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Men or women, Capricorn rising natives make for great leaders or business executives. Saturn plays an important role in the lives of these natives.

It’s responsible for the discipline and determination these natives exude.

Capricorn Ascendant people are highly ambitious. They desire to achieve a lot in this lifetime. They are fiercely competitive.

These natives are organized enough to make things happen in their lives. They take initiative, and will not just wait for things to be pushed their way.

The men and women of Capricorn rising have a kind personality. However, they don’t take any nonsense thrown their way.

They are ready to defend their dignity. They are always on guard, ready to counter any threat to their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

These natives end up being highly successful. Of course, they understand that success comes at a price. It calls for hard work, diligence, and a good show of responsibility.

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What’s the Capricorn Rising Personality?

People born with Capricorn Ascendant have a duality of nature. On one hand, they come across as competent, ordered, and serious.

On the other, these natives get confused and uncertain when things don’t go their way. They fear that they may not achieve their goals.

A Capricorn rising native needs to create the right balance in their life is they hope to actualize their dreams.

As a Capricorn rising, you are determined to accumulate material wealth in your lifetime. This is a good course, as material possessions contribute to the comfort we enjoy in this world.

But, you don’t have to be too austere with yourself as you go about this. Harshness will not help you achieve the kind of goals you seek.

You can earn respect without being too strict and serious with others. A true leader knows how to balance strictness with a certain level of freedom.

Many resources are at your disposal. Capricorn Ascendant encourages you to use these resources efficiently.

You need to put them to good use. After all, are you not the master of your life? Are you not in charge of your world?

The planet Saturn rules over your life. This celestial being empowers you with good decision-making skills. You have a methodical approach to the issues affecting your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Saturn is the Father of Time. It teaches the all-important lessons of endurance, devotion, and patience. It gives you important clues on how to deal with the changing aspects of your life.

What are the Signs of Capricorn Rising?

Is your rising sign Capricorn? Were you born at the moment Capricorn was ascending from the eastern horizon, like the Sun?

If so, by now you must have realized that you have an unquenchable curiosity. You want to understand everything about life.

You desire to experience the reality that is life on your terms. Capricorn rising people are driven by the desire to understand how the philosophical aspects of life relate to their personal aspects.

They know that they occupy a special space in the world. They desire to understand why this is so, and what they need to do with it.

These natives are serious when it comes to work. They show respect to those they have to work with. Indeed, their very foundations are built on the tenets of respect.

Capricorn rising natives are inspired enough to keep working for their goals. They will persevere when circumstances call for it.

They enjoy solving puzzles and overcoming challenges. The harder a task seems, the more determined they are to complete it.

It’s no wonder that most of these natives are highly successful in their endeavors.

Also, they come across as capable leaders. People listen to them, for they lead by example.

But, this native is often closed to other people’s input. They find it rather hard to embrace other people’s perspectives.

Capricorn rising people want everybody else to fit in their plans. They don’t expect others to deviate from the set rules.

This kind of attitude may make some people resent the authority of Capricorn rising natives. They will see you as being arrogant, pretentious, and authoritarian.

To avoid this kind of predicament, you need to treat others as you’d like them to treat you. This is the sure route to success for a Capricorn rising native.

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Predominant Traits of Capricorn Ascendant Man

Men with Capricorn rising are as ambitious as they are intelligent. They are driven by the need to realize their goals.

The Capricorn Ascendant man works hard. Their hard work pays off quite handsomely. Before long, they will start enjoying wealth and power.

They attract all the privileges that come with hard work. The more successful they become in their endeavors, the harder they work.

Nothing comes between this man and his desire to accomplish his goals. He simply will not allow it. He keeps pushing on even in situations that would make most other people bail out.

This native wants his partner and loved ones to enjoy the trappings of power. As such, he works hard to accumulate money, wealth, and power.

This is the kind of many who climbs the social ladder pretty first. He just requires a little prodding to get him started.

Before long, he will gain financial freedom and all its attendant power.

Capricorn rising man is a good lover. He connects with the kind of partner he’ll feel free sharing his emotions with.

He is a highly dependable fellow. If he believes in you, you can expect him to uphold his end of the bargain. He doesn’t turn back on his promises.

This man appreciates a woman who shows some level of ambition. Indeed, his ideal partner is one who’s attractive, caring, and has attained some social status.

This is not to mean, however, that a Capricorn Ascendant man can’t fall in love with a woman of lesser social standing. He can.

He just needs to see that this woman is ambitious. If she’s willing to climb the social ladder, the Capricorn rising man will be loyal and devoted to her.

Predominant Traits of Capricorn Ascendant Woman

The Capricorn rising woman is not much different from her counterpart, the Capricorn rising man. She’s as hard-working as he.

She’s equally determined to achieve her life’s dreams within the shortest time possible.

This native values comfort and financial security. They look for a partner who’s equally driven. Such a partner has very good chances with her, more so if he’s independent and self-reliant.

The Capricorn Ascendant woman applies high standards when it comes to love. She tends to use logic more than emotions when seeking a life partner.

However, this does not mean that this girl is devoid of feelings. Rather, it means that she’s in control of her emotions.

She takes time before she settles for a man. She wants to see the strength of her partner before she gives him her heart.

She fears getting entangled with a fickle man; a man whose character is superficial and only skin deep. This native looks for a man who oozes of self-assurance and stability.

This is the kind of man who’s likely to keep up with her energy.


These natives act cautiously. Their seriousness arises from their need to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

They like to associate with people of their social class. They work hard to rise through the ladder of life. As such, most of these natives are successful in their pursuits.

Although they come across as serious people, Capricorn Ascendant can also be fun and humorous. Under the right conditions, they indulge in-jokes and fun-making.

Capricorn Ascendant empowers these men and women to overcome their self-imposed limitations. It allows them to grow and to partake in what life has to offer.

This sign is an indicator of faith and perseverance. It encourages the Capricorn Ascendant natives to keep their goals in focus.

Regardless of what happens in their lives, these individuals should know they have what it takes to reach the summit.

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