Virgo Rising – Virgo Ascendant Influence on Personality

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If you had Virgo ascending over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth, Virgo rising is your sign. This sign is also known as Virgo Ascendant.

People with this sign tend to view the happenings in their lives from a mental analysis perspective. They are well-organized individuals, and they leave nothing to chance.

Virgo rising determines critical astrological parameters of your life. This sign plays an important role in your personality.

It dictates how the world perceives you.

You are well endowed with gifts, talents, and skills. These blessings enable you to deal with the realities in your life more effectively.

These natives are humble. They prefer to maintain a low profile. Their priority is to help others in the community.

They’d rather help others and not be recognized for it.

People with Virgo Ascendant are productive. They enjoy serving others and helping the less fortunate to achieve their goals.

They choose careers that enable them to put their unique skills to good use. This makes them be productive members of their community.

These natives are practical by nature. They deal with facts and figures. They pay very close attention to details.

Although these natives tend to work for others, they are often hard on themselves. They are self-effacing – probably because of some unpleasant childhood experiences.

If they are to grow and progress in life, Virgo rising people need to appreciate themselves more. This sign and House position of the Sun on their chart shows that they can achieve a lot.

But, it all starts with self-appreciation.

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What’s the Virgo Rising Personality?

Virgo rising indicates a life of service. These individuals are willing to reach out and create a positive impact on the lives of others.

Virgo rising people tend to be hard workers. They are studious and can be relied upon to play their role in the order of things.

You produce good results when you work with a plan in place. You dislike haphazard schemes. You are more comfortable – and productive – when you know exactly what’s expected of you.

You place a high premium on order and cleanliness. These natives are very methodical in carrying out their tasks.

Virgo rising people are good problem-solvers. They enjoy solving challenges. These are the people to go to when you want a quick solution at the workplace.

Also, these natives have a tendency to worry too much. In spite of their many gifts and talents, Virgo rising natives are often too tough on themselves.

They criticize themselves if they don’t carry out tasks to their expectations. Creating this kind of habit is self-destructive.

It may compromise their health and overall well-being.

This means that these individuals need to work on their self-confidence. They should understand that when they self-censor or self-criticize, they dim their fighting spirits.

They don’t have to inwardly criticize every move they make. The more critical they are, the more anxious they become.

Worrying too much harms the nervous system. By being overly anxious, you invite negative energies into your life.

Some of the chronic illnesses arise from having extreme levels of anxiety.

Virgo Ascendant natives have a sensitive constitution. This means that they need to take good care of their health –especially their digestive system.

These natives need to look for ways of inviting positive energies into their lives. They should entertain only positive thoughts and emotions.

What are the Signs of Virgo Rising?

The planet Mercury rules over the lives of Virgo rising natives. The position of this celestial body on the chart affects your appearance and mannerisms.

These natives are intelligent. However, they don’t show it off. They are rather reserved and are not keen to seek recognition for their accomplishments.

Virgo ascendant people tend to be shy. They take time to analyze what comes to their attention. But, given time, they warm up to the people and situations they encounter in life.

This native is very much aware of their body. They are sensitive to anything that can create physical discomfort.

Virgo rising natives must listen to the signals emanating from their bodies. The body doesn’t lie; it will let you know when things are not right.

You may have to change your lifestyle. Watch what you eat. Engage in health-enhancing exercises such as yoga.

Virgo Ascendant natives are often baffled by new situations. They tend to worry a lot when they are going through new experiences.

Any tiny change in details can throw them into a spin.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Virgo rising natives seek partners who require assistance with life issues.

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Predominant Traits of Virgo Ascendant Man

Virgo Ascendant men are observant. They are very inquisitive about what’s happening in their world. This man seeks perfection in all his engagements.

He sets very high standards for the kind of person he wants in his life. He doesn’t just settle down with anyone.

Virgo Ascendant men are action-oriented. They desire the kind of partner who’ll push then to keep aiming higher.

This means that he’s most comfortable settling down with an active partner. If he can’t get this kind of a girl, he’d rather not get into a relationship.

Virgo rising men tend to be practical. Their romantic overtures will take into account the realities of the times.

This means that you shouldn’t expect him to make grand gestures of romance unless the circumstances are right.

He is very loyal to his partner, and he expects her to be equally faithful. This is one partner you can rely on to never cheat on his lover.

Predominant Traits of Virgo Ascendant Woman

If you are looking for a reliable lady, the Virgo rising girl is the right one for you! Of course, you have to consider many other factors.

Her suitability as your partner is based on how this sign interacts with her life.

This girl is non-judgmental. She prefers to see the positive aspects of her partner and to downplay his weaknesses.

She’s quick to praise her man when he achieves set milestones. She uses positive affirmation to show her partner that he can make it in spite of the hurdles on his path.

This is not to mean, however, that she’s blind to his flaws. Actually, the Virgo Ascendant woman will criticize failure when they happen.

She points it out when her man fails to meet her expectations.

This woman is faithful, and she works hard to sustain the relationship. She will use her resources to make the relationship pan out according to plan.

But, her eyes are very much open to the realities of life. This means that she will move on if she realizes that the relationship offers no chance of success.

She’ll look elsewhere if her current efforts don’t give her the romantic experiences she’s looking for. She’s comfortable in a relationship where her passions are not curtailed in any way.


Virgo rising sign determines how the world perceives you. It dictates how you think, and the kind of energies you exude to the world.

We can equate this sign to a mask. As you roam the world, you see it through this mask. People relate to you based on the particular mask you wear.

It’s noteworthy, however, that the Virgo rising sign is not the only factor that determines how you live your life. There are other important astrological parameters you need to take into account.

However, Virgo rising sign plays an important role. It creates an indelible impact on your personality.

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