Piesces Rising – Pisces Ascendant Influence on Personality

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Are you interested in Pisces rising personality? Then this guide is for you!

Pisces Ascendant people are gentle and calm. They have the power to negate any harshness they find in an environment.

These natives are highly ambitious. They dream big and are not daunted by any obstacles in their lives. They are fueled by the drive to achieve their goals.

This is largely due to the influence of the planet Neptune. When this planet exerts its influence on the 7th House in your chart, it’s an indicator that you can have a happy family.

It creates a positive impact on your relationships and marriage.

Other people find you to be attractive. You have a magnetic aura about you. This means that you are likely to have a wide range of partners.

It’s quite easy for you to get a partner of your choice. With just one look, you’ll fascinate anyone you desire to be in your life.

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What’s the Pisces Rising Personality?

Pisces Ascendant people accept change quite easily. They move with the flow of life. This has its merits and demerits.

For example, they can access the blessings of Mother Nature with ease. But, they need to take care that they don’t allow circumstances to shape their destiny.

These natives are very good artists. Their open mind and keen observation skills enable them to appreciate the beautiful offerings of Mother Nature.

People with Pisces rising are often quiet and reserved. However, they are passionate and talkative, especially when they want to communicate an idea dear to their hearts.

They have a dreamy personality and an impressionable disposition. They see the world from their own perspective.

They make decisions based on their own experiences. This means that they don’t allow other people’s opinions to interfere with their plans and decisions.

Pisces Ascendant people change their minds a lot. They are quick to respond to the happenings in their lives.

They tend to shy away from environments that call for organization and structure. They feel limited and constrained by rules.

They have their own standards that they are determined to live by.

These natives are dreamy. Most of the time, they have their heads in the clouds looking at the fancy possibilities in their lives.

Pisceans look for peace and stability in their love lives. They thrive best when their relationship enjoys a certain level of stability and security.

They prefer to keep the company of friends who are interested in their growth and progress. These kinds of friends are likely to guide them when they make the wrong choices.

A Pisces Ascendant person needs a realistic, practical partner by their side.

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What are the Signs of Pisces Rising?

Pisces rising plays a strong influence on your life. It also has an impact on your astrological build up. This rising sign indicates how you relate to the world around you.

Indeed, Pisces rising has a great impact on your birth chart. It dictates how you perceive the information that comes your way.

Pisces Ascendant determines how you react to the circumstances in your life. But, the good news is that you have the support of your ruling planets, Neptune and Jupiter.

From these celestial bodies, you can have great visions. What does this mean? It indicates that you should not be afraid to dream big.

Be ambitious and go after the desires of your heart. Explore all the possibilities in your life. Don’t allow the hardships you encounter along the way to limit you in any way.

Are you interested in the arts or poetry? What’s your career path? Pisces rising means that you should not be afraid to experiment.

You have what it takes to achieve your goals. Just don’t lose focus on your dreams.

Predominant Traits of Pisces Ascendant Man

Pisces rising man is a highly charismatic individual. He can charm just about any woman he comes across. This man can reach across all the strata of society.

This means that he can attract a partner from any social class.

Through his intuition, the Pisces rising man can distinguish between genuine and fake friends. He can tell if the woman he is interested in wishes him well or not.

He’s the philosophical kind of person. He has a great desire to understand how the world around him impacts on his beliefs.

He prefers to pursue religious concepts as opposed to mundane ideas. He holds in high regard his religious instructors.

Men with Pisces rising have a powerful positive aura about them. Most girls find them to be irresistible. This is more so because of their soft manners and charming appearance.

It’s quite obvious why women find it easy to fall at the feet of the Pisces Ascendant man. Interestingly though, this man is unlikely to make the first move.

He likes to drop hints that his potential partner can pick to make the right moves. He wants the lady to initiate the moves.

A Pisces rising man is a passionate lover. He is generous when it comes to matters of the bed. These individuals know exactly what they want in life.

They move with this same confidence into their relationships.

Predominant Traits of Pisces Ascendant Woman

In a nutshell, the Pisces rising woman is an altruist. Anyone interested in her needs to understand this side of her personality.

A closer look at her life will reveal that she has a mystical aura about her. She’s as beautiful as she’s charming.

Her behavior speaks of a woman who desires to keep all forms of scandal a bay. She’s a romantic-ready-to-die kind of lover.

She’s as generous as she’s patient.

She believes in the fantastic world of romance. It’s for this reason that many men find her mesmerizing.

Also, Pisces Ascendant women have very sharp instincts. They rely on this gift to make realistic decisions regarding their love life.

This woman is turned on by a serious, pragmatic man. She desires someone who finds something magical about every single day they are together.

Pisces rising natives value their independence. This woman doesn’t like to be compelled to do anything she doesn’t want to engage in.

She likes keeping her choices open.

The best way to deal with her is to ensure that she’s consulted before any moves are made. This will convince her that her presence in the relationship is not being taken for granted.

This girl has an insatiable curiosity. She keeps searching until she gets all her facts right. Only then will she move forward and make decisions regarding her love life.

This means that this native may be mistaken for being indecisive. The truth is that her plans will only concretize when she is certain of the direction she wants to take.

She keeps her mind and heart open. This enables her to distinguish fantasy from reality.

Pisces rising woman responds well to overtures from her partner. She’s more responsive when she’s sure that she can trust her partner with her little secrets.


Pisces rising individuals have what it takes to spread optimism and positivity. They see the world from a unique perspective. As such, they can see hope where none seems to exist.

These natives know that as long as the spirit is willing, it can happen. They are not likely to give up even when the going becomes almost impossible.

They hang in there, trusting that they will find a way out of their predicament. This kind of resilience enables Pisces rising natives to move quite fast up the social ladder.

They make friends with ease. At the same time, they are keen to monetize their mind. If they can conceive it, it can work to their financial advantage.

Pisces Ascendant natives are generous. And, they don’t shout about it. They are very discreet about their acts of kindness.

No wonder many of these individuals harvest many blessings from Mother Nature!

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