Aries Rising – Aries Ascendant Influence on Personality

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People born with the Aries Ascendant are straightforward and direct to the point. They don’t beat about the bush when they want to say or do something.

These natives are highly active. This dynamism is seen in the way they deal with challenges. They are unwavering when it comes to the pursuit of their goals.

Aries rising individuals enjoy being engaged in what’s happening around. They are as productive as they dislike laziness.

If you want something done well and fast, the Aries Ascendant is the person to approach. They get the job accomplished without any delay.

This native may have one or two passive qualities in their personalities. But, they are mostly self-starters with plenty of positive energies.

Aries rising natives don’t wait for things to happen. They enjoy taking the initiative. When they take charge, you can be sure that they will whip all teammates in line.

They also do well acting on their own. Actually, Aries Ascendant people are independent by nature. Self-reliance is one of their strengths.

Aries rising need to be keen on the house position of the Sun in their charts. This position gives them clues of what’s to happen in their lives.

It indicates where they can seek truth and the deeper meaning of life. From the house position of the Sun, these natives get in touch with their purpose in life.

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What’s the Aries Rising Personality?

Aries Ascendant is an indicator that you bring fresh energies into any new thing you are engaged in. Those born with Aries rising are fun-loving and dynamic.

This comes to the fore when they have new tasks to accomplish.

You prefer to work independently. This is not to mean, however, that you don’t understand group dynamics.

It means that autonomy holds a special appeal for you. You are happiest when you are in control of your life.

These natives have the indefatigable mental energy. You usually come on top in an argument. You like it when you have some mental challenges to deal with.

Indeed, it’s not uncommon for these people to create challenges to solve. This means that no hardship is likely to stand in your way of progress.

Of course, you soon realize that you need to exhibit other qualities as well. For example, you need to be diplomatic and tactful in dealing with others.

Your astrological chart will provide you with the clues you need to forge forward. You will understand the areas of your life where some self-sacrifice is required.

To fully enjoy the benefits of this Ascendant, you need to take charge of your life. This means that you need to take positive action where your work is concerned.

All the factors in your chart are interdependent. You need to engage in activities that make use of your fullest potential.

Life will present its challenges. When this happens, you need to use your self-assertion, strength, and courage.

You need these qualities to do well in your projects. Use your love for independence to avoid unnecessary drama.

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 What are the Signs of Aries Rising?

With an Aries rising, you have a great sense of adventure and independence. You have the drive to achieve anything you set your mind to.

People with Aries Ascendant get straight to the point. They are sincere, and will always tell the truth. This aspect of your personality appeals to your family and friends.

Also, you place a high premium on the impression you create on others. For example, you are an impeccable dresser.

You have clear intentions. You are faithful to your friends, even in the face of adversity. You act with speed when your loved ones are in trouble.

Aries Ascendant people are good timekeepers. They won’t waste time when they know what needs to be done.

These natives are go-getters. They want to be on top of things. They move about their activities with unique passion and enthusiasm.

For this reason, Aries Ascendant individuals are usually the ‘first’ in many things. They are pioneers and pacesetters.

But, they are sometimes too insistent for their own good. You must take care not to lose important opportunities as a result of this attitude.

Practice the art of diplomacy. Instead of being too insistent, learn how to be tactful. Take your time before you make any moves.

Plan your steps meticulously. Avoid being hasty. If you want to attract positive results, make deliberate decisions.

When you prioritize your goals, stick to plans you are sure will work. Remember; you have what it takes to overcome whatever comes your way.

You are comfortable around those with whom you share common interests. Otherwise, you prefer to move on to a new group.

Predominant Traits of Aries Ascendant Man

Aries Ascendant people are independent and self-reliant. From an early age, they exhibit maturity in the way they use their resources.

Also, they prefer being alone to meditate and strategize. During such periods, they get in touch with their inner beings.

Aries rising men are courageous. They try new things and are not afraid to venture into uncharted waters.

In their early years, these natives may experience problems with their parents or guardians. This is because they want to assert their independence at an early age.

But, they can learn to be tactful to avoid unnecessary conflicts. These natives can be self-reliant and still collaborate with family and loved ones.

Aries rising men have a special gift. They are very creative. This means that they are quick to take the initiative.

They are self-starters. They like instigating the events in their lives. If you are an Aries rising, you’ll discover that you have a strong tendency to do things your own way.

You are inclined to do things independently.

Predominant Traits of Aries Ascendant Woman

Aries rising woman can be summed up as the uninhibited girl. She likes men who act fast. She gets turned on by men who display a go-getter attitude.

Once she decides on a lover, she sees this man as the most important person in her life. For this reason, she dislikes having to discuss anything to do with her exes.

As soon as she wins a man’s heart, she calms down. Her feminine nature becomes more pronounced. She’s comfortable with the kind of man she can trust with her intimate secrets.

Young Aries Ascendant girls tend to be moody. This makes them find challenges when they try to interact with close friends and loved ones.

However, they learn to be more cheerful with time. They look at the events in their lives with more positivity.

They are then more capable of engaging with others in meaningful ways.

Aries rising women have no trouble expressing their independence. They are not afraid to be alone. They are forthright enough to get their points across clearly.

These natives are not afraid of the challenges that life pushes their way. She goes for courageous men. Such men mirror her streak of independence.


Aries rising people think fast and act equally fast. They thrive best in competitive environments. However, they do suffer from a lack of patience.

This makes them a bit intolerant to slow people. They may display little patience with those who refuse to be active.

These natives are quite impulsive. They often do things before they think them through. But, in all their weaknesses, they don’t hold grudges.

Also, Aries Ascendant natives are confident. They have the drive to actualize their dreams.

This sign is an important aspect of your life. It gives you the hints of how you will impact on the people you come across.

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