Libra Rising – The Libra Ascendant Influence On Personality

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Are you interested in Libra rising personality? Then this guide is for you!

If Libra was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth, your Ascendant or rising sign is Libra.

The planet Venus rules over the lives of Libra Ascendant people. You receive stellar qualities such as love and beauty from this celestial body.

Through this association, you acquire an aura of refinement and grace. You are extremely desirable. People like your show of intelligence and sophistication.

Those with Libra rising handle the issues in their lives rather tactfully. They are keen to treat others with the same kind of dignity they’d like extended back to themselves.

These natives have many gifts and talents. For example, you’re able to use your strengths to help those in need.

You are at the frontline fighting for justice and social equality. You are keen to connect with others in a bid to promote social and personal growth.

Libra Ascendant natives can do well in a wide range of careers. However, most of them seem to excel in legal and humanitarian professions.

Once they embark on a project, they soon earn the respect of their colleagues and acquaintances.

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What’s the Libra Rising Personality?

Libra rising natives are likable. They are fair, nice, pleasant, and agreeable. This is not to mean that they don’t have their share of personal problems.

They do encounter some issues in the course of their existence. However, they have a way of dealing with these problems. This shows their high level of intelligence.

As a Libra, it’s likely that you have had a string of relationships. This is mostly because people find you attractive. People are drawn to you quite effortlessly.

Also, you seem to do very well when you have a partner. You may be at a loss with no one to consult or talk to on an intimate level.

These natives are smooth in everything they do. You have a gentle approach to others. You create a likable image through your disarming smiles and likable demeanor.

Some of Libra Ascendant people may not be all that good looking. However, they are still very attractive.

You pay close attention to how you look. You are keen on what you wear and how you conduct yourself in public.

Also, you are enormously convincing. As such, you have what it takes to sell your ideas to any group of people.

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What are the Signs of Libra Rising?

Libra rising natives tend to attract many friends. They are good conversationalists and can keep their friends interested in what they are saying.

But, depending on circumstances, some of your friendships are not long-lasting. You are highly insightful and you instinctively know the kind of friends that mean well.

This means that you can smell out a fake friend. You can avoid situations that would otherwise shatter your security, stability, and sense of peace.

The influence of planet Venus enables you to appreciate the beauty around you. Your eyes are open to the wonderful colors and patterns created in your life by Mother Nature.

Also, you are quite observant. You can make a great art critic.

These natives are good lovers. They are interested in the kind of partners likely to reciprocate their love.

They believe in creating peace and tranquility in their love lives. You will do everything in your power to resolve issues before they blow out of proportion.

You are flexible, and you will be able to ride over any circumstances you encounter in life. It’s no wonder that these natives tend to thrive in relationships.

Libra Ascendant people find it necessary to build harmony in their relationships. You need this kind of stability to create lasting relationships.

Libra rising people feel secure in an environment that enhances their emotional safety.

As a Libra rising native, you have the drive to make your relationship flourish. You will be able to avoid the destructive bickering that characterizes most other relationships.

Such relationships are destroyed by the blame game. Fortunately for you, Libra ascendant enables you to take responsibility for your actions.

You are careful not to do anything that could lead to regrets and heartbreaks.

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Predominant Traits of Libra Ascendant Man

The Libra rising man is a charmer. He will use this gift to avoid loneliness by getting involved in a relationship.

He’s very much interested in physical and mental beauty. This is the top quality he looks for in a suitable lover.

However, he needs to look deeper. If he concentrates on looks only, he may end up in superficial relationships.

Sexiness is not the only determining factor in a relationship.

From the planet Venus, this man has acquired qualities like diplomacy, elegance, and grace. He appreciates goodness when they see it.

This means that he doesn’t take his partners for granted.

However, he often comes across as uncertain. This can be corrected by the influence of the Moon and Sun signs in his life.

If these two heavenly bodies play a strong role in this man’s life, he becomes firm and decisive. This means he’ll be more deliberate in decision-making.

Libra rising man is conservative when it comes to romance. He seeks to create a lasting connection with ladies that appreciate the traditional sense of beauty and harmony.

This man is unlikely to do something drastic. He won’t make the kind of changes that would rock the boat.

He likes it when the love waters are calm and peaceful.

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Predominant Traits of Libra Ascendant Woman

Libra Ascendant woman seeks harmony in her love life. She’s capable of achieving this as she’s intelligent enough to know what needs to be done.

Just like her male counterpart, this woman tries to avoid loneliness by getting into a relationship.

Her choice of a lover is one who exudes intelligence and courage. She’s attracted to a man who can fight for her. He should also be humorous and determined to make it in life.

This means that her ideal man is one who’s ambitious. He should value peace and harmony.

Libra Ascendant people are very deliberate. They like to think long and hard before they take action. They are keen to assess a situation before they make a move.

This woman is driven by the need to create a lasting relationship. She is driven by the need to enjoy harmony and pleasure in her love life.

Libra rising women can be fun to be around with. But, she also appreciates having the company of a fun-loving man.

She can also be quite controlling. She wants to make critical decisions in the relationship. But, she’s generous in many ways.

For example, she never forgets a favor. She pays back several times over for any good deed done to her.


Libra Ascendant people make great company. They are good lovers and great conversationalists. These natives are driven by the need to create peace and balance in their lives.

Their efforts attract the energies associated with harmony and stability. They dislike having to find themselves in chaotic environments.

They are well-mannered and hate being involved in arguments. For this reason, they attract the right kind of friends.

They are not afraid to spend money on making their lives comfortable. Libra rising people are fond of the finer things in life.

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