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People with Taurus rising (Ascendant) are very systematic on how they deal with life. They are never hasty; they prefer to use a more methodical, steady approach.

This is mainly because Taurus is a pragmatic sign. It helps you to avoid being impulsive. You are more cautious, and you tend to deliberate a lot before you take action.

Taurus rising people are conservative. They examine new people and new situations cautiously before they accept them into their lives.

People have to work hard to earn your trust. You are wary of new happenings. You tend to be more of a comfort seeker rather than a risk-taker.

You believe in taking it one day at a time. Life is a series of steps, and you are content to handle one step at a time.

These natives pause a lot in the course of their lives. They like to evaluate where they are coming from.

By taking stock of your progress in this way, you can re-strategize and calibrate a new direction for your life.

You should be keen on how Taurus rising affects the House position of the Sun in your chart. This will give you the hints you need to make meaningful decisions.

You’ll realize that you need to integrate several aspects of your life to achieve progress. Also, this sign indicates that you need to transform your attitude towards change.

Change is inevitable. It’s the only constant thing in life, and you are better off embracing it. Change enables you to have a deeper sense of self.

Taurus rising empowers you to have a deeper meaning of yourself.


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What’s the Taurus Rising Personality?

Taurus Ascendant people are consistent. They are true to their values and principles. You are very consistent in how you handle material possessions.

Also, your emotions are fairly predictable. This means that you are unlikely to throw tantrums or be involved in unnecessary drama.

People with Taurus rising are stubborn. This is why most of them are resistant to change. They are unlikely to accept new ideas.

Indeed, these natives can hold on to a fixed state of mind just to prove a point. They need to handle this aspect of their lives with care.

For example, they should learn when to hold on to an idea, and when to let go. They need to balance their need for comfort with the need to grow and progress in life.

Growth and development require some level of risk-taking. This means that this native needs to loosen their rigidity somewhat.

These natives are driven by the need to create peace and love in their lives. People with this sign have a loving, gentle, graceful disposition.

They are easy-going and they make friends with ease.

They enjoy hobbies that accentuate their gentle nature. For example, you find them in the fields of music, dance, art, drawing, painting, beauty, gardening, and cooking.

They use their natural talent to create harmony and security in their world.

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What are the Signs of Taurus Rising?

If we are to describe Taurus rising natives in two words, they would be ‘slow’ and ‘steady’. These natives are very deliberate in their thinking and actions.

They have staying power and much stamina. This means that they are very faithful to their family, partner, and friends.

Taurus Ascendant people have a powerful personal presence. They come across as stable and secure individuals.

But, they are also stubborn and hard-headed. This makes them a bit resistant to change. It’s hard to sway the minds of these natives.

Once they have decided on something, they are fixed and it’s difficult to convince them to consider another route.

People with this sign have well developed tactile and smell senses. They respond well to the material world.

They adopt a practical approach to life. This means they prioritize security above anything else. They are more likely to take to something new if it carries the promise of a secure future.

These natives are resolute and single-minded. They are quite inflexible when it comes to their beliefs. They act with much care and caution when dealing with new experiences.

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Predominant Traits of Taurus Ascendant Man

Men with Taurus rising are gentle but stubborn. They will show a caring attitude towards their partners and loved ones.

However, they are unwilling to accept new ideas.

Their minds revolve around sex, food, and generally having a good time. You can expect them to introduce the aspect of material possessions into the relationship.

This man is driven by the need to acquire material wealth. He works hard so that he and his partner can enjoy the best kind of life possible.

Taurus rising men seek to establish a relationship with a hard-working woman. He needs a partner who’ll help him to actualize his dreams for the relationship.

This man appears calm on the outside. The truth is that his calmness is superficial, at best. Deep down, he harbors a concoction of emotions.

He needs to be careful about how he acts especially when he’s agitated. Otherwise, he may do some things that he’ll later regret.

Taurus rising man should tame his ego. If it’s left unchecked, it has a way of putting his image into disrepute.

He should be down-to-earth. Regardless of how much he achieves, he should remember to remain humble.

Taurus Ascendant man expects much from his girl. He has a high libido. This means that he needs an active woman in his bed.


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Predominant Traits of Taurus Ascendant Woman

Girls with Taurus Ascendant like to feel in charge of their emotions. She’s not given to public displays of emotion.

She keeps her anger bottled in. This means that her partner needs to pay close attention to her non-verbal cues of communication.

Only her unspoken language can give him a clue of what she’s going through.

Also, this girl comes across as being rather possessive in the relationship. They like keeping their partners close.

Indeed, most of these natives view their partners as their personal possessions.

They hold their love life in high regard. They will go to great lengths to protect any accomplishments they have made in the relationship.

You can trust the Taurus Ascendant woman to be faithful to her partner. She sticks with him through good and bad times.

This is not the type of girl who bails out when times are hard. The wind may blow as strong as it comes. This lady will hold on still, helping her partner to overcome the tempests.

It’s not easy for these natives to break off. They will do their best to create comfort in the relationship.

They are not afraid to take the measures necessary to create stability in their love life.

This does not mean, however, that she will hold on even when things can’t work out. If her efforts to protect the relationship don’t seem to bear the right fruits, she will move on.

She’s practical enough to embrace reality.


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People with Taurus Ascendant value independence. They use their life experiences as the means to express their individuality.

There’s much these natives can learn from life. Life enables them to develop good relations. From their life experiences, they learn to work for their emotional and physical comforts.

Taurus rising people seek strong partners. They want to be sure that their partner is stable enough to help through hard times.

They are possessive. They want to ‘own’ their partners. Once they get into a relationship, they believe that it should last forever.

This means that Taurus rising natives may find it hard to accept rejection.

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