place in the world.

It helps them to do what others are shy of doing. It gives them the freedom to bring positive change in their relationships.


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Predominant Traits of Aquarius Ascendant Woman

Aquarius rising women are kindhearted. They are likely to be involved in humanitarian causes. They know that the world can do better if everyone plays their part.

This woman is original. Also, she keeps up with the trends of her time. She’s well dressed, and she communicates well.

Aquarius rising girl has her emotions in check. Indeed, she doesn’t like exposing her feelings. She may come across as detached when she’s romantically involved.

But, when you come to know her deeper, you’ll appreciate the depth of her devotion. She does everything to make her lover comfortable.

She works hard to nurture her relationships.

Aquarius ascendant women are keen on making their future happen. They place their priorities based on the kind of future they desire.

They work towards this with a serious, calculated determination.

This woman looks for the kinds of friends that are likely to appreciate her drive. This means that they should be as practical and determined as she.

She tends to experiment a lot with members of the opposite sex. It’s only she’s sure of her man that she commits her heart to a love affair.

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Aquarius Ascendant natives are highly talented. They are creative and intelligent. They love their freedom and will oppose anything that threatens their individuality.

Aquarius rising individuals are deeply involved in humanitarian endeavors. They derive happiness from improving the lives of others.

These individuals place a great premium on progress. They will pursue any channels that will bring development into their world.

Aquarius ascendant plays a central role in strengthening your personality. It’s is responsible for your love of freedom and independence.

You are ready to fight for freedom – even if it means that you have to go against popular opinion. Indeed, Aquarius rising individuals are usually at the frontline fighting for reform in society.

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